12 May 2014

Accuser Of The Brethren

If anyone has ever spent any decent amount of time in church, they would learn of a courtroom example often used by Christians to describe what it would be like before God on Judgment Day. Just so we don't get confused about what Judgment Day is, it's the short time at which you die and go to see your Father for the judgment of your sins.
The Accuser condemning you of your sins.

In this common picture, God is the ultimate judge and jury, Satan is the accuser or Plaintiff in the case, and you are the Defendant (the one being accused). According to Christians, if you believe in Jesus and have accepted him as Lord and Savior of your life, then Jesus shows up as your defense lawyer. Unfortunately, if you don't know Jesus, then he doesn't show up or simply remains quiet.

Of course this is a fictional scenario, but it's understood that Satan has a massive rap sheet on how badly each one of us have sinned in our lifetime. He presents his case before God (the Judge) and shows the evidence of everything he saw us do wrong. Satan claims that we have no right to enter Heaven because of all the sin in our life. God takes a look at the evidence and sees that the proof is clear and precise.

Finally, God turns to the defendant (you or me) and asks us to explain ourselves. If you are a Christian, then Jesus immediately steps onto the scene as your hero. Jesus immediately states, "I've paid the price for his sins. He is no longer guilty." Once God sees that his Son is representing the defendant, he proudly declares you "Not guilty!" You are left to enter Heaven.

03 May 2014

The Problem With Sin

"You are a sinner. You couldn't do it right if you tried. You deserve hell for all eternity because of your disobedience." These beliefs are at the heart of Christianity.
There is no such thing as sinners. There is only forgiven.

Growing up, every Bible teacher I came in contact with portrayed this same type mindset, and nothing has changed. Christians say you are nothing. They say you are scum of he Earth and undeserving of God's glory. They say you can never do anything right in God's eyes unless you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Granted, they don't typically paint this picture the same way I'm portraying it. Instead, they use prettier words. They use honey words that most people can swallow. Why? They don't want you to run away. No one wants to be told they're worthless, otherwise you would go somewhere else. But this is exactly what they think of you.

Christians try to persuade everyone that they are indeed sinners - unrighteous disobedient scum. These God-fearing people have been preaching this for thousands of years. They use slogans like, "You are a sinner in need of a Savior" or mention that you're going to Hell because of your sin. They truly want you to believe you are not worth a grain of salt. By default, Christians want you to understand that you have no place in the Kingdom of God unless you do or say it right according to the Bible or God's commands.