12 September 2013

You Are God (Part 2)

It's just not right to say you are Jesus. It doesn't even sound right to the trained Christian ear. But why? After all, we call ourselves Christians (like Christ). If you call yourself a Christian, then you're certainly claiming to be like Jesus, correct? Don't Christians claim they know Jesus personally and follow in his footsteps?  Don't they say, "I know Jesus. If you watch me you'll learn how he walks and talks."
You are Jesus.

The reason it doesn't sound right is because you've been taught the complete opposite. The complete opposite from who God says you are.

Just a few weeks ago I visited the main campus of a mega church in Lafayette, CO (here is a link to their website, but don't click it. It wouldn't be very nice to call them out like this). The pastor said over and over again in his sermon that "we aren't God..." And sadly, the congregation agreed with him and cheered him on. Here's a guy that's completely adored by thousands of Christianites and considered a major leader in the faith and he doesn't have a clue who God says we are. He's contradicting God's very own Words.

However, let me do my best to help change all that. I want you to know the truth about yourself and I want you to be able to see your true nature in God's mirror. And not the mirror Christianity uses.

For one, every Christian in the world believes they are a son or daughter of the King, right (Gal 3:26-29)? All Christians believe this, although most probably forget it on a daily basis. Regardless, every Christian believes they're a child of God and an elite member of the most royal family (1 Pet 2:9-10).

But, wasn't Jesus also member of God's family? Of course he was. He was God's Son (Luke 1:35). He was born as God's only begotten (generated) Son into this world (John 3:16-17). A pretty bold title for anyone to claim, but I guarantee you he believed it. He believed he was the Son and he showed the Jews just what his Father looked like (John 5:19). He came to show everyone what he learned from God. Basically, he believed everything his Father said about him.

As a Christian, not only do you believe you're in the family of God, but you also believe you're adopted. You believe you're adopted into God's Jewish family (Rom 8:14-15). Of course, if you were to read the Bible and believe what the Israelites say about themselves, then you would also agree that the Jews were the only race on the planet that God truly loved and considered his own. Anyone else outside the Jewish bloodline was basically a scumbag Gentile. Gentiles were not born of the same stature, nor did they deserve the same treatment and favor as the Jews. Therefore, the only way God could convince the Jews that the Gentiles were just as important was to accept them into his beloved family. They had to be adopted (Eph 3:1-6). Sure adoption sounds all nice and dandy, but let's talk about the depth of this statement for a second.

If a child is adopted into a family they instantly have a new father and mother. They belong to that family and the child is loved and treated no differently from any original family member. Therefore, if God adopted you into his family through his Son, then you are, without a doubt, God's child. You are a member of his royal blood and treated as such (Rom 11:11-24). You own the rights to the throne and you are handed the keys to the Kingdom (Mat 16:19). Indeed you are. However, God doesn't stop there to prove just how much we're just like his Son Jesus.

He goes another step further. He takes another giant leap to help you understand your true nature.

Your "new" Father goes so far as to place his one and only Son inside you (John 14:16-17). Yes, inside your body (Rom 8:11). When Jesus died, he left the Holy Spirit behind. That same Spirit that was inside Jesus is now inside you and me (and everyone else Jesus paid the ultimate price for) (Luke 3:22).

Now when God looks at you and me, he does not see just a bag of skin and bones. No, he sees his Son. Or, in other words, he sees himself. When God looks at you it's like looking in the mirror. He loves what he sees, he enjoys his creation, and he treats you as if you're his one and only child. You are, in fact, the Son of God.

Well isn't that interesting? It just doesn't sound right to say that, does it? Yet, you believe his only child lives inside you. God planted the very breath from his mouth (the Spirit) inside your body. Therefore, God sees no difference between you and the one child he gave up to make you his rightful heir (Rom 8:16-17). If a person has the spirit of another individual, then I guess that makes them two in one.

Here's more proof that you are Christ.

You remember how I said in the beginning of this post that God's people call themselves Christians (which means "like Christ")? A Christian represents the very essence of Jesus. They represent him in every manner of their lives. By using the term "Christian" these people claim they are just like Christ and follow his ways, however there's a big problem. Unfortunately, they don't believe they're anywhere close to him. Somehow they get this image that God is way over there and we are way over here. The irony is that these people claim to know God personally, know that Jesus lives inside them, and talk with him on intimate level, yet they don't believe they are the shining example of God in the flesh. Just like Jesus was (John 8:56-59, John 18:4-8).

Interesting isn't it? It's really a tragedy. I honestly don't think Christians should call themselves "Christians" anymore. Maybe they should make up a new name; something like Christ-Not-So-Much.

If only people actually believed in themselves and knew who they were in Christ, so much of their lives would change in an instant. Suddenly, they'll realize their self-worth and be able to really do things like he would.

Here's another point. Jesus was certainly "like God," right? Of course he was. He was God's Son, but at the same time God himself. Therefore, Christ was indeed God. And if Christ was God and he gave us his Spirit (or essence), then we are indeed God-like also (or Spirit-like since his Spirit is inside us) (2 Cor 1:21-22). Then, if we are Spirit-like, are we not just like Christ? Are we not also God-like? If our very being has Christ in it, are we not the same as Jesus? You're no different than Jesus. He was God's Son, but also God in the flesh...and so are you.

If Jesus was human and God's Son at the same time, then you are no different.

God passed on his Spirit to Jesus. And Jesus passed on that very same Spirit to you and me. God = Jesus = Holy Spirit = You. I call it the Four in One. The word Trinity was outdated before it ever came into existence.

I need to say this so people aren't confused. I need you to understand that ALL people are God's children. Jesus died for all mankind. Jesus proved who God loved through God's Son (2 Cor 5:14-15). He also paid the price for all of us and therefore he owns us all (2 Cor 5:18-19). God doesn't have any favorites (Rom 2:11). He invested his Spirit inside all people all over the world from the beginning of time until the end of time. Christians aren't the only ones who have the Holy Spirit living inside them (contrary to popular belief).

But, God didn't stop there. He didn't stop at simply making you his child. No, he even gave you his name. If you're adopted into a family, you assume your father's family name. You now have your Father's name (John 14:12-14). So your new last name is the same one we give Jesus. Or at least, that's how I like to explain it. So now you no longer refer to yourself as John Doe, but John Doe Christ. And in case you didn't know, Christ means "Anointed."
Whatever you do to the least of these...(Mat 25:39-40)

Is all this starting to make sense?

Even though Jesus is God, he came in human form to live in a temporary body like ours. And God made you just the same. Jesus was every much God and very much human at the same time. God lowered himself so much to make sure we understood and gave us a very new way of looking at things (Phi 2:5-9). He wanted us to see how much we were just like Christ.

All this "you are God" talk sounds like another religion and goes against everything we've been taught in the Christian faith. And because of this, few will take me seriously.  Christians are so brainwashed by people who claim they know God, but don't have a clue who they are in Christ.

From the beginning of time, God has been trying to show you just how much you are just like him (Gen 1:27). Even though we may look different from each other; or it may seem like we mess up too much; or that it seems like God's so far away, it's simply not true. These are all lies. We are more like him than anyone is willing to admit. We are God in every way imaginable. We are him inside and out, and nothing can change that. He did that, not you. He made you look like him and be a carrier of his presence.

He has given us so many examples to prove who we are...and nothing can change that. Paul was convinced that nothing could separate us from God, and it's about time you start to understand why he was so bold to say this (Rom 8:37-39).

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