21 July 2013

You Are God

It seems like Christians are trying hard to separate themselves from God. They're not doing it intentionally. It's being done in passive subtle ways. It's so subtle that no one notices or cares. This separation of you and God is at the very core of Christianity.
The same Spirit that was in Jesus is in you.

Fact: There's no possible way you can be separated from God.

Yet, every Christian leader everywhere seems bent on making sure you think otherwise. Why do they do this? Why do they want you to believe such nonsense? Because it's essential to their success.

If you fear being cut off from God or if there's some way you can lose your salvation, then you need them. You need their wisdom and teaching to reassure you that you're not going anywhere. You need them to tell you you're safe. You need them to provide a system you can follow so you won't go to hell. As long as you believe you can be separated from God, then you need guidance on how to get saved and how to remain in right-standing. As long as they can convince you to fear being forever cut off, then you have become their sheep. In other words, you are their slaves. They have you by the balls and you're not going anywhere.

No one has perfected the use of fear more than Christians. For thousands of years, Christians have been fearing people into the Kingdom in the name of God (Mat 5:11-12). They have convinced all believers that they are safe, yet remind everyone else that they are surely destined for eternal torment in the lake of fire; to forever be cut off from God. I honestly can't think of a more twisted and hateful theology that has ever been invented by man. In fact, this is an all out assault on Love and it has been preached for thousands of years.

Ministers like to save people. They explain it as the "gift of salvation." They say you aren't saved unless you receive the gift of Jesus (John 3:17). This analogy seems right and the gift is beautiful to the untrained eye, but once you unwrap the paper and see what's inside, it's like Al-Qaeda. A bomb goes off. You die. You no longer exist. Your spiritual death has begun. You're surely breathing, but true everlasting life is over. You're a zombie; dead on the inside, but alive on the outside (Mat 23:27-28).

However, anyone who has ever preached such theology are the real magicians (Exo 7:22). They have built such structures and illusions that overwhelm the mind and numb your natural God-given senses. Their concepts blind your true nature (Eph 2:5-10). Because of these idiots, every single Christian believes they are nowhere near God. They believe God is so far away. They believe he is in Heaven while we are stuck here on Earth. They say it's our goal to reach for him. It's like he's on a completely different level. A level almost impossible to attain. You can try to get there, but you'll never succeed while you're alive. You have to die to see him.

Well, they are wrong. Unfortunately, they are trying to get you to arrive at a destination when you're already there. You've already arrived. You're already at the impossible place to reach. As a matter of fact, Heaven is in you.

Christians want you to believe that you'll never be truly righteous or perfect until you get to heaven. Once you finally pass away and leave this world, then you'll be one with God. You will finally be with him and understand his ways. You'll be able to exist with God and experience his full presence. According to their vast wisdom, only when we perish can we finally have the right spiritual mind and body.

Well, I say BS! And, so does Jesus.

Tell me. How are any of us different from Jesus? Was Jesus actually God in human form? Did he look like God and was he made in his image? Did Jesus pray to God for help? Did he struggle with temptation? Did he die and was he buried? Did Jesus get tired? Did he get so angry that he broke people's stuff? Did Jesus worry, stress out, and sweat bullets when stuff was about to get real? Did he call people ugly names? Yes. Yes to all of this. Jesus was just like you and me. He was like you and me in every way possible. More so than anyone is willing to admit.

In fact, we are closer to God than anyone could possibly imagine and I'll prove it.

For one, if you actually believe what the Bible says, then you trust that we have become the temple of God (1 Cor 6:19-20). You believe the Spirit lives inside you (1 Cor 3:16). You believe that Jesus has planted his Spirit in our bodies and he lives and breathes inside us. His very presence exists in us.

Here's the way I like to explain it. It's like Jesus chose you to be his clothes. One day Jesus woke up and instead of wearing a robe, shirt or pants, he made your body his covering. Basically, Jesus proudly wears you as his favorite outfit.

Here is another way of looking at it. If I told you that my presence or spirit lived inside you, then you would agree that you were part Dathan. My being occupies your bodily space, therefore we both exist in the same body. We exist as one person. We would be one in the same.

If we are indeed his temple, then we can't be away from God for a second. We are attached and intertwined with him (Rom 11:17-24). His royal blood runs through our veins (1 Pet 2:9).

