20 July 2014

When Christians Say "I'm Praying For You"

Whenever a Christian reads or hears what I've been up to lately, they can’t help but express the token phrase, "I'm praying for you." It's an expression that every Bible believer loves to say, especially when they think you’re heading down the wrong path.
Prayer - making people think they're actually talking to God.

So why do they keep saying this to me? It's because most believers who know me think I've gone off the deep end; they believe I'm heading in the wrong direction. Believe it or not, I even have whole churches praying for me. Why? Because I used to be like them. I used to be a trophy believer. I was a champion of the faith, but now I've changed...for the better. To their point, I say some crazy stuff and my writing sounds mean and maybe even hurtful. However, let me flip things around for a minute. What if by some miracle I actually have a point? What if I never was off my rocker or following the temptations of Satan? What if Dathan could be right about a lot of things?

To be honest, I laugh when people say they're praying for me. It used to aggravate me to no end, but now I just laugh it off. Why do I laugh? Because it's such a cop out. When a Christian says they're praying for you it means one of two things: they either want something good to happen in your life or they believe you're so lost there is no hope. If you're headed in the wrong direction, then only God can fix you. This is why they go to God in prayer. If a Christian can't persuade you to come back to the Light with their words or actions, then their only hope is to rely on God for intervention.

What do Christians really mean when they utter these seemingly harmless words? It's simple. It means, "You are so wrong. You are so completely out of your mind that I don't know what else to say. I've got to get out of here before you persuade me to head down the same crazy path you're on." In other words, they are at a loss for words. They are afraid of what you'll say next and no longer want to continue the conversation. This type of thinking is based on one thing - fear. Fear is the sure foundation of the church. Without the fear of death, Hell, or Satan, Christians wouldn't know what to do. Anything outside of their comfortable way of thinking is not of God and a source of the Devil. Therefore, when it doesn't feel comfortable, they run. They can't take the risk of listening or thinking about what is being said because it could signal a fall from grace.

However, let's take a closer look at prayer and what it means.

In all honesty, prayer is simply one-way communication. Christians don't actually have a conversation with God like they want you to believe. They don't talk to God the same way someone else would chat with their best friend or another human being. Instead, they just say some words and never get a reply back. Moses, David, Matthew, Peter, Paul, and all the other patriarchs of the Bible actually talked to God and had a dialogue with Jesus. Many talked to him face to face or even saw his backside. However, Christians don't have this kind of relationship. Prayer is simply bowing you head, closing your eyes, and saying what's on your mind. Ultimately, prayer is an act. It's an action or work to make people feel like they're doing something good. It's a work or action to make the person praying feel like they're accomplishing something positive and creating a shift in the universe. This is what the Christian faith is all about - doing it right and forming good habits to show you have righteous fruit.

Believers can pray and say words to God all day long, but if they don't get a reply, then who are they really talking to? They may say good, meaningful stuff, but if there is no true conversation, then are they really talking to God? The truth is they aren't. They just hope or believe God hears their prayers. All the great men and women of the Bible claimed they heard God speak. They had real conversations with Jesus and conveyed what was told to them in writing. However, no Christian does this today. This type of intimacy with God is unheard of.

Now, let's get real for a second.

Prayer is no different than putting a few coins in one of those claw machines at the arcade. You put your money in, maneuver the lever, and hope for the best. Odds are you're not going to get the toy you were aiming for, but you don't quit. You keep trying. You put more coins in and maybe this time you'll aim perfectly, press the button, and get the prize. The act of prayer is no different. Christians keep praying, laying hands on each other, fasting, and even shouting or running in circles, but nothing happens. They keep offering prayers in good faith, and still nothing happens. At least with a claw machine you can see your money in action; you can see the work being done. But with prayer, there's no way of knowing if your words get through to Heaven...until something happens that “looks” like answered prayer. However, even if nothing happens, they have an answer for that. If their prayers aren't answered, they immediately retreat to quoting a verse that gives them a way out. After all, God works in mysterious ways.

Believers have been led to think that just because they pray and mean it with all their heart and soul, God will somehow listen and answer the call. Christians don't want to believe that God is not answering or that they really don't know him. Frankly, even Satan has a better relationship with God than any Christian on the planet. How? Well, the Bible makes it quite clear that God and Satan talk to one another, see each other face to face and even discuss plans they're each making. They even make deals with one another to prove how faithful (or unfaithful) someone could be. Honestly, no Christian could ever claim they had this same interaction with Jesus. Why? Because they really don't have a relationship with God. They don't know him. They read about him and they hear the testimony of others, but they really don't know Jesus for themselves. However, they'll never admit this. It's too much a risk of looking like a fool.
Maybe if we do more work like embrace each other, then God will hear.

So, Christians just keep on doing what they do best: bow their heads, close their eyes, and say a little prayer. Why? It's all they've ever been taught. They've been deceived in their thinking that prayer holds the highest value in changing the outcomes of life, for the better. Does it work? No, and anyone outside the faith can clearly see how silly it looks.

When will there ever be a true believer that talks to Jesus? Where are the people who know him and converse with him on a regular basis? How long will Christians keep fooling themselves into believing they actually have a real relationship with God? More importantly, how long will Bible teachers keep persuading their followers to bow their heads and pray, when they've never met Jesus for themselves?

Christians, stop telling people you will pray for them. You don't know God and you never have. Why can't you admit this? Is it too much of a risk to look like a fool. You think and feel like you know Jesus, but you're just a puppet in the pawn of those who want you to believe and act a certain way.

Don't worry about looking like a fool. Sometimes swallowing your pride and being a fool is the best thing you can do. Trust me, I know.

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