About Me

Boulder, CO
I’ve been a Christian all my life. From the first week I arrived, I was taken to church and immersed in the Christian faith. I can remember when I could barely tie my shoes my parents encouraging me to memorize Bible verses. I was about 5 years old when I sang my first trio with my mother and father on stage in my grandfather’s church. Basically, I lived in a very protective religious bubble. They wanted what was best for me and they didn't want sin to enter my life or the world to manipulate me. They didn't want me to go down the wrong path.

Growing up, I was in church any time the doors were open. I was taught to live righteously and to follow God’s Word at every moment. I became very good at this. I did all the right things and rarely disobeyed God, or my parents for that matter. I knew God wouldn't like that (neither did my butt). However, I had an unfair advantage. I was good at following rules. This comes naturally for people like me. I often say this: I would make a perfect slave. I’m good at doing what I’m told.

As I grew older, I tried harder and did more. I led worship, sang in countless choirs and praise teams, played in the church orchestra, taught Sunday School, started small groups, organized Christian retreats, went on missions, started churches, and always gave above and beyond what was expected of me. I did it all with a genuine heart. I even served and sat under the mentorship of a successful missionary that helped save orphan girls and boys from human trafficking in Moldova. However, it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t changing anyone or doing anything to make the world a better place. All I know is Jesus walked on water and healed the sick, and I wasn't doing any of this.

This is when everything began to change. I wanted to prove this Bible stuff was real. I wanted to show everyone God's way was the right way. So I kept seeking. I pushed harder, learned more, and didn’t give up. Quite frankly, I did it better than anyone you know.

Then it him me! Everything around me changed. It’s like my eyes could finally see what I never could see before. I started understanding new concepts, ideas, and discovering new ways to look at things. It’s like a light switch came on. I learned quickly why I was here and I couldn't ignore the burning in my heart.

I’m here to bring freedom and to extend true love to everyone around me. I’m here to help others in church and in bondage (like I was). I want them to discover the truth and point the way to true freedom. I truly believe I'm changing the world. I don't think I'll see a major difference in my lifetime, but I just want to make it easy for the next guy. And maybe, just maybe, life will be like Heaven for the countless others hundreds of years after I'm gone.

The first step is doing the impossible…like bringing Atheists and Christians together in love.