21 January 2014

The Day I Met Satan

I was living in hell Montgomery, Alabama at the time and it was just an average weekend without much to do. I had tons on my mind because of all my new spiritual discoveries. I had so many new concepts to ponder. It was Sunday and I was walking through Shakespeare (park). I often did this on the weekends. It was the only place I could go that didn't feel like Montgomery.
The Prince of Darkness.

As I entered Eternity and approached God, I asked him more questions about the Devil. I no longer lived in fear of Hell or demons because I learned Hell wasn't real. Hell is just a horrible mis-translation used to scare people into doing it right (or righteously). I no longer struggled with the fear of death and I wanted to learn more.

I boldly walked up to God and said without reservation, "I want to meet Satan." I was shocked that he agreed so easily. It threw me for such a loop that I honestly started to become nervous. Fear started creeping back in because I was afraid of everything I learned about the Devil. I just knew he was a bad dude. I mean the worst dude to ever exist.

Then, without warning, God motioned for me to turn around. He didn't pick up a phone or call anyone. He didn't motion for any angels to send a message for Satan to come into his presence. No, God just simply wanted me to turn around. He was behind me.

I was too nervous. I didn't want to turn around. It took a few seconds before I finally had the guts to do what I set out to do and it was all slow motion.

13 January 2014

Conditional Love: Being Gay In Church (Christopher's Story)

Christopher is a friend of mine. We used to go to church together and attended the same small group. I asked him to write about his experience.
Serving in church is reserved for the righteous.

"My name is Christopher and I am "gay." Don't worry, I have been sanitized for your protection. Well at least that's what the modern day Pharisees tried to do anyway. From a very early age and later in life, I was blind. This is my story.

When I was 5 years old, I recall wandering in the woods in my back yard. All the while I traipsed through the trees, I talked with God. Even now, those are my sweetest memories. It was a child's innocence freely sharing with God. That innocence was lost as I discovered I was different from others and that difference was an abomination.

The church, God fearing Christians, and every adult in my life destroyed the loving God I knew as a child. In his place was raised up a new God. One who hated me. Until my 30's I hated God back! I worked hard at denying He existed. It was the only way I could cope with the new God Christians taught me about. Praise God, I did begin to seek Him again. It was not easy, and as you might imagine, Christians got in the way again.

05 January 2014

Moses Was A Liar

The God of Moses and the God who showed up on Earth in the form of a man (Jesus) are two completely different people. The God of Moses was full of wrath, anger, damnation, sorrow, war, and death. He laid down the Law, demanded sacrifices, obedience, and had little mercy for those who didn't do it right. However, Jesus showed us a different God. A God so unrecognizable that those who knew him best, had no clue who he was.
God says, "Damn you sinners!"

Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible which is known as the Torah or the Pentateuch. These 5 books are the foundation on which Christianity and Judaism stand (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). They also contain all the great stories of the Bible: Creation, Noah and the flood, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph, Lot, the plagues, Exodus, parting the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments, the Temple, the Law, the 12 tribes, etc. One man alone wrote these books. Just one. No other person in all the world decided to write anything down about God in the Bible other than this one guy.

And, according to the Bible, you're not allowed to question Moses. You're supposed to blindly believe every little thing he recorded as Truth and nothing but the Truth.

Do you find this interesting? Do you see how just one man determined which way an entire nation (and the world) should go? How is it that all the weight of God, what he wants, and what he is like falls on just one man? The New Testament doesn't even do this. It has several authors all saying similar things about Jesus.