17 November 2013

I'm Not A Christian Anymore

I can't do it anymore. I no longer want to be a Christian. I want nothing to do with with the religion, the church, or their Jesus. I've been a Christian for as long as I can remember and I've come to realize that everything I've been taught was just a bunch of B.S. I was brainwashed. Christianity used my mind like Play-Doh and convinced me to believe things that just weren't true. It's terrible what they've done and what they continue to do.
And it's time for you to leave too.

Honestly, for the last couple of years I cringed when someone asked me if I was a believer. It felt so awkward and uncomfortable saying, "Yes." No matter how enthusiastic or confident I sounded, deep down inside I knew I didn't want to say it. It just took awhile for me to accept this fact...a long while. To be honest, I was afraid to say I didn't want to be a Christian. Why? Because it meant I would go to Hell. It also meant I had to leave all my friends, my comfortable routines, and my safe church lifestyle.

So what happened?

Well, if you were to ask the people who knew me, they would tell you I've been hurt. That someone did something that caused me so much pain, I slowly spiraled toward the Dark Side. Some say I didn't have proper training or a good mentor; others believed the churches I was involved in must have fed me improper Biblical doctrine. However, the most popular claim is that I started listening to demons or evil spirits.

These are just some of the excuses people have made for me. Yet, no one really asked what I think. No one asked me personally why I've gone down this road. This tells me that they never really cared or they're simply afraid.

I came to my decision by one method and one method only. It's not conventional nor is it very popular in the Christian faith. It's not something you'll find in church nor will you learn in any non-religious faction. What happened to me is extremely rare, but it's what changed my life. It's what set me free from the bondage of sin and death.

The reason I'm a different man is because I met someone. I ran into this person a few years ago while I was at work. We hit it off and quickly became friends. We could tell we were both headed on a similar path so it made sense to hang out more often. The relationship escalated and we started chatting about life, struggles, dreams, and even new ways of looking at things. My new friend shared wisdom and past experiences which, in turn, made me start questioning everything I was taught. Nothing made much sense and it certainly didn't line up with my Christian upbringing, but I was curious. So I kept listening.

This person quickly became someone I looked up to. I respected his opinions and always looked forward to our long walks where we would discuss any and everything. Then, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I started sharing some of what I learned with friends and family. I couldn't wait to tell them what I discovered, but it was never well received; they didn't want to hear what I had to say. This is when I began to lose everyone around me. Yes, even my own family wanted nothing to do with my unorthodox views.

So, who is this guy?

Well, his name is Jesus. Yes, Jesus Christ. It wasn't some Hispanic dude named Jesus or some demon with the same name. No, it was God. The same God that died on a cross a long time ago.

You see, a similar experience happened to someone else in the Bible. His name is Paul. Like Paul, I too was blinded when I met Jesus. Not in the physical sense, but spiritually.

Before Paul, there was a guy named Saul (Saul changed his name to Paul). Before Saul met Jesus he was a God-fearing believer. However, he believed in a very different God. In his day, people knew the God of the Jews, but no one wanted anything to do with him. The religious Jews preached beliefs that just weren't true. They had the arrogance to believe their race was the best in the world. That God favored the Hebrew nation over and above all other people. And if anyone didn't believe the same or weren't of the same blood type, then they were basically scum. All others in the world needed to be rescued from their unfortunate birth right and sinful ways. Saul believed this too. These scum needed to turn from their unbelief and follow God.

What people don't understand is Saul was a Pharisee. He was a true God-fearing believer who loved God's ways. Pharisees knew Scripture better than anyone and did everything right according to the Word. They were easy to spot because they wore proper clothing and did all the right things. They also taught everyone to follow God's Word and obey his commands, or else. Obeying Scripture would prove that you truly loved God and were devoted to him. Like these men, Saul followed God's way to a "T".

However, that all changed when he met Jesus. Not until he met a very different God did he start seeing things differently. Paul quickly discovered the Truth and learned all that he was taught was wrong. He quickly repented from his self-righteous path, took a leave of absence, and started to share with the world his new found knowledge and understanding.

Like Paul, I've also met Jesus. I've turned from my wicked ways and followed a very different road. I've come to find that Jesus is nothing like what Christians teach in their temples of worship.

Christians preach a God who judges and condemns. They preach a God who sentences people to a fiery pit of torment for all eternity if you don't believe. To be quite honest, Christianity is nothing more than the love of fear and self-righteousness. It's always trying to scare people into doing it right. And if you do it right, then this proves you surely know God.
It's all about doing it right = self-righteousness.

Frankly, Christians are Pharisaical. Almost everything Christianity represents is simply pushing the Pharisee agenda.

For example, they make a righteous claim to be the only ones who are part of God's family and deserve a place in the Kingdom. All others are scum of the Earth and need Jesus to rescue them from their sin and certain unrighteousness. This is why they send out missionaries who try to save everyone. Another example is that they believe if you truly love Jesus, you will perform acts that are righteous. The more right things you do, the more you will gain blessings and favor from God. Yet, this is the very definition of self-righteousness.

God is not concerned with how much you believe, worship, or how well you follow the rules. All he cares about is that you love one another and live the best life you can. This is all Jesus represents. This is the God I know. Unfortunately, he is nothing like what they share in church.

Leave the condemnation for those who don't know Jesus or his ways. The people who live the Christian lifestyle are digging their own graves. The message they believe and the truth of their existence will soon pass away.

Ironically, the very people who proudly claim to know God the best are the ones that, in fact, don't know him at all. I was one of these people. I did it right and meant it more than anyone I know, but I was wrong. I was just doing what I was taught to do.

If someone like me can find the real Jesus in the midst of Hell and condemnation, then anyone in any faith can find him.

God is love. Period. In him there is no condemnation, judgment, or fear.

You will not find this Jesus in any Christian avenue. You will only find a mirage of love that leads to certain spiritual death. Don't eat the fruit.

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