05 January 2014

Moses Was A Liar

The God of Moses and the God who showed up on Earth in the form of a man (Jesus) are two completely different people. The God of Moses was full of wrath, anger, damnation, sorrow, war, and death. He laid down the Law, demanded sacrifices, obedience, and had little mercy for those who didn't do it right. However, Jesus showed us a different God. A God so unrecognizable that those who knew him best, had no clue who he was.
God says, "Damn you sinners!"

Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible which is known as the Torah or the Pentateuch. These 5 books are the foundation on which Christianity and Judaism stand (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). They also contain all the great stories of the Bible: Creation, Noah and the flood, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph, Lot, the plagues, Exodus, parting the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments, the Temple, the Law, the 12 tribes, etc. One man alone wrote these books. Just one. No other person in all the world decided to write anything down about God in the Bible other than this one guy.

And, according to the Bible, you're not allowed to question Moses. You're supposed to blindly believe every little thing he recorded as Truth and nothing but the Truth.

Do you find this interesting? Do you see how just one man determined which way an entire nation (and the world) should go? How is it that all the weight of God, what he wants, and what he is like falls on just one man? The New Testament doesn't even do this. It has several authors all saying similar things about Jesus.

Now, let's dig a little deeper.

Moses was the only educated man in all of Israel. In fact, he was a prince. He had the finest of everything. He had the best education, all the money in the world, and was adopted into the royal family. There was no one else with more power and authority other than his siblings and his step dad (Pharaoh - the king of Egypt). For 40 years Moses knew nothing, but Egypt and its ways. He was educated in all things Egyptian - a power house of the world at the time.

Also, Moses did not leave Egypt until he was 40 years old. That's a long time. I'm not even 40 yet. This means everything Moses was exposed to was nothing but ultimate rule, power, and authority. He also saw his dad enslave an entire race of people as if it were natural. Moses was cool with this until he finally saw one of his own being beaten. Where were you the rest of the time, bro?? Stuck in your "castle" doing whatever you wanted? Yeah, royalty was Moses' way of life. I'm sure he was made to believe he was someone special.

When Moses "rescued" the slaves, he ruled them with the same slave mindset that he was taught from birth.

You need to understand that Moses was the most educated man compared to the rest of Israel. None of the Israelites knew more or had access to more knowledge and power than he. Why? Because the rest were slaves; for 400 years they were slaves. That's basically forever. To put that into perspective, the United States is only 237 years old. This means generation after generation after generation knew nothing but slavery, fear, and hard labor. They only knew Egyptian gods, rules, and whatever limited information they were given. Sure, there was some hearsay, but you know how well that works.

I bet Moses saw the power of his father and was jealous he never would rule in the same way. He wanted to rule a nation, however this could never happen in Egypt. His bloodline belonged to slaves.

Finally, he got what he wanted. He had all of Israel to himself and he ruled it with an iron fist. He took pointers from his infamous father. He observed how to control people and how to get them to do exactly as he said. He saw it done all his life, but used God as his source.

Frankly, I don't believe half of what Moses wrote. I think he exaggerated out of his butt. I believe he twisted the truth any way he could. I think everything he wrote was to make himself look good and to manipulate slaves to do exactly as they were told, or else. He even started his own religion. And here we are today. Christians and Jews are still following this one man's stories, ideas, and rule.

Moses claimed he was the only one who saw God. That's right. Only one guy in the whole world spoke to God or was allowed to. Only one guy out of millions of God's people. He claimed to write down and speak every word God said, yet no one else could see or talk to him. Why? Because they weren't good enough. They weren't truly righteous or didn't have faith like he did. How shady is that?!

These were all lies. They were all lies to scare people into doing it right. How else are you going to get millions of free people to do what you want??

Then, Moses instituted the Law. He did this in the name of God. A Law eventually named after himself - "the Law of Moses". A Law all men and women were to follow or they were destroyed. They were killed for doing it wrong or for being disobedient. Basically, Moses ruled with fear. He knew if he could continue to instill fear in the life of the slaves he could control them. He knew he could make them do anything he wanted through fear. And fear is still the sure foundation on which Christianity and Judaism stand. Do it wrong or believe wrong and what do you get? God's wrath and damnation.

However, a thousand years later something happened. Something so unexpected that no God-fearing man knew who it was. What happened? God showed up. And he was NOTHING like the God of Moses. The God of sin and death.

Jesus was God in the flesh. He came to show Israel (the Jewish people) that they were lost. That they were going down the wrong road. He instructed them to repent, but they wouldn't listen. Why? Because Jesus looked and acted nothing like their God. The God they knew. The God that was written in Scripture by their beloved forefather.

Jesus was opposite in every way. Let me give some examples:
  • God flooded the world - Jesus saved it.
  • God destroyed whole cities for doing it wrong - Jesus hung out with these people.
  • God said to follow the Law or else - Jesus completed the Law and said don't follow it.
  • God was full of anger - Jesus only knew Love.
  • God would make you sick and die - Jesus only healed and gave life.
  • God would not tolerate sin - Jesus forgave everyone of their sins.
  • God would write down all the bad things you say and do - Jesus never records wrongs.
  • God demanded you follow the priests - Jesus made you the priest.
  • God said the Gentiles were scum - Jesus said they are my people too.
  • God said the Jews were his chosen people - Jesus chose us all on the cross.
  • God said to sacrifice animals to make yourself right - Jesus sacrificed himself and made you righteous.
  • God scared people into obeying him - Jesus knew no fear.
  • God only loved those who followed his commands - Jesus proved he loved everyone no matter what.
  • God made war - Jesus made peace.
  • God favored those who obeyed his commands - Jesus made these people his enemy.
  • God would sick the devil on you - Jesus said no demon can harm you.
  • God only showed up to a select righteous few - Jesus made sure everyone saw him.
I could go on, but you get the point.

Jesus showed us the real true God. He wanted to show true Love and share with the world what he really looked like. That he looked and acted nothing like the God that was written about so long ago.

Honestly, Jesus could not stand the Godly people in his day. He told everyone not to listen to Israel. He demanded that those who followed Scripture and the Law to turn from their wicked ways; to flee from their way of life; to reject what they had been taught and what they were teaching; to stop misrepresenting God; to stop using his name as if they knew him. Yet, they never listened. And this is the same stubbornness you'll find in church today.

If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then one of these God's is wrong. Either Moses was a liar or Jesus.
Moses doing what he does best, making people fear (him).

Every single Christian I know demands that the God of Moses and the God of Jesus were the same dude. However, you have to be crazy to believe this and even crazier to teach it. This is a lie that's been taught for thousands of years. Jesus came to show us what he saw his Father doing. He admitted to only saying what he heard his Father say. And we see Jesus was unlike any God of the Old Testament. The Old Testament God was no God at all.

Moses made up a lot of good stories and exaggerated everything a man could for his own agenda. He used fear to make slaves obey and follow his every "Word."

Honestly, there is no possible way Jesus and the God of Moses are the same person. The God of the Old Testament is not the God that came to Earth to show endless love, compassion, peace, joy, grace and forgiveness like Jesus did. The God of Old would never accept people for no good reason nor would he ever try to save the world. According to the Bible, the Old God would destroy everyone and everything in sight if anyone went against him and his people. That God sucks! I hate him and his ways.

Now you have a choice. Decide to believe in the God of Moses or the God of Jesus. You can't do both. This is lukewarm.

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