15 October 2013

Who Told You That You Were Naked?

While on the fringe of my last post, I want to keep exposing just who it is that's feeding you fruit from the wrong tree.
Forget everything you've been taught about this story.

Honestly, everything you've been taught about God comes from a very unexpected source. And I do mean everything. Those that educate you in the ways of God get their information from one place - the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This tree's root system has been burrowing in the hearts and lives of billions of people all over the globe for thousands of years. The roots have grown so deep that most can't determine, nor even remotely see, the Truth that's shining so brightly in the sky.

Just because a preacher or devout Christian knows Scripture doesn't mean they have a clue who Jesus is or what God really wants. Just because a pastor has a successful ministry or a beloved missionary that is building churches in a third world country doesn't mean a thing. The very fact that these people have an organization built in God's name shows that they don't know who he is at all.

Everything God did was trying to steer us away from what we're taught. He did not want us consuming the fruit of good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad, righteousness and sin, heaven and hell, angels and demons etc (Gen 2:16-17). All of this stuff is fruit God clearly told us not to eat from.