22 June 2015

Christians Are At War And You Are The Enemy

Which side are you on? Good or evil?

There are no other sides. You are either good or bad.

You can say you're neutral, but this is impossible. You can say you don't care, but this doesn't mean you don't belong to the dark side. You are either for God or you are not.

If you claim to be on a different side (like Buddha, Allah, Krishna, love, peace, spiritual, Agnostic, etc.), then you are not in a good place. You are evil, full of sin and impure because of your lack of faith in Christ. Those who don't believe in Jesus are wicked. Period.

For example, a friend of mine (we've been chatting for several weeks about Jesus stuff) told me that I'm a slave to Satan. He said I was a slave to someone whether I believed in God or not. We are either slaves to Christ or slaves to Satan. We've all heard this before.

09 June 2015

Proof That Church Is All About Looking Good

Last Sunday, a couple of friends (atheists) and I went to the largest church in Colorado. It's been so long since we've been to church that we wanted to see if anything changed and maybe even chat with a few people about their walk with the Lord. My friends weren't used to the size and production, but it was nothing new to me. It's a system that draws thousands easily (if your church got in soon enough).

Popular store in downtown Montgomery, AL

As we were leaving, we decided to stop at the information desk to ask about getting involved in a small group (yes, we were serious ~;-) My buddy Chad even got information on how to lead one. Anyway, during our talk, the guy behind the desk said something that got my attention. As he was showing us the church website, I asked him a question about how long he had been with the church. There was something he said that got my attention. He mentioned, "I've worked my way up to part-time staff."