24 June 2014

I'm No Longer A Creationist

As a Christian, I was taught to believe the world was created just how Moses told it in the Bible. I also believed the Bible was inerrant (without error or contradiction). However, my view of the Bible, Christianity, and how the Earth was formed has completely changed. Like the Apostle Paul, my eyes have been opened and I can finally see.

The rock that changed my view on Evolution.
First, I must explain my transition. When I finally realized and accepted that I was completely forgiven of all my sins on the cross, everything changed. That's right. As backwards as it may sound, Jesus rescued me from religion. I finally saw what Jesus was trying to do, and his entire message was completely opposite from what Christians preach. He wanted all people to run from religion, especially the people who push others to obey God's commands. He was trying to provide a way for everyone to know that you are good and there is nothing wrong with you.

Second, I found that the God of Moses and the God of Jesus were two very different people. The God of Moses was damning, angry, hateful, full of wrath, would kill you in an instant, and demanded you obey all his rules or else. However, the God of Jesus was loving, compassionate, forgiving, never demanded his own way, and never did anything to hurt anybody. Honestly, Jesus only attacked one group of people - believers. I know! Craziness. He couldn't stand the God-fearing followers who obeyed Scripture and demanded everyone else do the same. Honestly, I can't stand these people either. Therefore, I made a decision: I chose to believe the God of Jesus over the God of Moses. I honestly no longer have respect for Moses and think he is a liar from the pit of hell. I no longer believe anything that Moses said, nor do I think he ever knew Love in the first place. I think he just made up a bunch of stories to make himself look good and used "God" to force millions of uneducated and naive Jews (slaves) do whatever he wanted.

The third major transition I went through sealed the deal. What was it? I moved to Colorado.

You see, in the South there is no naturally occurring architecture to show how old things really are. I was born and raised in Alabama and there is nothing but trees everywhere. I often say this, but Alabama’s landscape is just a forest that people cut down to make roads, pastures, and livable spaces. In most parts of Alabama, you can't even watch a sunset or sunrise because there's nothing but trees blocking your view. Colorado, however, paints a much different picture.

As I began hiking the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains (also known as the Flatirons), I observed these massive rocks that were smoothed simply by natural elements. Nothing had ever changed their structure other than wind, rain, and snow. One large bolder I ran into impressed me the most. There was nothing surrounding it but trees, grass and wildflowers, yet somehow this massive rock had smooth, rounded edges. I seriously contemplated believing in Evolution before I moved to Colorado (less than a year ago), but when I saw this rock, any previous speculation quickly disappeared.

As I stood there amazed, I realized that if I lived to be 100 years old, I'd never see a change in the surface of this bolder. I would never see a smidge of difference in the short amount of time I existed. This made it all too clear. There is no way that this rock is only 10,000 years old (the age of the Earth according to Christians is a thousand years for each day God made the Heavens and the Earth, plus some for cushion). The truth is, the creation of the Earth in that short amount of time is impossible. It would take millions of years, if not longer, for this bolder to be as smooth and chiseled as it is today.

Quite frankly, I believe the South is ignorant about Evolution and natural science as a result of their blind faith. The fact that the people in the South wholeheartedly believe some guy they never met who claimed he knew God (and saw him) 3000 years ago is pure madness. But let me remind you that I was one of these blind bastards. It’s all I knew growing up. In the South, a Christian’s faith diligently overrules any facts that you can read from a science book or hear from a knowledgeable professional, all because they are afraid. Christians fear believing in anything other than Creationism because, let’s face it, Hell is just around the corner. Judaism, Christianity, or any other Middle Eastern religion has instilled so much fear in their followers that people don't want to risk believing anything different. Why? Because if you believe in Evolution, then you risk facing an eternity of fire and torment in Hell. For a Christian, believing in the "nonsense" of Evolution is allowing the wisdom of this world (Satan) to capture the purity of your mind and thoughts.
This is Alabama in a nutshell.

Another important reason the South remains so stubborn in their faith is because they simply don't have the natural terrain like the West does. Remember, Alabama contains nothing but trees, give or take a few spots. There are no rocks or mountains to observe. I believe if Alabama had a similar landscape as Colorado, then more people would question their faith (which is okay). However, for the Creationists living in Colorado...there is no hope. If they can’t see what is staring them in the face, then they don't deserve to know differently.

I know it has taken me a long time to come to my senses, but the fear of being wrong runs deep within the Christian faith. You're encouraged to keep believing, even when all arrows point West (no pun intended). Actually, the more you blindly believe, the more you're accepted and encouraged by fellow believers to keep on doing the same. I also believe that the more people diligently search for truth, the quicker it will reveal itself. However, too many people give up and stay in their comfortable little bubbles. This is where I want to help. I want to pop that bubble. I want to make them so uncomfortable that they can't stand ignoring the truth any longer.

Honestly, if Christians had any real faith, they would be confident that everything will work out in the end no matter what. They wouldn't be afraid to believe in science or other ideas about how things came to be. Instead, they would encourage everyone (including themselves) to keep seeking the truth.

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