18 May 2013

Jesus Vs. Christians

Christians have become this monster of works-based faith. They truly don't think they're working for their salvation, but just because they say they aren't, doesn't mean they are telling the truth.
Good Christians worship God in his Temple.

Honestly, it's always been this way. Ever since Jesus died, people have been doing their best to prove to others (and themselves) that they live for God. Living for God is proving that you know him. It was done in Jesus' day and the trend hasn't stopped.

It's all based on a person's fruit. According to Christians, you have to follow God's commands in order to be a believer. You have to show that you have good fruit (John 14:15). If your fruit doesn't look delicious, then you're not one of them. If you continue to do the wrong things or live in sin, then you have rotten fruit and Jesus is not in you.

So, how do Christians have good fruit? Well, they teach that you have to obey Scripture. Scripture tells us what is right and wrong. The Word uses God's commands to show who is a Christian and who isn't. Therefore, if you're obedient to the Law (God's commands), then you are bearing good fruit. If you don't do what Scripture says, then you're not living for God and your fruit is rotten.

But, there's a problem.

05 May 2013

It's Time For You To Be Free

The Law was not supposed to be something that lasted forever. It was developed by God and Moses to help organize and lead slaves.
Obey your master or else.

What so many fail to realize is that although the Israelites were indeed free after they left Egypt, they still had a very slave-like mindset. Everything they learned was slavery. Sure they heard stories passed down from Jacob's family, but their interaction with God was non-existent (Exo 34:29-35). They had no clue who he was. After Joseph's reign, there was nothing written in the Bible about the Israelites. This was a very dark and embarrassing moment in Israel's history. They lived four hundred years with the hand of God, but had nothing to show for it. There was nothing worth writing about in God's Word.

Generation after generation knew nothing, but Egyptian slavery and the Egyptian culture. If we were to become slaves of Mexico, we would adopt their culture and way of life too. We would know more about their gods, their culture, and eventually develop a similar mindset. Our captures would see to it.

The Israelites also didn't have any hope. Being a slave in a foreign land and having no hope is a recipe for disaster. Since they never knew God, the Israelites never saw a way out. So, they did the only thing they knew - be good little slaves.