30 June 2013

Discontinue The Trinity

As you all know, the word Trinity is not in the Bible. It was a term made up a long time ago to help us understand God. It was a term to describe how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can be a single entity.
A popular diagram explaining the Trinity.

However, in all honesty, it doesn't add up. The Trinity is a poor attempt by clergy and scholars to describe who God is. I don't know who decided to make 3 the magic number or who could even attempt to capture the image of God in such limited terms, but there is a huge piece of the puzzle missing.

Also, it's time we start reevaluating and correcting our Christian theology. The way we perceive God is so limited and undervalues who he really is. This is mainly because everything we've been taught is nothing more than what's been falsely communicated for thousands of years by people who claim they know Jesus. Our learned perception of Jesus has kept us in a stale mate from growing any further spiritually. It's as if there's nothing more to seek other than what we know is written in the Bible. However, God's Word didn't stop at Revelations, nor did Jesus stop teaching. The more enlightened we are about the Creator, the more doors we open to a newer understanding. The more we know about him, the more we know about ourselves.

As long as we're okay with what we've been taught to believe, the dumber we stay and the more numb to the Truth we become. After all, God said to seek him (Mat 6:33). He didn't say, "Seek me. Then when you get in church and get a firm grasp on things, then stop seeking." It's like Christians accept what they hear every single week and don't risk growing deeper in revelation. So many simply stop at the pages of the Bible or at the doors of a church.

Let me explain what I mean.

The Trinity is described as God in three persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In this image, God is the center of the relationship, yet they are not separate from each other. They each have different roles and responsibilities, but they all act in the name of God.

Another way to look at it, God is the one that sits on the throne in Heaven. Jesus is his Son who came to die on Earth, but now sits at the right hand of God (Mark 16:19). The Holy Spirit is an invisible ghost that God works through to accomplish tasks on Earth and in Heaven. For whatever reason, the Holy Spirit is the one exception that can exist in Heaven and on Earth at the same time. Apparently, God and Jesus are "stuck" in Heaven. Of course, it's always taught that Jesus will return to Earth one day, but according to Christians, this hasn't happened yet.

Here's the way I always saw it. As Jesus and God are in Heaven, the Spirit is the dude who does all of God's work. If God wants something done, the Spirit makes it happen. One day, when Jesus finally comes back to Earth, the two will tag team and work together to finish any task God set forth. In other words, if you have two of God on Earth, you have a force to be reckoned with (like the miracles Jesus performed through the Spirit while he was here).

Another important characteristic about the Trinity is that none of these three guys were ever conceived in human terms. Sure Mary gave birth to Jesus, but she was a virgin when she became pregnant (Mat 1:18). Jesus did not come from Joseph or another man, but from the seed of the Spirit. God basically planted his Spiritual semen inside Mary, then Jesus was born. Therefore, these 3 guys have been around forever.

Sure you and I understand the concept behind the Trinity, but only because it's been ingrained in our worship circles and study groups. We've heard the term all our lives. They even name churches, schools and other organizations after the Trinity. It is familiar to pretty much anyone who has been around Christians for any decent amount of time. However, just because it's popular and you can explain it, doesn't mean it's right. It's falling short in describing God in at least one major way. It's also limiting our capacity to understand God better.

Here's some other shocking news about the Spirit. Even though the Holy Ghost has been around forever, he didn't wait to come live inside of us when Jesus died on the cross. No, he's been here the whole time (Gen 1:1-2). When Jesus was here on Earth, he mentioned he would send an Advocate to help us (John 16:5-11). Just because he said this doesn't mean the Advocate wasn't already here. Jesus was just giving the disciples hope because he would soon be gone (John 16:4-7). He would soon die and he knew that his buddies would be devastated at the outcome. Later, Jesus proved they had the Spirit when tongues of fire fell on their heads at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4).

The Spirit did not pick and choose who's body he would enter. The Spirit has been inside each of us the whole time. He's not just in Christians, but every single person who has ever lived. We're taught that Jesus doesn't live inside our bodies until we ask him into our hearts or until we "believe in Jesus," but this isn't true (John 16:7-15). Christians also say there's some sort of supernatural transformation and all of the sudden you have the life of the Holy Spirit living inside of you (2 Cor 3:18). However, it's not a physical or spiritual transformation. It's a philosophical transformation. You simply change the way you think and see things. You are no longer the person you were before.

Honestly, the Spirit lives inside all of us, already. If he didn't, then no one or no thing could ever be alive or even exist. No one can live without the Creator making it happen and God uses the Spirit to bring life and form to all things (Gen 2:7).

For whatever reason, it always seems like every faith (especially Christianity) is trying to separate people from God. It's like God is so far removed from each of us, but if we do this or that, or follow some Christian pattern, then God will find favor in us and choose to live in our bodies. The Trinity encourages this type of philosophy. It describes God, but always leaves you and me out of the equation.

Because of this theology, so many view themselves as such lower entities than Christ. We don't think we're good enough or that we're desperately trying to get back to being one with him. However, this is extremely contrary to what God says (John 14:18-20).

God is trying to get you to stop thinking and believing you're somehow separate from him. In fact, he wants you to repent (turn the other way). Please understand that you are not, and can never be, separated from God (Rom 8:35-39). God has been trying to get this through our thick religious skulls for centuries, but no one is willing to listen or believe.

Finally, there's at least one more member of the Trinity that people are overlooking. Yes, there needs to be a fourth member of God. The fourth person is you. Yes, YOU. You are the 4 in 1. God made you his child and paid the price to adopt you into his family (Rom 8:15-17). You are his ambassador and everything you say and do represents him (2 Cor 5:20-21). You are simply no different from Jesus. You represent God in living flesh the same exact way Christ did (John 5:19).

In fact, if anyone calls themselves a Christian, then you are blatantly saying that you are like Christ - like the Spirit - like God. You are claiming to represent God and you agree God's Spirit lives inside you (1 Cor 3:16-17). If God lives inside you, then you have a new nature (Eph 4:20-24). A nature that is not your own, but God's. You are no longer yourself, but God (John 8:57-59).
You are Christ.

Jesus came to show God's people what his Father really looked like and how much he loves each and every one of us. Then, God (Jesus) turned around and gave you the same charge. He wanted you to see how much you were just like him. He even made you to look like him (Gen 1:26-27). He also gave you the role and responsibility of being God to everyone you encounter in your life. But to do this, you're going to have to change your thinking.

Yes, I want you to believe you are God. I believe I am God, but I also believe you are too. Together we are the body of the Christ (1 Cor 12:12-19). I want you to really discover this Truth. I want you to discover who you are in Christ. You are more God than you could ever imagine. Why? Because God says so.

I've spoken to Christians about this and they always say things like, "No Dathan. I am not God. I want and strive to be like God, but I'm not perfect like him" (Exo 20:3). And as long as you keep believing that you aren't him already, then you are of no value to the Kingdom. You are worth nothing to God and will always be an outsider. God did not choose for you to be an outsider. He does not want you to be his slave or some servant. He chose you to be his child. He is your Father and he has given you his name. According to his perspective, when he sees you, he sees Jesus. You are the one who chooses not to believe this. You are the one who chooses to think you're not good enough to be Christ.

Don't be a typical Christian. Don't have so much pride to think you're not God and not good enough to be him. God paid a high price to change your thinking. It's about time you started believing him.

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