24 March 2013

You Are A DemiGod

Just like mythology, you are a demigod. You are half immortal and half mortal. You are part God and part man. You have a shell of flesh, but the eternal Spirit of a God. You need to stop viewing yourself as a frail or sickly being. And, you should never be afraid of death or some terminal illness. Honestly, death or cancer should be afraid of you.
Hercules knew who his father was.

In the Christian faith we're always striving to get somewhere that seems impossible to reach. As if you don't already have the fullness of God.

I can easily destroy this theology from within (Mat 27:50-53). I'll do my best to rip the very firm foundation from which modern-day Christianity stands on.

You have to understand that while Jesus was roaming the earth, things were very different. Mythology ruled the day and the Romans ruled the world. The Romans successfully pushed their faith and belief system on every nation they captured. Even the state of Israel, the Temple, and the whole Law was destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70 (just 40 years after Jesus died). The Jews hated the fact that someone else ruled over them and they were desperate for a Savior.

They certainly received their Savior, but they rejected and crucified him. He was too weak and unexpected. He wasn't the King they were looking for. They were hoping for a more powerful God that would strip ownership from the Romans and take his rightful place in political power. If this happened, the Jews would be the leaders of the world and they would take their rightful place as the most favored and richest nation on earth. They would once again be the rulers of the world by God's mighty hand. They were looking for a Moses-type savior to rescue them from their slavery, but all they got was this reject, average guy from Nazareth.

When the Romans took over, Judea was a slave and had to adapt to the Roman way of doing things. Temples to gods and goddesses were built and people worshiped idols of all kinds. If you've ever heard anything about mythology, you can quickly see it's a very doom and gloom, wrathful theology. You prayed and appeased the gods or they would destroy you. Or, they would simply ignore you if you didn't try hard enough. The gods would also do crazy stuff. They would hate each other and turn against themselves for power. Some would even do crazier stuff like sleep with humans.

If one of the gods had intercourse with a human, that child was born a demigod (half human - half god). These people were the superheros of the day and would easily perform feats that no normal human being could accomplish. They had great power and were very brave. Hercules is a great example of a demigod who was strong and crafty. He would even use his intelligence to out wit his opponents (even the gods).

When Hercules died he was chosen to be a god. He passed through a fire that burned the mortal flesh of his body so all that remained was the god portion. He then retired to his new job as gatekeeper of Mount Olympus.

I hope you're noticing the parallels.

You see, Jesus and the apostles would use the common knowledge of the day to communicate what they knew about their Father. They would use popular poetry, philosophy, and accepted religious view points to make clear the Kingdom of God (Luke 16:19-31). Jesus, and some of the disciples, would even use terms for afterlife like Hades and Tartarus which are clearly mythological (Mat 16:15-18, 2 Pet 2:4). However, just because Jesus spoke of these places doesn't mean he was endorsing pagan view points. He was just explaining concepts in ways that would make sense to the people. Honestly, this isn't any different from what you and I do in our limited scope.

Anyway, let me get to the point. You are not this frail human being that Christians speak of. You are not barely moving on by the skin of your teeth from a wrathful God. You don't have to keep throwing up one-way sacrifices and prayers to him. And, you don't need to keep asking God for healing or special miracles. Honestly, he told you to do these things (Mat 10:8). He told you to heal people and set them free from bondage. He told you to change the world. Your Father has done literally everything he can to prove to you how much he believes in you and trusts you (1 Cor 6:19-20). He has shown us how much we're worth and how much he's invested in us (John 15:26-27). Not for anything you did, but everything Jesus did. God believes in you this much.

But, because of all the trash we've been taught, we still don't believe. When I communicate some of the things I say, it literally freaks you out. It's just too hard to believe. Why? Because we've been taught so much the opposite.

You are capable and can do so much more than you're told...more than you can possibly dream. You are, in fact, deity.

Hercules believed in himself and defeated monsters. So did Adam, Samson, Moses, Elijah, David, Jesus and Paul. These men knew God and believed the great things their Father was saying about them. Yes, they were actually humble enough to believe they were sons of God (Job 1:6). They knew royalty ran through their veins and they were Christians - Christlike - Godlike.  They believed they came down from heaven to change the world and show the glory of God just like Jesus did. They weren't too prideful to think they were incapable or limited.

