12 March 2013

Believing In Jesus (Video)

See the previous video before watching this one: The Truth About Forgiveness. What we've learned in church for centuries and by all Christian leaders everywhere is that we have to believe in Jesus in order to be saved. I explain whether this is true or not. Unlearn everything!


Daniel Botwin said...

It is finished! Can't be any more clear than that.

Anonymous said...

Heb: 10:22-26 I pray you search the scriptures and never just take mans word over Gods. Praying for you guys there's no shortcuts to heaven.

Dathan Ellis said...

No shortcut? Jesus is the shortcut. He did everything perfectly and died so you and I wouldn't have to. Quite frankly, you're using a shortcut to heaven.

I pray you read the scriptures and no longer take them out of context. Please read Heb 10:12-31. And seriously consider Heb 10:28-31. It will not be pretty for those that do not convince all those Jesus died for to have a clear conscience (Heb 10:22).

Anonymous said...

According to you and what you say ;what is he going to judge ? You say his work was done and finished .

Dathan Ellis said...

I believe that Love keeps no record of wrongs. I believe that when God said he no longer counts our sins against us and that he died for everyone, he meant it. I really do believe this (Heb 10:10-18).

I really hate that most Christians don't believe in Jesus. They don't believe that Jesus could have possibly forgiven everyone of their sins. It's just too hard to believe. It's too good to be true, but it takes real child-like faith. If anyone deserves harsh judgment, it's people who say others aren't forgiven (like the Pharisees who claimed they knew God and condemned people of their sins in Jesus' day).

Anonymous said...

As I was reading Heb.10 all of it, I tried to understand with an open heart where you're comming from i have family that are of different faith but the one thing they do agree on is you must confess your sin and ask forgiveness. Matt.7:21-23 says not every one will enter in.We have to take all Gods word .these men that help write the word lived talked and walked with him they knew him just as your friends know you .I know there's no private interpatation of his word ,but if we seek to know his word he will open it up to us.I don't know you but I feel in my spirit you have a good heart and love God.But you know Gods word tells us even the very elect could be decieved.Matt.24:24 that could be you are I. The only difference in us on that is I'm not trying to take people with me on untravelled road.I beg that you really pray hard about this.

Dathan Ellis said...

It is unfortunate that not many people have traveled this road of forgiveness. Jesus did something so great and powerful and so few believe. However, the road is narrow. Actually, much more narrow than is taught.

In Mat 7:21-23 Jesus is specifically talking about Christians. People who cast out demons, prophecy, and do miracles in Jesus' name, but Jesus never knew them. Isn't this crazy? How many Christians don't have these gifts and still think they know Jesus??

Confessing your sins comes from one verse that Christians misquote (1 John 1:9). This is actually taken out of context. If we read the whole chapter of 1 John 1 we see that these were believers who claimed they never sinned. Yes, these were Christians that didn't believe they ever sinned. They were making Jesus out to be liar. They were saying he didn't forgive their sins because they never sinned. These people were stupid. So, what John did was tell them to confess (admit) that they've sinned. And, you'll want to look at 1 John 2:1-2 for something quite mind-blowing.

Also, nowhere in the New Testament does it say that you must ask for forgiveness. There is one place where Jesus says in the Lord's prayer to ask God to forgive our trespasses, but this was before Jesus died and nailed all sin to the cross. Honestly, if you're still asking for forgiveness (something you already have), then you do not believe Jesus forgave you. You're asking for forgiveness because you don't believe you already have it. You're essentially asking for a blue sky when you've had one all along.

Anonymous said...

Repent and turn to God so that your sins will be wiped away.

God's wrath remains on everyone who rejects His Son, Jesus.

Please don't be fooled by this video into believing that everyone has been forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Acts.26:17-18 he wanted there eyes opened that they could have foregivness an sanctification to be able to receive there inheritance.Heaven or hell.Surely you dont think this is heaven.When you lay your head on your pillow you don't worry at all about saying your sorry for something you may have said or done that day.I pray if you have followers with children they really know Gods will for them and there children.we are held accountable for these precious little ones please read Luke:21 34-36 We want stand before him till judgement day But we can speak to him daily He's our heavenly he wants to tell him the good and bad..

Anonymous said...

Sorry its been a very long day,should have been heavenly father.

Dathan Ellis said...

Anonymous: Exactly. God's wrath resides on anyone who doesn't believe in what Jesus did. That he forgave everyone and nailed all sin to the cross. But the road is narrow.

If you don't believe you're forgiven, or that anyone else is, then you don't believe in Jesus. Jesus sanctifies you...not your repentance or asking for forgiveness. These are useless acts of you trying to save yourself. Have fun trying to save yourself and not trusting Jesus was enough.

Dathan Ellis said...

When I lay down on my pillow at night I don't worry (fear) about anything. Worrying is a sin. I don't tell others to worry or fear anything either. I tell them to have faith in Jesus. You see, unlike most Christians, I actually believe we are forgiven (Acts 26:18). You don't have faith in Jesus. I want your eyes to be opened to the love of Jesus and that he forgave us of our sins. Even the verse you quoted states not to have anxiety (Luke 21:34). Also, when Jesus said that in Luke 21, he was talking about the current generation. Their world, the Temple, and the state of Israel was destroyed by the Romans (AD 70). See Luke 21:32-33. Please stop taking scripture out of context.

