25 May 2015

Why I Don't Worship The Military

Not too long ago, I had a boss who called a meeting for all his employees to attend. In that conference room, he mentioned something that I agreed with at the time. He was asked by a lay person (someone who never served) what anyone could do for those who joined the military. He said, "All I ask is that you thank someone. Thank them for their service." Everyone shook their heads in agreement.

America loves their service men and women. They hail them as some of the biggest heroes in the world for serving their country. This is a very popular view and actually, anyone who doesn't agree can leave and find somewhere else to live. The majority loves praising our military and it's simply the right(eous) thing to do.

There are even organizations who receive donations that devote every effort to honoring soldiers and doing what they can to promote a better life for these people. The military are praised in sporting events, in schools, churches, and even among cross-cultural families. Heck, look at all the videos we see of men and women in uniform returning home and surprising their loved ones. Honestly, even these images still make me cry. I'm such a sucker.

09 May 2015

Salvation Is Not Free

Everything has a price. Jesus will just charge you more. Leave comments.

05 May 2015

How It All Started For Me (Video)

I'm often asked how I got where I am today. What started it? I explain. Leave comments.