06 February 2014

I Lost My Virginity

I couldn't wait any longer. I've been waiting all my life to hand my v-card to my wife on our honeymoon, but it never happened. I never found her. And I'm done waiting.
Being righteous is not everlasting life. It's Hell on Earth.

This is not a matter of self-control. If anyone has the ability to control his sinful nature and take captive his thoughts, it's me. If anyone can follow God's commands and do it right, you're reading his blog. This is not a matter of needing the Spirit to overcome my lustful desires. This is simply my decision to overcome the fear of sin. The fear that I could somehow disappoint God. A fear that was instilled from day one.

Why did you change your mind about remaining a virgin? Because I was 36. I was thirty-freaking-six years old and never had intercourse. Who does that?? I know. Only idiots like me. I've gone for at least 23 years (since puberty) without experiencing the one thing a man wants most in life. Sex. I've badly wanted it since junior high, but it wasn't right. It was sin to have sex before marriage and God doesn't want sin in my life. I was taught to remain pure and share my gift with my wife, but as you can see, she never came. There comes a point when a man breaks and he can no longer reject his God-given instincts.