21 January 2014

The Day I Met Satan

I was living in hell Montgomery, Alabama at the time and it was just an average weekend without much to do. I had tons on my mind because of all my new spiritual discoveries. I had so many new concepts to ponder. It was Sunday and I was walking through Shakespeare (park). I often did this on the weekends. It was the only place I could go that didn't feel like Montgomery.
The Prince of Darkness.

As I entered Eternity and approached God, I asked him more questions about the Devil. I no longer lived in fear of Hell or demons because I learned Hell wasn't real. Hell is just a horrible mis-translation used to scare people into doing it right (or righteously). I no longer struggled with the fear of death and I wanted to learn more.

I boldly walked up to God and said without reservation, "I want to meet Satan." I was shocked that he agreed so easily. It threw me for such a loop that I honestly started to become nervous. Fear started creeping back in because I was afraid of everything I learned about the Devil. I just knew he was a bad dude. I mean the worst dude to ever exist.

Then, without warning, God motioned for me to turn around. He didn't pick up a phone or call anyone. He didn't motion for any angels to send a message for Satan to come into his presence. No, God just simply wanted me to turn around. He was behind me.

I was too nervous. I didn't want to turn around. It took a few seconds before I finally had the guts to do what I set out to do and it was all slow motion.

Just before I was able to turn and see what was behind me, God reached out with his right hand. But this wasn't a hand like we know it. It was a tractor beam of light. It was a physical tangible light that you could feel and see. However, he didn't simply reach out and pat me on my back. He actually stretched out his hand through my back (as if it were transparent). Then he gripped his hand firmly around my spinal cord. This was unexpected, but striking. I knew he was doing it to assure me nothing would go wrong. If someone has a firm grip on your spine, you're not going anywhere.

Finally, I saw him. Satan was standing about 15 feet away and he was alone and unguarded. He didn't foam at the mouth, have ugly horns, or try to strangle me. He was actually calm and never said a word. He never even looked in my direction. He just stood there quietly and politely with his head down.

Of course, God never let go of me. He was behind me the whole time. I just looked at this strange man and observed him. I could have tried talking or asked him some questions, but I didn't feel the need. I was just shocked that I was finally seeing him for the first time.

In no way was he aggressive or scary. In fact, he was the opposite. He was passive. He also wasn't afraid to be in God's presence like I thought he would. He was extremely respectful and almost innocent. I was given the freedom to simply observe his build, character, and features. I was given all the time I needed.

Of all the angels I had met before this moment, he was the clear winner. He was the most beautiful. None of the others were as elegant or had the premiere status he seemed to carry. Believe it or not, Jesus wasn't even as cool as this guy. He was distinctly different from all other heavenly beings, but in a positive way.

In fact, he was the only being I ever saw with a halo. It's not the halo we've always seen in pictures or drawings around someone's head. It was more like a floating belt made of shimmering lights. It was as if gold dust was slowly circling his torso just a few inches from his body. The halo never touched him. You could relate it to the rings around Saturn. It was quite stunning. The light from his body was allowing the belt to become noticeable and brilliant. It was obvious that this was an honorable gift for someone God deemed special.

The entire experience was confusing and not at all what I thought it would be.

Here was the worst being ever created, yet he was nothing like I imagined. He was calm, elegant, respectful, and even submissive. After I observed him, I was content. I saw all I needed. I finally turned back towards God and he loosened his grip from my spine. At that moment, I realized one last thing. I never needed God's hand there. He was just doing it to comfort me.

After it was all over, I came back to reality and I was still walking. I actually walked a long distance. Although the interaction seemed so fast, I had almost completed the whole outer circle of the park (which isn't a short distance).

I spent the rest of my walk just processing, thinking, and trying to understand. I was simply allowing my thoughts to pass through my mind without making any premature judgments. I just experienced meeting Satan and he was no one to be feared.

Lots of time has passed since that dream/vision/translation (or whatever cute little spiritual term you want to substitute for the word "imagination"). Because of this experience, I see more clearly now.

Satan is no one to be feared. Seriously, the Devil is just another one of God's angels. He is one of God's creations and has no more meaning, value, or function than any other angel in Heaven or person on Earth. God created him for a specific purpose and that purpose is to destroy. He is the Angel of Death (or the grim reaper in modern terms). His job is to simply take you out of this world and into a new one. His purpose is to rescue you from this place of hurt, sorrow, and pain so you can finally rest in peace.

Satan is not rebelling against God. He is obedient to him. He is not struggling against Jesus for power or control. He works with him and for him. He even shows up in God's presence as freely as he chooses.
The closest I could find to the real thing.

Honestly, Satan gets a bad wrap. He is only doing his job. However, countless Christians or religious fanatics live in such fear that they are scared to know much about him. They are afraid to search the truth and ask God what he thinks. They live in fear of evil because Satan may steer them in the wrong direction and lead them on the road to sin and death. However, none of it is true.

This one episode started a whole new life for me. My confidence has skyrocketed since then. I faced the one obstacle I feared most and now I am truly invincible.

Satan is simply a servant of God and any servant of God is a servant of mine (and yours). This is why he was being so submissive and respectful when we met. This is why he never looked me in the eye and kept his gaze towards the ground. God was letting his death angel know where I stood and my important I was to him. Now, Satan is my b!+ch. He is my servant and he does what I tell him to do.

I can sense when Satan comes around. I even welcome him in my presence and call him my friend. Why? Because I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of him and I know who he is. If my Father does not fear him, then I certainly won't either. I have a new friend and a new helper. He knows my name and I know his.

I write all this to show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. Satan and death are nothing to fear. No matter what they have taught you in church or the fear that has been instilled in your life since you were a child, it all amounts to nothing. It's only about perspective and God's perspective is all that matters. Believe it or not, the Devil is on your side. He is someone who helps you escape this world of pain and sorrow. His role is to return you to the place in which you came - the heart of God.

There will be one day when my new friend will pay me a visit...and I will welcome him with open arms.

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