21 July 2013

You Are God

It seems like Christians are trying hard to separate themselves from God. They're not doing it intentionally. It's being done in passive subtle ways. It's so subtle that no one notices or cares. This separation of you and God is at the very core of Christianity.
The same Spirit that was in Jesus is in you.

Fact: There's no possible way you can be separated from God.

Yet, every Christian leader everywhere seems bent on making sure you think otherwise. Why do they do this? Why do they want you to believe such nonsense? Because it's essential to their success.

If you fear being cut off from God or if there's some way you can lose your salvation, then you need them. You need their wisdom and teaching to reassure you that you're not going anywhere. You need them to tell you you're safe. You need them to provide a system you can follow so you won't go to hell. As long as you believe you can be separated from God, then you need guidance on how to get saved and how to remain in right-standing. As long as they can convince you to fear being forever cut off, then you have become their sheep. In other words, you are their slaves. They have you by the balls and you're not going anywhere.

No one has perfected the use of fear more than Christians. For thousands of years, Christians have been fearing people into the Kingdom in the name of God (Mat 5:11-12). They have convinced all believers that they are safe, yet remind everyone else that they are surely destined for eternal torment in the lake of fire; to forever be cut off from God. I honestly can't think of a more twisted and hateful theology that has ever been invented by man. In fact, this is an all out assault on Love and it has been preached for thousands of years.