Also, if you believe you are a part of the body of Christ, then you believe your body is a part of God's body. You basically have your very own specific bodily function in Jesus. And, together we make up God's body. Together we make up his elbows, knees, hands, feet, heart, liver, lungs etc (1 Cor 12:12-30). This wasn't done by our own choosing, but by the power and work of Jesus on the cross. Therefore, nothing can change that. Not you, not me, nor Satan, nor death or anything ever created (Rom 8:37-39). God chose you to be his body. You are simply a piece of the whole pie.

Of course, this is nothing you haven't already heard, but I'm going to take it a step further.

I say that you're every bit God. You're every bit Jesus. Yes, you are God.

If God's presence entered Jesus like a dove, then that same presence has entered you and me (Luke 3:21-22). That same "dove" resides in us. There's a reason the disciples wrote about this dove-like figure. God wanted to give you a tangible way of seeing his Spirit enter Jesus. Therefore, God wanted you to see how much Jesus was just like him. He was proud of his Son and he sent his soul to live inside him. Then, in turn, he gives you the very same Spirit. He gives you his presence, being, Spirit, soul, honor, gift, love, breath and even the same status that he gave his only begotten Son.

He's given you another example to help you understand who you are. He calls you his ambassador (2 Cor 5:20-21). What is an ambassador? It's a person of the highest rank who represents someone else. For example, a U.S. Ambassador represents the entirety of the United States. They represent the U.S. Government, the states, their essence, and the views of the American people. Everything a U.S. Ambassador does, says, or thinks is representing the U.S.A. and all the people who are citizens of the country. When that ambassador goes out into the world, he stands in human flesh as the nation of America. The U.S. chose this person to be the perfect example of the land of freedom.

Now that you understand, Christ calls you his ambassador. And since God has chosen you to be his ambassador, it has much more weight than a government that empowers you. When a Christ Ambassador shows up, they too represent everything God is. They represent his existence and his life. They represent Heaven, the angels, eternity, the Kingdom, Jesus etc. Everything you say, do, and think represents the God of the Universe. This is an incredibly powerful role.

Is this not exactly what Christ did while he was here? Did he not come to show what he saw his Father doing (John 5:19-20)? Didn't Jesus come and represent God with the highest rank in the Kingdom (Mat 22:44)? Well, just as much as Christ came to show who God was in human form, you are also here to do the same. You are here in human flesh to do what you witness your Father doing. God chose you for this role (John 15:12-17). He sends you out as himself (Mat 28:19-20). Your very existence embodies God and his presence.

However, God doesn't stop there. He gives us another example to prove how much we're just like him.

God claims we are one with him (1 Cor 6:17). If you're one with someone, then you are in fact that person. You are in union with Christ and you are made to be him (Eph 2:11-22). There's no "trying" to be like Christ. There's no "becoming" like him. You ARE him. You are Jesus in the flesh. You are already one with him. There is no process to follow. There is no trying to get there because there is nowhere to go. You are ALREADY there. Why? Because Jesus says so. Jesus made you one with him. There's nothing you do about it. You are one with him, now. Not just when you die or when you think you have your act together, but because you breathe air; because you're alive.
Do you fear the Truth?

Of all people, Christians should believe this, but they don't. It's too hard for them to accept. It's too hard to accept that they are, in fact, God. It's just too good to be true. It's too risky. It goes against everything they've been taught and it sounds too out there.

You may even demand that this "you are God" point of view goes against what the Ten Commandments says: "You shall have no other gods before me" (Exo 20:3). Well, for one, we don't follow the Ten Commandments anymore (Gal 5:14). And secondly, I'm not putting any other god before me or anyone else for that matter. In fact, I'm still talking about the same God. The God that you are is Yahweh. I'm still putting him first. I'm just elevating you to his level. I'm making you first along with him.

You see, I can do this because I actually believe in Jesus. I believe what he did. And Jesus decided to make you just like him. I don't try to discount what he says and I don't separate myself from him in any way. I don't listen to so-called Christians who tell me otherwise...and neither should you.

Let's be honest. It takes guts to believe Jesus. It takes a real son of God to proclaim who they are in Christ. Those who have real courage aren't afraid to admit it.

More to come...

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