13 January 2014

Conditional Love: Being Gay In Church (Christopher's Story)

Christopher is a friend of mine. We used to go to church together and attended the same small group. I asked him to write about his experience.
Serving in church is reserved for the righteous.

"My name is Christopher and I am "gay." Don't worry, I have been sanitized for your protection. Well at least that's what the modern day Pharisees tried to do anyway. From a very early age and later in life, I was blind. This is my story.

When I was 5 years old, I recall wandering in the woods in my back yard. All the while I traipsed through the trees, I talked with God. Even now, those are my sweetest memories. It was a child's innocence freely sharing with God. That innocence was lost as I discovered I was different from others and that difference was an abomination.

The church, God fearing Christians, and every adult in my life destroyed the loving God I knew as a child. In his place was raised up a new God. One who hated me. Until my 30's I hated God back! I worked hard at denying He existed. It was the only way I could cope with the new God Christians taught me about. Praise God, I did begin to seek Him again. It was not easy, and as you might imagine, Christians got in the way again.

However, there were other Christians I met. They were different. They were filled with love for me just as I loved them. I fell for it! For a time, I followed their rules and behaved as I should. They patted me on the back and invited me to be a part of their family. I wanted to help and serve my community in the church, so I asked for their permission. That's when they asked me to make a public statement that I condemned homosexuality and denied any participation in that lifestyle. Then and only then, would I be able to help serve coffee on Sundays. What is so sad about this whole story is that I agreed! Today, I see them for who they really are. And I see Jesus for who he really is!"

Not just anyone can serve in church. You need to be a true believer. You need to be righteous. You need to be a person who knows how to follow God's commands.

In most churches, they will accept anyone in their doors. They will show love and tell you that they really care. However, this all changes when you want to get more involved. Your fruit has to show that you can live a righteous lifestyle and follow God's commands (Law). Someone who is gay will never be good enough to lead or serve in the Christian church. They are just too sinful.

Christians always promise to love and accept you for who you are, but as you dig deeper you begin to see what is hidden behind the curtain. Masked love is the worst sort of lie. True love does not care what you've done or what you're doing. Unconditional love accepts you and places you in a position of honor no matter what. You will not find this in any church. Why? Because all they know is conditional love. Do it right, then you can be a part of the family.

It's truly unfortunate that Christians don't know how to love like Jesus.

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