17 November 2013

I'm Not A Christian Anymore

I can't do it anymore. I no longer want to be a Christian. I want nothing to do with with the religion, the church, or their Jesus. I've been a Christian for as long as I can remember and I've come to realize that everything I've been taught was just a bunch of B.S. I was brainwashed. Christianity used my mind like Play-Doh and convinced me to believe things that just weren't true. It's terrible what they've done and what they continue to do.
And it's time for you to leave too.

Honestly, for the last couple of years I cringed when someone asked me if I was a believer. It felt so awkward and uncomfortable saying, "Yes." No matter how enthusiastic or confident I sounded, deep down inside I knew I didn't want to say it. It just took awhile for me to accept this fact...a long while. To be honest, I was afraid to say I didn't want to be a Christian. Why? Because it meant I would go to Hell. It also meant I had to leave all my friends, my comfortable routines, and my safe church lifestyle.

So what happened?

Well, if you were to ask the people who knew me, they would tell you I've been hurt. That someone did something that caused me so much pain, I slowly spiraled toward the Dark Side. Some say I didn't have proper training or a good mentor; others believed the churches I was involved in must have fed me improper Biblical doctrine. However, the most popular claim is that I started listening to demons or evil spirits.

These are just some of the excuses people have made for me. Yet, no one really asked what I think. No one asked me personally why I've gone down this road. This tells me that they never really cared or they're simply afraid.

04 November 2013

The Day I Met God

About a year ago, I was taking a shower and something happened. Something that's never happened before. I take long hot showers because, well...they're great. And it's when I do my best thinking. No one is around and there's minimal distractions.

Apparently, I get distracted pretty easily, but it's not like I have any family or pets to steal my attention. At the time it was just me, the house, and furniture. I didn't have any cool TV's or nice stereos to interrupt me because I gave it all up. They kept getting stolen.
Space - the closest thing to Eternity I can think of.

When I'm deep in thought, I usually stand with my face buried in the corner of the shower. My eyes are closed and the water hits my back. This is best because it's dark and you never get cold.

Then it hit me. Out of nowhere, I was in a different place. It all happened so quickly. It was like the speed of light and slow motion at the same time (as if that makes any sense). Where I was going wasn't a place on Earth. It was somewhere I'd never been. It was another dimension; like another universe.

Something was moving me or taking me away. I had the ability to stop it, but I didn't. I just let it happen. It just seemed right and I knew everything would be Ok.

I finally arrived. I ended up at the front of what seemed like a floating or suspended stage. It wasn't a very large stage and it wasn't what you would expect at a concert. I found myself standing solo, on top at the front edge.