Are you too prideful to believe God? Are you too proud to believe what he says about you? That you're a Son of God. That you're a part of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27); an ambassador of the Most High and the image of God in the flesh (2 Cor 5:19-21)?

Right now, you are half man and half God. But, like Hercules, soon you will be tossed in a fire that only leaves the Godly elements. You were made just a little lower than the angels, and the only reason you are considered lower is because of the fact that you die (Heb 2:5-9). However, you have everything else. You even have the ability to pass through multiple dimensions as Enoch, Elijah, and Moses did (Gen 5:21-24).
These lions are not afraid of you like they were of David.

Jesus died and injected all of himself in you. He gave the same gift (Holy Spirit) he received from his Father, to you and me (1 Cor 12:12-14). Then, Jesus said we'll be able to do even greater things than he did (John 14:11-14). This means you can heal, translate, see stuff, know things, talk to God, and command angels and demons to do what you want; and that's just for starters. Once you get in tune with your heavenly Father, he will take you places and show you things that you never imagined.

You see, God's given you unlimited power and authority. It's always been there and it's just waiting on you. It's on tap. It's already built into your blood stream, heart, and soul. Everything God has is already in you.

I don't know any man in recent history who's accomplished what the greats of old did. David chased lions. Samson destroyed cities. Solomon knew everything. Moses parted seas. Jesus healed everyone. How did they do this? Through the Spirit in them. Today, men and women are so weak only because they don't believe. We have been told that we are nothing but limited. But, these are all lies. You are not limited in any way. You are eternal. Not even death can hold you down (1 Cor 15:50-57). You are a God.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. They don't know Jesus.

You're not limited to this earth or it's natural laws and you were destined to do impossible things (Mark 9:23). Not just in the physical, but also in the spiritual (Mat 18:18).

You were made from the hands of God. You are the seed of the King of Kings (Rev 19:16).

Know this.


Daniel Botwin said...

It's about time people (including me) know who they are!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that out of the thousands of leaders in this world and many Christians, you are the only one I've ever seen say the things the way you say them?

Dathan Ellis said...

Because I love you and this is what Love looks like.

Anonymous said...

There are alot of other people in this world who have love but don't say the things you do.

Dathan Ellis said...

I see your point. I'm just sharing what I hear my Father (Love) saying.

Kay Adams said...

Well thank you for sharing! Always a delight to read your posts!

Dathan Ellis said...

Thank you Kay!

Anonymous said...

someone ask me to get on here, they had said how "lost" you were.

Your lost alright you need to move to Washington DC with all the other whiner give me the way I want it Liberals idiots live. You would fit right in. Boy your momma must not have slapped you enough cause you sound like one spoiled brat with no respect for God. For that
matter not for your momma either.

Whinie Boy you are in the BIBLE BELT! Alabama don't need your kind nor want you. If you and your zombies need help findin DC, follow the smell, yall will fit right in.

God, Jesus, the bible and church are the south. We will stick with our forefathers and there fathers before them, they learned with acceptance and had respect for the Word not try to rip apart GODS word bending it to fit their wants
like you, "give me I want it give me little brats like you." Don't want to be responsible for anything they do. Morals?

People like you need to get lost with all the other DC liberal trash. NORTH

Pippy said...

I am digging this post!

Someone posted earlier and said, 'Why is it that out of the thousands of leaders in this world and many Christians, you are the only one I've ever seen say the things the way you say them?'

Well, it's because (in my opinion) there's only a few that KNOWS it.

For us to truly hear from God, to hear these life changing revelations, we HAVE to be open to receiving them. We sit in our churches, listening to our pastors give us their view, their interpretation of scripture and most of the time, that's the only teaching we get.

We don't allow God to rock our world with crazy mysteries because we are close minded to anything that seems supernatural.

Most preachers would NEVER tell you that you are in fact, a DEMIGOD. Instead, they'll tell you that you things that are designed to manipulate and fear - they keep you 'on track' by teaching things that are redundant. The whole '12 steps to cut out worry in your life.' or 'How to have faith' are pitiful attempts at teaching someone who they are in Christ.

I'm super pumped to have found this blog...for it articulates the things I have learned from the Holy Spirit. It's sweet confirmation to my spirit...

Heather :)

Dathan Ellis said...


