23 March 2014

How To Save A Christian

As you know, almost every Christian has one agenda that stands above the rest - to save as many people from Hell as possible. This is the point of Christianity. I mean sure there are other major reasons for being a Christian, like having a relationship with the Creator or having Jesus guide you through life. However, those don't quite reach the importance of saving souls.
The best place to find people who need Jesus is in church.

Granted, not every Christian tries to reach the lost as well as they should. Most don't go on missions and rarely share their faith with anyone. Although they interact with friends, family, coworkers, and strangers on a daily basis, very few share their personal relationship with Jesus to those who need him. However, this isn't true for all Christians. There are few that do a better job of reaching out. These people have titles like "missionary," "Pastor," "Priest," "Bishop," or even "Apostle". These modern-day men and women are the very best at selling Jesus.

Regardless, there is an elephant in the room that no one is mentioning. It seems that most don't think about it or they simply dismiss it as being a lie or false truth. This message sounds so close to the truth, yet it's dramatically different in every way.

I do want to warn you though. Once you hear this message, you'll never be the same. Once this seed is sown, you'll never be able to ignore it again. The seed will dig its roots so deep into your mind and soul that there will be a time when you will no longer avoid it or discard it as some made up nonsense. You will struggle and try to push it out of your mind, but it's impossible to ignore. I believe so much in what I'm about to say because it's the fruit from the right tree - the Tree of Life. You've been warned.

The Christian message of Jesus is simple. Accept Jesus and believe in what he did for you and you'll be saved. What are you being saved from? Hell. Well Hell is the end result, but that's not what you're initially being rescued from. By believing or accepting Jesus, you're being saved from your sins. You're being saved from the wretched sin in your life and believing Christ is the only way to receive his forgiveness.

However, this is not what Jesus meant. What Jesus was really saying sounds so close to what we're used to hearing, yet so very different. The real truth about Jesus is what he did for you. He forgave you. Yes, you're indeed completely forgiven. Sure you've heard this a million times, but I don't think you're getting the picture. Let me try to explain it better.

Sure Jesus forgave you and every Christian says this, but they really don't believe it. I'll prove it.

Let me ask you a question. When did Jesus forgive you? He forgave you on the cross 2000 years ago. He didn't forgive you of your sins when you accepted Jesus into your life or when you finally believed or trusted him. He also didn't forgive you when you finally received water baptism (like the Church of Christ want you to believe). This just isn't true. You were forgiven on the cross. Period. The moment Jesus died, all the work God did for us was completed. It was finished.

Ok, so what sins did Jesus nail to the cross? All of your sins. That's right. Jesus became sin so that you might have life and have it more abundantly. This means you no longer sin in God's eyes; from God's perspective you are not sinful, but sinless. Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice to save you from your past, present and future sins. Not believing you're completely forgiven is a life of torment and sorrow. Believing that you still somehow sin means you do not believe you are washed white as snow by Christ's blood. For those who struggle with sin in their lives and the lives of others, accepting or truly believing what Jesus did for you will change your life forever. It will free you from thinking there is something wrong with you or anyone else around you.

God loved the world so much that he gave everything for it. He gave all he had. His love for the world was so powerful that he gave up his one and only Son so the world would be saved. No other person would do this on Earth with their child. No other person would allow their only child to be a tortured sacrifice for the sin of the worst scum to ever live (just think about the worst person to walk the face of the Earth - these are the people Jesus died for and forgave). Indeed, God saw fit that all his people were worth one sacrifice to end all sacrifices.

Christians want you to believe that Jesus died for everyone, but no one has forgiveness until they believe in Jesus or accept him as Lord of their lives. However, this is the lie. Yes, it sounds like the truth and it seems right, but only because we've been taught to believe this way since...well forever. The honest truth is that you're forgiven whether you like it or not. You're forgiven completely of all sin you could ever commit - great or small. God did this for you on the cross a very long time ago and there is nothing you can do about it. When he died, he cleansed everyone who walked the face of the Earth. He didn't ask for your permission and he doesn't care if you liked what he did or not. It was done.

God doesn't need your help to forgive you. Jesus did it all by himself. In fact, God even said he didn't judge or condemn the world, but gave his Son the authority to make that judgment for him. And what was Jesus' ruling? Forgiven! How many times forgiven? Over and over and over again (seventy seven). Jesus sentenced the whole world as completely innocent and God honored his final decision.
Trust Jesus' work on the cross.

Let me say it again. You are completely forgiven. You and everyone else who has ever existed is washed white as snow by Christ's blood. How can you know Jesus died for the world, but not believe his sacrifice was good enough for everyone? This is completely contrary to what God did. It is ridiculous thinking. Either Jesus forgave everyone, or he forgave no one. It's that black and white. You can't have Jesus dying on the cross, but somehow skipping this person or that person.

I know what I'm saying is pure blasphemy and I know what it means. It means I really believe everyone is completely forgiven. I see all of God's people the same way God sees them. I believe in what Christ did and what he did was MUCH greater than any Christian has ever told you or will ever admit.

So what do you do now? Well, you share the good news. You share the good news with those who need Jesus the most - Christians. Unfortunately, Christians do not believe in what Jesus did and do not believe he was a good enough sacrifice to wash sins away. They believe something very similar, yet so different. Most will resist your message and will reject every word you say, but they need to hear this message. They need to trust or have faith in what God did for us on the cross. They honestly don't believe in Jesus.

They think they believe and are convinced they know what they're talking about, but clearly they are confused. They've believed a comfortable lie that has been told for thousands of years, because it's what everyone else thinks. It's the popular view.

Reach out to Christians. Ask them the hard questions. These non-believers need your love and forgiveness. They need the same love and forgiveness that God has graced you. Show them the light and sow a seed that they will never be able to ignore. It will cause their foundation to shake and you will find them desperate to hang on to anything they can. They will also resist you, curse you, and damn you to Hell, but they do this all the time with me. Yet, I forgive them and love them anyway. It's what I see my Father doing.

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