14 April 2014

What Does An Atheist Know About Spiritual Freedom?

Atheists are some of the brightest people in the world. Many are scientists, doctors, professors, artists, and other professions the modern world glorifies. However, when it comes to rescuing others from religious slavery, it's as if all that brilliance takes a back seat. It's as if the problem is too big for them to comprehend. So what do they do? They say stuff like, "I'll live my way and you live yours. Just don't push your beliefs on me." In other words, they don't do jack.
Christianity. Not much difference.

The most intelligent people in the world just can't seem to find a truly effective way to help the "less fortunate" discover true freedom. This means one of two things. They simply don't care or they lack the understanding to do anything about it.

Honestly, spiritual bondage is much like the slaves of the South. Black slaves were controlled with an iron fist and made to believe they were scum of the Earth. They were brainwashed to think they deserved nothing and would never amount to anything other than doing what they were told. Their entire life was dedicated to working in the fields, planting seed, and gathering a harvest. If they did a good job and pleased their master, maybe he would be willing to lend a little favor or relief.

However, if the slaves didn't follow the rules, they were reprimanded. They either obeyed their lord's commands or paid the ultimate price. If the slaves didn't do it right, they were taught a lesson, made an example, and crucified with whips and chains. Yet, they still banded together. They would sing songs, encourage one another, and pray that one day someone would come and save them from torment.