You can always tell the ones that need Jesus. As far as everything else you said, it looks like I need to bend you over and beat you with the BIBLE BELT.

Dathan Ellis said...

Heather, You're awesome! I can tell you completely get it. And, I'm glad you found my blog.

I can always spot the ones that really know Jesus and have been set free. You're right. Christian leaders are teaching and building their organizations on nothing, but fear. They're trying to scare everyone out of hell and into heaven. Honestly, people who operate this way don't even know Jesus. Their fruit surely shows.

Keep leaving all the comments you want.

Anonymous said...

Dathan, I think you generalize too much about the churches. I think you are correct about some and wrong about others.

Dathan Ellis said...

Ok, but how am I wrong about the others?

Daniel Botwin said...

Anonymous, why not put your name out there? Scared to stand up for what you believe because Dathan may actually have more truth in one blog than you'd hear in a month at one of those mega churches? He has more courage to stand out among the masses in the BIBLE BELT (which really has a lot to learn and isn't all that loving) to say what he hears and believes. Is he 100% right? Maybe maybe not but at least he is seeking God's heart and has a relationship not a Sunday morning meeting.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying you're all wrong Dathan. I'm just saying that I've been in churches that have sound teaching before, so I can say that not all churches have it wrong. @Daniel...I don't owe you an explanation as to why I say what I say or why I choose to identify or not identify myself. If you want to believe I'm scared, that's ok.

Dathan Ellis said...

Let me put it another way. Name one church that has sound teaching and give your example as to why you believe it's sound, Anonymous. So far you've given me nothing.

As for Daniel, he was talking to the other Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Eastmont Baptist. The teaching is straightforward from the Bible, the inspired, inerrant word. Sorry Daniel, there's like 3 anonymous' on here and your comment was right after mine. Now Dathan, since I'm sure you're going to disagree with me, I'd like you to give me an example of why you disagree with my example.

Dathan Ellis said...

Ok, so this shows you're local. Now, I'm going to give you this because it's only fair - no one is going to ever think their church has something majorly wrong with it. They may disagree on some small details, but overall they agree with everything that is preached. Until one day they look back and see what happened - hindsight.

For one, the Bible is not inerrant. It's full of contradiction. Let's take forgiveness for one. Jesus says all, but one sin is forgiven in Mark. But, John says all sin is forgiven except for a few he lists in Revelations (which pretty much sums up everyone is going to the lake of fire). Then John says something completely different in 1 John. The poor guy was confused and it seems he went back to the way of the Pharisees later in life (that's my $.02). Then, we have Paul who declares all sin is forgiven, period. He says this in several of his books like 1 & 2 Corinthians, Colossians, and Ephesians. So which one do we follow? Which one is right? Well, that's when you have to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us decide what's going on here. The Bible forces you to trust in the Spirit for direction. You have to learn to hear from him to know what's going on. This is what all the men in the Bible did who knew Jesus and knew his voice.

You have to understand that not all the apostles had it altogether. Just like you and me, they were constantly growing in their faith. They were not perfect and didn't know everything. They were learning more about God through the Spirit as time went on. You can even see this in Paul's letters as you follow the chronology. You could see his statements becoming more loving and bolder as his life grew.

Also, you must realize that none of the apostles or anyone who wrote books/letters in the Bible ever thought they would turn into something that people follow to a T. If they knew this would happen, they would be devastated. They would think we were crazy. Why would we follow their words and not every Word that comes out of the mouth of God.

I would be Just like them. I would think you were crazy if you followed my writing to the letter. You should see the stuff I wrote a year ago. God, I hope no one sees it. But, it's there for others to see my growth and what all I've come to learn from the Holy Spirit.

I'm not saying it's not inspired by God. It surely is. Each of these mean had the best intentions and were doing the best they could. Each of my writings are inspired by God too. I'm doing the best I can and following their lead.

However, Eastmont Baptist could never teach you this. They would lose too many members and the foundation it sits on would crumble. They need their attenders to rely on the fact that the Holy Bible is infallible. Why? Because no one hears Jesus for themselves. They're not teaching people how to hear God's voice for themselves. They need you to rely on your pastor to hear the Words that God is speaking. They can't have you hearing the Spirit for yourself. This is ludicrous. However, this is a very big error. They've made it and it's not something you can just put up with. You have to move on and grow.

