28 April 2013

The Law Has An Expiration Date

The Law of Moses was established long ago when Moses was the only person out of millions of Israelites that had a relationship with God. The rest were either too scared of God or just didn't care to know him personally. This is absurd to me. After all the miracles they witnessed and after everything glorious that happened, they still didn't want to know him? I don't understand this at all.
Moses and the Law.

Part of the reason I don't understand Israel's mentality is because I didn't grow up in slavery. Well, actually I did grow up in religious slavery, but not their kind. The Israelites were slaves to Egypt for about 400 years. This means that generation after generation of Jews were born, raised, and died as slaves. They always had people telling them what to do. They didn't have a clue what freedom tasted like and weren't allowed to think for themselves. It was Egypt's way or death.

Now if this is all they knew, then their perspective would be very different than ours. They had a very different mindset. All they knew was slavery and had very little education. This is the problem. Although the Jews outnumbered the Egyptians and were growing rapidly, they didn't believe they could escape their captures (Exo 1:8-14). They prayed for years for God to save them from their bondage, but no one came.

21 April 2013

I Have A Secret

I've held on to something for quite awhile, now. I want to reveal a mystery that's been kept hidden for ages. It's something that God's revealed to me and I can assure you it's not what you're used to hearing. There aren't many others who know this. I've even scanned the Bible to find out what prophets or apostles would have known, but could only find a handful of people.
There are so many secrets out there waiting to be found.

I've been so excited about sharing this. It's taken everything within me to not just blurt it out. So let's get to the point...

The mystery I want to reveal is that Jesus never had to die for our sins. Yes, Jesus never had to come and die on the cross so that we could be forgiven. He didn't have to fulfill the Law or make a way for us to be saved either (Mat 5:17-20). Don't get me wrong. What he did was very real and true, but there never was any real magic behind it. It's not like Jesus' death made a way for God to finally accomplish something in our lives. It wasn't as if God's hands were tied until his Son came along and made something happen. Honestly, God's always been the same.

You see, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb 13:8). Therefore, we always had forgiveness. We always had God's love, favor, and promises. When Paul preached about the Gentiles receiving the Good News, it didn't mean God never loved the Gentiles (Eph 3:1-13). He loved them just as much as he loved Israel. The Gentiles were his creation too. All his people are his.

14 April 2013

Adam And Eve: The Naked Truth

All our lives we've been told that we're sinners. We've been taught that we're imperfect and there has never been any hope for any of us without Jesus. Pastors and Priests have been preaching this for millennium. They preach that we deserve the fiery pit of hell for our sins; that we're not good enough and we need to do something or believe a certain way in order to be right with God.
Adam and Eve hiding in the garden. Not so much.

Ultimately, God is not happy with his people. He does not like disobedience and humans are always breaking the King's rules. Even the Bible clearly states how ruthless God is when he flooded the world or kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden because of their sin. He's never really been that impressed with us, except for his Son and maybe a handful of people in the Bible. It's clear that we have failed God and we so desperately need his love and forgiveness.

Enter Jesus.

Jesus finally gave us a way that we can be made right. If it wasn't for his sacrifice, God would have destroyed the Earth by now. Thank you Jesus for dying for us! Thank you for providing a way to escape the flames and creating a path that people can be saved (Mat 7:14).

And, quite frankly, if you believe anything I just said, then you believe a lie.

03 April 2013

Who Threw The First Stone?

Christians have been throwing the first stone for generations. Even when Jesus was roaming the Earth, those who knew God best were the very people who couldn't see God staring them in the face. They had no idea who he was (Mat 16:13-16).
The guy on the right is throwing stones. He doesn't get it.

Who were these people? Well, they claimed to be God's chosen. They were highly favored and knew they had a special place prepared in the Kingdom. They also went to church, said all the right things, looked like they had their act together, and even obeyed all the rules. They memorized Scripture and would quote verses and write them on billboards and signs. They would even pray in public and lead others to pray with them. They would ask God to bless the food before every meal. And, most importantly, they would do their best to proclaim God everywhere they went.

These people were called Pharisees.

What people don't understand is that Pharisees still exist, today.