18 May 2013

Jesus Vs. Christians

Christians have become this monster of works-based faith. They truly don't think they're working for their salvation, but just because they say they aren't, doesn't mean they are telling the truth.
Good Christians worship God in his Temple.

Honestly, it's always been this way. Ever since Jesus died, people have been doing their best to prove to others (and themselves) that they live for God. Living for God is proving that you know him. It was done in Jesus' day and the trend hasn't stopped.

It's all based on a person's fruit. According to Christians, you have to follow God's commands in order to be a believer. You have to show that you have good fruit (John 14:15). If your fruit doesn't look delicious, then you're not one of them. If you continue to do the wrong things or live in sin, then you have rotten fruit and Jesus is not in you.

So, how do Christians have good fruit? Well, they teach that you have to obey Scripture. Scripture tells us what is right and wrong. The Word uses God's commands to show who is a Christian and who isn't. Therefore, if you're obedient to the Law (God's commands), then you are bearing good fruit. If you don't do what Scripture says, then you're not living for God and your fruit is rotten.

But, there's a problem.

The Pharisees had the best fruit. They followed the rules better than anyone. They did everything right and followed the Law to a "T." They also chased after God's heart, taught the Word, lead by example, memorized Scripture, went to church, corrected those who were doing wrong, and even wore all the right clothes. However, they were the furthest from God than anyone. Actually, Jesus couldn't stand the Pharisees. In fact, he specifically set out to make them his arch enemy. He was so bold about how much he couldn't stand them, that he called them names, belittled their character, provoked them to anger, broke their stuff, and even made them fall flat on their butts (John 18:4-8). He wanted the world to see (for all eternity) how much he despised these people and their ways. And because of their differences, the Pharisees decided Jesus had to go.

That's right. God's own chosen and beloved people crucified Jesus. It wasn't the world that had the problem. Jesus loved the world (John 3:16-17). And, the world loved him (Luke 19:1-10). He even went so far as to hand pick worldly people to be his best friends. Jesus went out of his way to make it clear that he didn't want to be affiliated with Godly people. Instead, he chose to hang out with those who sinned. Yes, these worldly people were proud sinners who disobeyed the Law on a regular basis. They were considered demonic and scum of the Earth according to Scripture. but these were the people he choose to hang out with. He vehemently disagreed with those who followed the Word and made sure everyone knew it for all eternity.

Jesus did not like people who were obedient to the Law and professed to be God's followers. In his eyes, these believers were the true scum of the Earth and were living in utter darkness.

But, how could this be? They were doing it right and did everything God told them to (John 14:15).

The problem is they didn't know God at all. They thought they were doing what God wanted, but Jesus hated it. They couldn't see the Truth and were living in utter darkness. They were so blind that they couldn't see the Light standing right in front of them (Mat 6:22-23). They couldn't see God staring them in the face because they didn't know who he was.

The Pharisees looked and acted like they knew God, but they had no clue who Jesus was.

When God appeared it was like they said, "Who is this crazy idiot?!" They didn't like what he said, how he acted, what he stood for, and they certainly didn't like his company. He wasn't the God they were looking for. The God they knew was the God of the slaves (Moses). The God from Scripture would never do the things Jesus did (John  8:1-11).

Also, the God they knew would never tolerate sinful people who would go out of their way to disobey God's commands. He would never choose those who were unclean or unrighteous to be a part of his family or close knit friends (Col 1:24-29). And most assuredly, he would never...ever just forgive someone for no reason (Luke 23:34-35). God would never do this.

Jesus was very different from the "one true God." According to the Pharisees, you couldn't live in sin and be saved. Sin had a penalty and it lead to destruction. Also, according to the Pharisees, God wouldn't tolerate people not believing in him or not wanting anything to do with his commands. If you didn't do what God told you, then it was hell for you. You would be wiped out (Exo 32:33).

However, what I want you to see is Jesus never once made an unbeliever, sinner, or foreigner his enemy. He actually did the opposite. The only enemy he made were the people who were righteous (Mat 7:15-23). He couldn't stand the "Godly" with a vengeance. They were the true children of Satan (John 8:39-47). There is no worse label you can give anyone and Jesus proudly stamped it on their foreheads.

Christians would have you believe that people who are children of Satan would be out in the streets getting drunk, high, fornicating, murdering, cheating, or just causing a mess of things. Yet, Jesus hung with this crowd. He loved spending time with them more than anyone. And, they loved him in return. All he would do was share the same love and forgiveness he learned from his Father and they received him with open arms (John 5:19-23). He didn't judge them or even care what they did wrong. He didn't persecute or condemn sin and never threw the first stone. It's like he didn't see anything wrong with them (Col 2:13-14). How strange, isn't it? According to Christians, shouldn't it be the other way around?

God's love reached out to the ones who were looked down upon and considered unclean. However, his wrath and fury extended to those who loved God and followed his ways.

And in turn the believers hated him - the one's that were in church, obeyed the rules, and did it right. The ones who worked so hard to live for God and taught others to follow their ways. The people who did exactly as God said according to Scripture and proudly proclaimed his name. The one's who pleaded with God for forgiveness and offered sacrifices in order to please him. The ones who memorized God's Word; praised him; served him; paid their tithe; gave offerings; taught the Word; prayed at the altar; fasted food; corrected others; served God's House etc. You get the point.
I used to lead people into offering sacrifices of praise. I was a fool.

Is there anyone who reminds you of this type of person? They are called Christians. Christians are simply modern-day Pharisees. And, honestly, they are the true enemies of God.

Everything that Christians preach is the same thing the Pharisees believed in - God's commands. They enforce the Law and demand you obey Scripture in every way possible. They want you to behave and follow the rules like good little slaves. Yet, they do not know God or his ways (Exo 33:13). All they want you to do is prove that you know Jesus by the fruit of your labor (Mat 7:15-20).

However, this is the fruit from the wrong tree (Gen 2:17). The fruit they teach you does not lead to life or freedom, but slavery and bondage. The same slave-minded people who left Egypt are sitting in churches, today. All their fruit shows is that you must do right and no wrong; you must act like you are in the light and not in darkness (1 John 1:5-7); you must do good and not evil. It's nothing, but good and evil. The fruit from the wrong tree. Those who eat this fruit know nothing else. It's all they consume.

This is not what the God of Abraham teaches. This is the god of the serpent. The same serpent who convinced Adam and Eve that they weren't good enough is the same god that Christians serve (Gen 3:1-7). Don't listen to them. They hate you because they don't believe you are good. They don't believe Jesus forgave you, accepted you, and made you holy, already. They don't believe in Jesus. And, they can't see Truth staring them in the face.

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