14 April 2014

What Does An Atheist Know About Spiritual Freedom?

Atheists are some of the brightest people in the world. Many are scientists, doctors, professors, artists, and other professions the modern world glorifies. However, when it comes to rescuing others from religious slavery, it's as if all that brilliance takes a back seat. It's as if the problem is too big for them to comprehend. So what do they do? They say stuff like, "I'll live my way and you live yours. Just don't push your beliefs on me." In other words, they don't do jack.
Christianity. Not much difference.

The most intelligent people in the world just can't seem to find a truly effective way to help the "less fortunate" discover true freedom. This means one of two things. They simply don't care or they lack the understanding to do anything about it.

Honestly, spiritual bondage is much like the slaves of the South. Black slaves were controlled with an iron fist and made to believe they were scum of the Earth. They were brainwashed to think they deserved nothing and would never amount to anything other than doing what they were told. Their entire life was dedicated to working in the fields, planting seed, and gathering a harvest. If they did a good job and pleased their master, maybe he would be willing to lend a little favor or relief.

However, if the slaves didn't follow the rules, they were reprimanded. They either obeyed their lord's commands or paid the ultimate price. If the slaves didn't do it right, they were taught a lesson, made an example, and crucified with whips and chains. Yet, they still banded together. They would sing songs, encourage one another, and pray that one day someone would come and save them from torment.

The correlation between Christianity and slavery is striking, especially when it comes to the mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse individuals endure. Just because someone isn't black or working in a hot field doesn't mean they're not a slave to the unspoken truth. If you saw a bunch of slaves working in the cotton field, would you throw a thumbs up and say, "Hey bro. Hope it works out for ya!" then carry on about your business? Or, would you actually want to do something about it?

Christians don't think they are living a life of slavery, but just because they don't believe it, doesn't mean it's not true. Of course this isn't physical abuse, but rather slavery of the mind. Christians have fought to keep their "slaves" within the confinement of their prestigious country clubs for thousands of years, but Atheists were smart enough to see through their agenda. They had the foresight to see what most don't, but because of their understanding, the heart of an Atheist should recognize how Christian "slaves" are struggling. Show them the way to true freedom. Show them that you care and want to help. Help them to see that their lives are not what they seem.

The mind is a precious resource, and many people are being manipulated by religion to believe something that just isn't true. They are duped into a slave-like system full of commands and obedience that at the very core is detrimental to their mental and emotional health. As a result, fear is the true foundation in which Christianity is based upon. Moses (the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) was indeed a slave driver and his most effective weapon was fear - the fear of death. Don't do it wrong, or else. His legacy is what still stands, today.

Let me explain.

I grew up in the Bible Buckle of the Bible Belt. I was immersed in Christianity the day I was born. It's all I ever knew in life and it was the only thing I had complete confidence in. Jesus was my life and my rock. The faith I had as a Christian was unwavering and made mincemeat of the majority of devoted church-goers. In fact, I made it my mission to prove this Bible stuff was the real deal. I didn't come to my conclusions by trying to solve some mysterious Biblical puzzle that didn't add up (like most people do). Why would I need to do that? There was nothing to question. I had blind faith, and blind faith is the key to being a true follower of Christ.

I also didn't bother investing time learning about other religions or other view points. This was never needed. Why? Because I believed in the one true God. When you believe in the only God that matters, there is no need to seek or learn about others. It can be a distraction. However, something happened. The harder I believed, the more I prayed, fasted, gave, worshiped, etc., the more clearly I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's like cataracts were removed from my eyes and I began to see. I started viewing life with a new perspective, and that truth trumped everything I once knew.

What am I trying to say? If a Christian were to truly seek Christ with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength (as the Bible instructs), they would surely find him. They would discover a life so beautiful that it would change everything they once knew. All previous knowledge learned from church or any Bible teacher would be rejected.

I know this sounds nuts and completely counter productive to any free thinking mission, but I guarantee you it's the only way to make real change quickly. I want Atheists to encourage Christians to seek Jesus. The more Christians look for the truth, the sooner it will reveal itself. Their fear of death, Hell, and Satan will melt away, and in its place, a new infrastructure will begin to form; a life devoid of fear and devoted to love.

Once Christians find Jesus, they will no longer desire traditions or popular religious doctrine. They will no longer desire church, strict religious laws, or even see others as inherently evil. All they will know is a life that is rewarding and limitless without judgment or condemnation.
All this unicorn and God doesn't exist talk is just making it worse.

I often find the ways Atheists try to convert those in religious bondage to be ridiculous (especially the efforts of those that come from Christian backgrounds). You do not simply walk up to a Christian and say, "There is no God." This strategy will never work; it is downright blasphemy in their eyes. Saying something so contrary to what they believe is no different than shooting a man point blank for no reason. It crushes their very soul to hear someone say something so absurd. Atheists have to learn to speak their language. They will never make a difference unless they know how to talk Christianese.

Atheists need to learn how Christians think, feel, and act. They need to understand their fears, literature, and structure. It's no different than showing up in another country and trying introduce a new way of thinking without knowing the language or culture. You can attempt to engage in a dialogue, but you will never be able to communicate. You will never be able to erode the foundation of a belief system practiced for thousands of years overnight, but you can certainly expedite the process.

Ironically, the best way for Atheists to connect with Christians is to encourage them to seek Jesus. I know this method to be true based on my personal experience; I sought to prove this Christian stuff was the real deal and ended up on the same end as an Atheist. I don't identify as an Atheist, but I think like one: loving everyone around me and simply living the best life I can. Once they "find" Jesus, all other Christians will end up doing the same.

The Christian faith has been ingrained in our culture and has been spreading to many other countries all over the world for, well, what seems like eternity. No other faith has had such a lasting impact on humanity and intoxicated its way of thinking. In all simplicity, if you can rescue Christians from religious bondage, then you can do it for anyone. You can change the world with the same principles, regardless the faith.

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