10 December 2013

Self-Righteousness. The Christian Way.

No Christian anywhere believes they are self-righteous. In their eyes, this title is reserved for someone else. The people who crucified God on a cross.
Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven.

If you were to ask any Christian what self-righteousness looks like, they would point you to the New Testament (Bible). They would introduce you to a group of people called the Pharisees. These were the Jewish leaders in Jesus' day who were given authority to govern God's "chosen" people (Israel).

The Pharisees were quite unique. They would do things that you would never see in today's church. For example, they wore priestly clothes, only said the right things, used fear to persuade people, and even convinced others to follow their lead. Oh wait! I guess you would find this in today's church. Anyway, they were the best at obeying God's commands.

These people meant serious business. Since they were in control, they made sure no one got out of line. They made sure everyone obeyed God's Law. Why was this? Because if you didn't do what God said his wrath would fall on you and everyone around you.

Basically, they had little to no mercy because God had no mercy. If you didn't do it right he would destroy you, your family, and your nation. They also judged people according to the Word. And rightfully so. It was right to call others out on their sin and wrong-doing. Ironically, both the New and Old Testaments instruct believers to correct bad behavior.

Frankly, the Pharisees were ruthless. They would publicly humiliate people and even judge them to certain death. But this is exactly what Scripture told them to do! They would gather up a person's charges and hold them accountable for their unrighteousness. There was a "no tolerance" policy for disobedience because they couldn't afford it. If the people kept living in sin, history would repeat itself and God would destroy the land all over again (like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah). Yet, they did everything Moses said to do. They followed his lead exactly. They were being obedient to God's Word at every turn.

Even though the Pharisees were doing it right, Jesus showed up and revealed something completely different. His example proved that they were, in fact, doing it wrong. They were the opposite of what God wanted.

You see, Jesus came to prove that these God-fearing believers had no clue who God was. God was staring these men in the face and they seriously thought he was Satan. They thought he was the Anti-God. How stupid can you be?? But they weren't stupid. They were brainwashed. This is what they were taught all their lives.

Jesus showed a great deal of mercy and love to all people without expecting anything in return. He wanted nothing. He desired nothing. Often times he would heal people and wouldn't allow them to tell anyone what happened. Jesus was a very different God.

Believe it or not, the Pharisees were not worshiping God at all. They were actually worshiping themselves. But this wasn't intentional. They didn't know what they were doing. They were lead to believe a certain way from generations past. They were simply taught Scripture and traditions that were indeed supposed to be followed, or else. However, none of it was God. It may have looked like the right thing to do, it may have sounded like the right way to go, but it wasn't.

Jesus came to show them a very different Father. A God who was merciful and forgiving. A God that wasn't full of wrath and damnation like they knew. This was a God that didn't want anyone following the Law, traditions, or even trying to do it right according to Scripture. Jesus said to simply love yourself and others, however, this was never written. This was a totally new concept. This way of life was never communicated before Christ.

Yet, this is not the Truth that Christians follow. They follow the old "God". They follow and believe in a God that will damn you to hell. Sure Jesus was loving and died on the cross, but God will release his fury one day on all the unrighteous. Honestly, they can't decide which one God is. Is he merciful and forgiving or full of anger and hate? This is why Christians are lukewarm. They don't know what side of the fence to stand on so they claim both.

Let's look more closely at the Christian lifestyle.

In more ways than we can count, Christians are no different from the Pharisees. I mean there is absolutely no difference.

They are insistent on following Scripture and traditions from ages past. They are bent on making you follow God's rules to the best of your ability, and if you don't continuously do what God says, then you are not of him. If you don't follow the commands of God, then you are indeed evil. This is exactly what the self-righteous believed in Jesus' day.

Everything Christians do is just that. They do it. They do it right. If you're doing it right, then this is the definition of self-righteousness. The more right you do, the better you feel about yourself. Then, they take it to a whole new level by doing it in God's name. This is justified self-righteousness.

Let's give a few examples.

Christians constantly go to temples for worship, offer sacrifices (of praise and service), pay their temple taxes, present offerings, serve God's house, wear the right clothes, say the right things, separate themselves from the unrighteous, obey all God's rules, and teach others to do the same. They also genuinely believe they are the only ones who are in the true family of God. They think they have a special place reserved just for them in the Kingdom. Really?! And the Pharisees didn't think the exact same thing?

Let's keep going. They proudly proclaim God and pray in public squares; they're glad they are not like the unbelievers; they think God blesses them more for doing it right; they believe all others who don't do it right deserve certain death; they call people out on their sin and and correct their behavior; they judge people according to their righteous works; they even post Scripture on billboards and wear reminders on their bodies (Jesus t-shirts, WWJD bracelets, purity rings, etc.). All of which the righteous did in Jesus' day.

Bear with me. I have a few more examples.

What about bowing their heads and closing their eyes to pray? They ALL do this. Christians do this because it's the right thing to do. They do this because it's just how it has always been done...from generations past. Bowing your head shows reverence to God. It's a right work to show humbleness to the King. It's also an outward expression to show how holy they are especially in public places. It's an action that shows the rest of the world who they proudly belong to and represent. They have no idea that their actions are spitting in the face of all those who don't believe. And this is why the world hates them. Is this bowing nonsense not exactly what the righteous Law-abiding citizens did a long time ago? And the world hated them too.

What about giving to the poor? Do you know how good they feel when they make a bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the poor and homeless? Oh do they revel in the joy this work brings them! It's such a rewarding feeling to know you're doing great things for the "least of these". And it's so much more rewarding when you do it in God's name.

What about going to church? The simple fact that Christians continuously go to church proves to themselves and others that they really know God. Only believers would enter a church. Only those who truly know God would want more of him. Only the righteous would serve the temple and worship him in the right manner. Frankly, going to church separates the wheat from the chaff. It alienates "Godly" people from the unrighteous. However, going to church to hear some mediator speak the Words of God is the same Old Testament trash that has been taught for thousands of years. I thought we were done doing it this way? I thought the Spirit guides us now? I could go on about this, but I've already written about it.
A father teaching his son the righteous way to live.

Christians ALWAYS need something to make them feel good about themselves. The more righteous things they do, the better they feel. Doing it right is needed to make Christians feel accomplished. The more they obey God's Word, the more they feel good about what they do. Self-righteous to the core.

And the funny thing about all this is that they don't even know what they do. They can't even see the Light because they're so blind to the darkness they live in day in and day out. This is because they have been lied to all their lives. They have been brainwashed to believe all this is what God wants. The worst of the worst are the priests, preachers, and teachers who continually instruct and reinforce this self-righteous behavior.

Christians are always about doing. Doing it right. Doing it right to make God proud. Doing it right because it feels good. But this is the problem: they are doing it.

They cannot simply trust in Jesus for their righteousness. They just can't believe they are good already. They just can't feel better about themselves for absolutely no reason. They just can't sit still and know they are already righteous and good. Not because of what they do, but because of what God did for them. They can't comprehend this. They can't see how Jesus showed them how beautiful and wonderful God thinks they are no matter what.

For a Christian, simply trusting Jesus isn't good enough. It doesn't satisfy their gross lust to feel good; to feel accepted.

All there is to be done is to love one another. This means there is absolutely NOTHING to be done. Love is not an action. Love is not doing it right. Love is not doing anything for anyone else. Love is love. Period.

Don't be a Christian. They do everything right, and it's wrong.

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