22 June 2015

Christians Are At War And You Are The Enemy

Which side are you on? Good or evil?

There are no other sides. You are either good or bad.

You can say you're neutral, but this is impossible. You can say you don't care, but this doesn't mean you don't belong to the dark side. You are either for God or you are not.

If you claim to be on a different side (like Buddha, Allah, Krishna, love, peace, spiritual, Agnostic, etc.), then you are not in a good place. You are evil, full of sin and impure because of your lack of faith in Christ. Those who don't believe in Jesus are wicked. Period.

For example, a friend of mine (we've been chatting for several weeks about Jesus stuff) told me that I'm a slave to Satan. He said I was a slave to someone whether I believed in God or not. We are either slaves to Christ or slaves to Satan. We've all heard this before.

However, if you are a Christian, then you are good. Jesus followers are righteous. These people are the living example of love, joy, peace, and all other good fruits. They seek the real truth and follow Jesus in their daily walk.

This is all very easy to understand, but what does all this black and white stuff mean?

Because we have these two different sides, the enlightened ones must distinguish good from evil. They have to know if you're for God or against.

The Bible says there is a war going on. There is a battle in the heavens and God's followers are commanded to share the good news about Christ so others will be saved from devastation.

It doesn't matter that the Bible also states that Jesus already won the war and defeated the devil and the grave. You have to forget this part. Just know the war is still going on. You just have to believe it.

This heavenly war is not fought with bullets and bombs. No, it's in the spirit realm. Although Christians used to kill people for their wickedness, they no longer do this. They've changed their ways. The war they fight now is unseen. It's an invisible war fought by heavenly angels and hell-fire demons. Even though you can't see it (and neither can they), you must believe it's happening. Accept that your soul is at stake.

However, believers aren't helpless. They can help the fight. They can aid in God's holy war. The more they pray, do good works and spread the gospel, the more powerful the good guys become. Angels literally get stronger through prayer (Dan 10:12-14) and the Spirit is able to reach more lives with every new convert.

The point I'm trying to make is that Christians literally see you as the enemy. This is what they believe. Anyone who is not in Christ is a bad guy. In their eyes, you do crazy sinful stuff without even knowing it (or maybe you do). You just don't understand how bad you are. Because you will not believe in Jesus, you are wallowing in your sin and you need to be rescued. In fact, the more bad guys there are (like you and me), the more you make Christians miserable. We do things like pass laws that allow gay marriage, allow gambling, kill unborn babies, deny support for the Ten Commandments, or simply restrict a believer's ability to enforce God's Law over your sinful lives. You are what is wrong with the world.

In all honesty, Christians truly think you are scum.

Now, to be fair, they will never tell you this to your face. Very few, except those who don't "sugar coat" the Word, will tell you that you're worthless and undeserving of anything good. Instead, most would simply tell you of the wonderful things God has done. Like how Christ died for your sins and that you need to accept his gift of forgiveness. There really isn't a difference in the two approaches, except one is easier to swallow.

But this is what I want you to understand.

Godly people were the first to throw stones. By no fault of yours, they found you guilty. They didn't get to know you personally or attempt to know your heart. No, they made you out to be the bad guy because you don't look, talk, or think like them. Why do they believe you're such bad news? Because completely arrogant humans who were fortunate enough to know God and just happened to be born of his majestic bloodline, told them so. These men (and women) are the authors of the Bible. Let me put it this way. Just imagine old men with beards and head-coverings threatening people to do it there way or else. In today's terms, think about a select group of people who claim to know God, but because you are not one of them, have made you their enemy. Do any immediate images appear in your head? Those who are fighting a holy war of some sort?

Believers will not strip your life away on a suicide mission or via a car bombing like Muslim extremists. No, they leave your physical body alone. However, what they will do is offer you something else that is more sly and sinister. It's like poison. They'll begin to share a message that appears to be good to eat, until you take that first bite. Once you accept their beliefs, hate and fear begin to take over. Of course, all this hatred is masked in love and big smiles, but under their breath is a message that will lead you to believe that you're worthless and undeserving of God's presence. This type of mentality is what destroys your character and self-worth. It makes you believe that even roaches are better than you. Why? Because they didn't reject God.

The life of a Jesus follower is very much about war, demons, torture and death. The more they can make you believe that you are the enemy (no matter how loving, giving or sweet you are), the more fear and terror they spread. They may not be killing your physical body, but they're killing you softly, from the inside out. They want you to believe that you are so bad and disgusting that you have to join their ranks to become a better person.

Dualism is the belief that there are two independent opposing beings. One good and the other evil.

However, duality causes dissension. It causes division and separates you from the others. It is a completely unhealthy aspect of life that forces you to view the world and people in a certain light. It makes you deal with struggles or wars that simply don't exist (except in one's mind and imagination). This is a real problem that needs to be addressed. This thought pattern infects anyone's decision making skills. If you see something that didn't work out so well, it's Satan who is using another to attack you. However, if you see something good happen, it's always God. Even if someone from the dark side is good to you (like a doctor aiding you back to health), it's still God who did that very good work. Why? Because the treasures of the wicked are for believers. Christians believe that whatever good thing is stored up for the enemy, God will soon take away and give it to the righteous (Pro 13:22). The Bible righteous arrogant desert man tells me so.

By default, every Christian assumes you are evil and you're in need of a Savior. If you show that you are saved, then no problem, "God is good!" However, in the mind of a believer, you are guilty until proven innocent. Ironically, and what blows my mind, is that the law of the land treats you better than this. In America, it's the opposite. You are completely innocent until proven guilty. As crazy as it sounds, even the government is more loving and fair than those who follow Christ. You know, the ones who claim to share Jesus' amazing love.

As long as there are Christians out there, we will always have this "war" going on. We will always have to defend our innocence and prove that we are no different than they are in every way. Until this time, until Christians are able to see the light, we may have to start praying that believers truly find Jesus.

Maybe Jesus can show them that they are fighting a war that can't be won.

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