That's my take. I know it's heresy, but so is everything else I say. But, all I know is what Jesus tells me and the things I see.

Anonymous said...

you're always going to have a comeback to anything someone says. It's the height of pride and arrogance to believe that you are the only one who's correct and has the answers. Maybe you don't think you have them all but you certainly come across as someone who thinks you do and that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong. How do you square what you said with 2 Timothy 3:16 ? . I will say though , that as much as I disagree with some of the things you say, that I am challenged, and I guess that's good.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah.16:6 Stand ye in the old ways,And see,And ask for the old paths,Where is the good way, And walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.Heb.14 follow peace with all men,and holiness,without which no man shall see The Lord.;

Dathan Ellis said...

You know, if you tell me I'm wrong, I'm always going to have a comeback. And, it will be epic. Yes, I'm that confident.

I don't believe I'm the only one who's correct though. I've run into a few that get it and agree with what they say. But, there's not many who get it (kind of like what happened in the whole Bible). I just know Truth when I hear it. I hear from Jesus all the time and he's helped me discover how to tell the difference between a lie and Truth. I don't always get it right though. But, that's ok. All things work for good... Just know that arrogance and confidence look very similar, however only one is legit.

I agree with Paul about 2 Timothy. Every Scripture is God-breathed and good for teaching. Even if Moses was wrong about a verse or left out key details he was supposed to write down. This doesn't mean it's not all good. Or not all good for teaching. We can learn from it all - even their mistakes. I'm actually giving the Bible more power by saying this. I'm not discrediting it all. I love reading it! I'm just allowing the Word to come alive and allow people the freedom to truly explore what God is saying. I want people to be forced to hear the Spirit for themselves.

If we just take Solomon or Peter's word for it, then we aren't growing. We're just doing what we're told - puppets. Also, Paul was referencing all Scripture which would have been the OT scrolls at the time. 2 Timothy was simply a loving letter written to Timothy. Paul didn't try to make his letter Scripture. I think he would be like "What are y'all doing?!" if he saw that we were following his every letter to a T. Religious men made it "holy" years after he passed. These religious leaders chose that 2 Timothy was the stuff and we should follow it.

The whole Bible can be summed up in this one statement - Get to know God for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I get most of what you just said. I can even go with most of it. Still not all. I still think you are incorrect about some of it, but I can kind of see your line of thinking. Im glad to hear you say that you aren't the only one, and that you dont always get it right.

Dathan Ellis said...

Thanks for being nice about it.

Pippy said...

I don't think anybody will ever totally agree with anyone else whether it's politics, raising a family or religion so it's kinda mute to try to pinpoint every single detail.
Of course, that's not to say that each person isn't following their own path...the path that is laid before them by either destiny, or their ability to 'hear' instruction.
I agree with a lot of different 'religions' but that doesn't make me any less a follower of Jesus...you know?
I agree with what Dathan is saying as scripture clearly backs it up. Maybe the way it's said is a little too 'forceful' for modern christians - maybe it's too 'in your face'...but, that's what he was made for. That's his gift. And, it's a wonderful, courageous gift that I wish I had at times. (I just told a friend the other day that I *wish* I had D's boldness!) ;)

Just because someone makes the bold statement of calling us Demigods does NOT diminish their heart for Jesus - it doesn't take away their utter devotion and worship of Him.
I respect your (Anonymous - the nice one) beliefs and interpretation as well and wish you the very best. :)


rachel said...


I absolutely cannot believe I just read this. I literally was talking to Jesus about this today! I have been considering and asking Him if what he said is really true about the holy spirit, then lets really do this thing! it makes me so sad to know that the church, especially in this town, has quenched the spirit so much. we really do have power. he has given us authority. we just have to believe and act out of our source of life...the river of living water he has infused into us...which is HIM!

Dathan Ellis said...

Thank you Heather! ~:-) You definitely know how to encourage people.

Rachel, I agree. For me, this all started because I knew there had to be more than what I was always told in churches. This town is the Bible Buckle of the Bible Belt and it doesn't have a clue who Jesus is. The fact that you're actually talking to Jesus, means you're already leaps and bounds wiser than most pastors anywhere. You definitely have authority and power just waiting to be used.