10 December 2013

Self-Righteousness. The Christian Way.

No Christian anywhere believes they are self-righteous. In their eyes, this title is reserved for someone else. The people who crucified God on a cross.
Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven.

If you were to ask any Christian what self-righteousness looks like, they would point you to the New Testament (Bible). They would introduce you to a group of people called the Pharisees. These were the Jewish leaders in Jesus' day who were given authority to govern God's "chosen" people (Israel).

The Pharisees were quite unique. They would do things that you would never see in today's church. For example, they wore priestly clothes, only said the right things, used fear to persuade people, and even convinced others to follow their lead. Oh wait! I guess you would find this in today's church. Anyway, they were the best at obeying God's commands.

These people meant serious business. Since they were in control, they made sure no one got out of line. They made sure everyone obeyed God's Law. Why was this? Because if you didn't do what God said his wrath would fall on you and everyone around you.

Basically, they had little to no mercy because God had no mercy. If you didn't do it right he would destroy you, your family, and your nation. They also judged people according to the Word. And rightfully so. It was right to call others out on their sin and wrong-doing. Ironically, both the New and Old Testaments instruct believers to correct bad behavior.