03 May 2014

The Problem With Sin

"You are a sinner. You couldn't do it right if you tried. You deserve hell for all eternity because of your disobedience." These beliefs are at the heart of Christianity.
There is no such thing as sinners. There is only forgiven.

Growing up, every Bible teacher I came in contact with portrayed this same type mindset, and nothing has changed. Christians say you are nothing. They say you are scum of he Earth and undeserving of God's glory. They say you can never do anything right in God's eyes unless you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Granted, they don't typically paint this picture the same way I'm portraying it. Instead, they use prettier words. They use honey words that most people can swallow. Why? They don't want you to run away. No one wants to be told they're worthless, otherwise you would go somewhere else. But this is exactly what they think of you.

Christians try to persuade everyone that they are indeed sinners - unrighteous disobedient scum. These God-fearing people have been preaching this for thousands of years. They use slogans like, "You are a sinner in need of a Savior" or mention that you're going to Hell because of your sin. They truly want you to believe you are not worth a grain of salt. By default, Christians want you to understand that you have no place in the Kingdom of God unless you do or say it right according to the Bible or God's commands.

What is a sinner? A person who disobeys God. A sinner is a person who does not obey the Bible. If you don't follow God's commands in the Bible, then you are doing it wrong and deserve punishment. However, the catch is that no one can do it perfectly. No one can obey the Bible exactly. Therefore, according to believers, no one is truly holy or righteous. Everyone is undeserving of the goodness of God.

However, there is a fix for all this. Christians say you can become holy and righteous by doing one thing - believing in Jesus.

Once a person becomes a Christian, they automatically become righteous in God's eyes. Sure Christians believe that person is still a sinner, but because believers have accepted God's only Son, they become immune to God's judgment. Essentially, they are saved from their sins and made whole by the blood of Jesus (the sacrifice of blood is the only thing that covers sin. This is why blood is so important to Christians). When a person accepts and believes in Jesus, they are forgiven for all the sin in their life, no matter what they've done wrong.

But there is a serious problem with this belief. For one reason or another, there is a major obstacle that most are choosing to ignore.

What is it that people don't see? Ironically, the problem is Jesus. Jesus has always caused problems, especially for religious people. He's always gone against the grain and refused to follow the way things have always been done.

Let me explain.

We all know Jesus came to Earth to show the love of God. He came to be the ultimate sacrifice for all sin. In fact, Jesus chose to take on the sin of the world and nailed that sin to the cross. He allowed his physical and spiritual body to become sin so sinners like you and me could be saved. To be honest, absolutely no Christian would have a problem with what I just said. They would even rejoice at these words.

However, there is something missing. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Who did Jesus die for? Who's sins did Jesus nail to the cross? Jesus paid the ultimate price for sin, right? So who did he ultimately purchase with his actions? Who did he redeem? Essentially, what slaves did he buy and then set free for all eternity?

The answer is the world. The whole world. He redeemed everyone. Yes, everyone knows Jesus died for the world, but it's really not what Christians preach. It sounds like they believe Jesus died for everyone, but if we take a closer look, they really don't get it.

If Jesus died for the whole world and paid the price for the sins for all men and women, then how is anyone a sinner?? Sure, you know what sin is and you have knowledge of sinful things, but you are not a sinner. You are forgiven. Period. If you are forgiven, then you have no sin in God's eyes.

Most completely understand that no one can follow God's commands perfectly or be righteous by their own effort, however we also have a new, even better, understanding. We are forgiven. We are made whole. So what do we do? Nothing. We simply trust and have faith in what Jesus did on the cross. We all know Jesus paid the price for our sins and the sins for everyone around us. Everyone know this. Then this also means Jesus excluded no one when he died. He embraced all of us because that's what God instructed him to do. He didn't just die for Christians. He died and forgave every single person on the planet.

God sent Jesus to show how much he loves us. He loved you so much that he gave everything he had - his one and only Son. Jesus was the only being God loved more than anything, yet he essentially said, "Go down there and die for them so they will see and believe." Therefore, God chose Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice for all sin. He didn't choose anyone else to take this role. The problem is no one believes what he did...especially Christians. No matter what they say and how they word it, they certainly don't believe Jesus forgave anyone, but themselves. Honestly, they don't want to believe. They are bent on proving that Jesus only forgave Christians.

When Jesus was here, he specifically told his audience that God gave him the liberty to choose who he wanted to save from judgment. God deferred his judgment for Jesus to decide. He trusted his Son so much that he would abide by whatever decision Jesus wanted to make. And who did Jesus save? Everyone. He chose to pay the price for all people. God no longer counts our sins against us. Yes, I know it's crazy, but that's how Jesus rolls.

So what does this mean? ALL sin has been forgiven. Period. How? By God's shed blood. If Christians truly believed in Jesus, they would admit this fact. They would turn from their unbelief and accept God's work on the cross. They would change their sinful (full of sin) thinking and be transformed into a new forgiven person without judgment or sin. They would understand that all are completely washed white as snow.

Honestly, this is a very black and white issue. You cannot have sin and forgiveness at the same time. You either have sin, or you don't. You are either a sinner, or you are forgiven. You have been saved by the work of Jesus, or not. You either believe what Jesus did, or you don't. If you refuse to believe, then you still think and act like everyone is a sinner. This concept of forgiveness is so simple and elementary that most Godly people reject it no matter what (like the God-fearing believers in Jesus' day.) Nothing has changed.
Repent and be saved of the knowledge of sin!

Why is it that most Christians refuse to acknowledge the love of God and what he did on the cross? Because it's all they know. It's all they've been taught from generation to generation and it's what feels good and seems right for them. It's hard to let go of what is most familiar. It's hard to accept that everything you've been taught is wrong. I was like this too, but I swallowed my pride and accepted the truth.

Christians still preach that somehow you're still a sinner in need of forgiveness. But this is NOT the truth. Jesus already forgave everyone! It was done thousands of years ago and you had nothing to do with it. In fact, you weren't even around when he did it. He did it without your permission and he could give a $#!+ what you think. Jesus chose everyone to be righteous in the sight of God. Period.

Therefore, you are not a sinner. You are forgiven. You are spotless. You are completely washed by the blood of the Lamb. You are holy, righteous, and wiped clean of all guilt and judgment that can convict you of any wrong-doing. When the Accuser (Christians) come around and accuse you of being full of sin, remind them that you're forgiven. Listen carefully to what they say and when anyone tries to judge you for doing it wrong, remind them of their unbelief.

You were made righteous, not for anything you did, but because of the love of God on the cross. There's nothing left for you to do, but embrace this fact. But it's ok if you don't believe. It still doesn't change what Christ did. His work never fails.

Whether you like it or not, Jesus forgave you. Whether you accept what Jesus did on the cross or not, it is finished. It is done. There is no sin. Sin no longer exists. There is only forgiveness. The only reason you still believe in sin is because righteous bastards (those who don't have a Father) taught you a lie. They taught you something that sounds like the truth, but can only lead to hell on Earth.

I know I keep repeating myself, but I have to keep saying it until it clicks. There is no such thing as sin, no matter what anyone says. It doesn't matter what your mother, father, aunt, uncle, pastor, Sunday School teacher, or small group leader persuaded you to believe, you are forgiven. You are saved from your sins. You are perfect in God's sight. Not because of anything you did, but because of everything Jesus did. All that matters is that you believe how glorious and perfect you are. All that matters is that you change your thinking and have faith in Jesus. The real Jesus.

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