23 March 2014

How To Save A Christian

As you know, almost every Christian has one agenda that stands above the rest - to save as many people from Hell as possible. This is the point of Christianity. I mean sure there are other major reasons for being a Christian, like having a relationship with the Creator or having Jesus guide you through life. However, those don't quite reach the importance of saving souls.
The best place to find people who need Jesus is in church.

Granted, not every Christian tries to reach the lost as well as they should. Most don't go on missions and rarely share their faith with anyone. Although they interact with friends, family, coworkers, and strangers on a daily basis, very few share their personal relationship with Jesus to those who need him. However, this isn't true for all Christians. There are few that do a better job of reaching out. These people have titles like "missionary," "Pastor," "Priest," "Bishop," or even "Apostle". These modern-day men and women are the very best at selling Jesus.

Regardless, there is an elephant in the room that no one is mentioning. It seems that most don't think about it or they simply dismiss it as being a lie or false truth. This message sounds so close to the truth, yet it's dramatically different in every way.

16 March 2014

The Gift Of Forgiveness

According to the most Godly people on the planet (Christians), Jesus certainly forgave the world from sin. Any follower of Christ will proudly proclaim that the Savior came to forgive sins and be the ultimate sacrifice for mankind. Jesus came to save the lost and show the way to true abundant life through him. Jesus was also God and God provided the means necessary to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth. He wanted everyone to receive his love and forgiveness. But there's a catch.
The gift of forgiveness. You either have it or you don't.

The most popular analogy used for receiving forgiveness is the example of a gift. Once a person receives the gift of forgiveness (or when they receive Jesus) they become whole again. They become new. They are no longer stained by sin and are washed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I was taught this "gift" analogy growing up in church and have heard it preached often. Honestly, every Godly person knows it. It is a picture painted by Christians everywhere and is used as a very popular witnessing tool to explain the love of Christ.

Before we get into the details of the gift, I want to talk about some necessary background info.