Anonymous said...

Your blog draws attention to yourself instead of who it is supposed to draw attention to.

Dathan Ellis said...

How did you come to that conclusion?

Anonymous said...

one example is the headline in your last post , 'why is Dathan so mean'? Another is the back and forth between you and leah who I presume is your sister and how you seemed to treat her. It actually doesnt matter how I came to the conclusion. The point is that I did, and If I did, then I have to believe there are others who feel the same. A wise man, who doesn't want to lead people astray would consider what I've said Dathan.

Dathan Ellis said...

Have you looked at the title of this post? And as for my sister, that's a family matter.

Honestly, my whole life screams Jesus. I think if you read my blog and knew me you wouldn't have such a negative view. It's kind of like God. Everyone says he's doom and gloom and full of wrath, but when you actually get to know the guy, you have a much different perspective.

The Gospel vs Religion said...

Dathan, Thanks for taking the time to respond to my first post.

Just to be clear, the only post I wrote under Anonymous was this one:
(Repent and turn to God so that your sins will be wiped away. etc.)

The first two points I brought up in my previous post are Bible verses.

you wrote
If you don't believe you're forgiven, or that anyone else is, then you don't believe in Jesus.

I guess by your response you would say Peter doesn't believe in Jesus because he is telling people to repent of their sins. Telling someone to repent is synonymous with telling them to ask for forgiveness.
Following your logic. If Peter is telling people to ask for forgiveness then he must not believe they are forgiven, and if he doesn't believe everyone is forgiven then that means he doesn't believe in Jesus.

I'm not trying to save myself. Jesus forgave all of my sins, past present, and future. Eternal salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Are you confused about justification and sanctification?
For that matter justification is different than regeneration, i.e. being born again. Man is passive in regeneration. A person doesn't do anything to be born again. A person does do things as a result of being born again. The first evidence of the new birth is that a person believes in Christ (has faith in Jesus) and repents of their sins.

Justification is a one time event.
If you are justified, you have been declared not guilty of your sins, and you have had Jesus' righteousness imputed to you, and you were declared righteous by God. The justified person is forgiven of all sins - past, present, and future.

Sanctification is an ongoing process in the life of the Christian whereby they are conformed to the image of Christ.

According to the Bible, everyone is not justified.

There is a lake of fire.
Rev 20:15
And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

You wrote that God's wrath resides on anyone who doesn't believe in what Jesus did. That he forgave everyone and nailed all sin to the cross.

That statement is a contradiction.
If you believe that, then Jesus didn't forgive all sin because He didn't forgive the sin of unbelief. If He had, then God would have no reason to be wrathful towards people that don't believe.

It's funny how you accuse Christians of judging people, and turn around and judge me by writing for me to have fun trying to save myself. You are making a false statement about me in that respect. I never wrote or implied that I was trying to save myself.

I was chosen by God for eternal salvation before the foundation of the world.

The Bible doesn't teach that everyone has been forgiven of all their sins, so I definitely don't believe that everyone has been forgiven.

You know that there are several Bible verses stating eternal punishment or God's wrath for specific sins. These sins by unjustified people obviously haven't been forgiven, because if they had, God would not be wrathful towards people for them, and eternally punish them for their specific sins.

There are plenty of people that don't even believe sin exist. Since they don't believe sin exist, they don't believe Jesus died to forgive them of their sin. By your own statement, you would have to agree that God's wrath abides on these non-Christians because they don't believe in what Jesus did.

Peter, a follower of Christ is speaking.
Acts 3:19
19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

John 3:36
He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him

Anonymous said...

That's part of my point Dathan. You and your sister is between you and your sister and was brought here. I get that 'she started it' (if you will), but still... My point about the title of 'why is Dathan so mean', still stands. Sure, I looked at the title of your most recent post. I read them too. I'm just saying how I feel. You get to say how you feel and so do I. This is how I feel.

Dathan Ellis said...

Anonymous: You have a right to feel any way you like. You also have the right to judge me by any standard you deem necessary. However, do not mention my family again. This is how I feel.

Dathan Ellis said...

The Gospel vs Religion: I see you like to follow Peter's words very closely. Do you also like how Peter forced people to be baptized in order to be saved? Not only did he not believe they were yet forgiven, he saw water as something that cleansed us, because Christ's blood wasn't enough for him. You also put much weight on a man that denied Jesus 3 times, then denied the Truth later when Paul preached about the Gentiles. I don't think Peter knew everything. I think Paul knew and understood Jesus better than Peter did. Paul saw Jesus for one minute, but Peter spent 3 years day in and day out with him. However, Paul knew Jesus better. Isn't that interesting. You must read the Word with the glasses of the Holy Spirit.

Also, Jesus specifically told me to stop asking for forgiveness because he already forgave me. It would be like me asking for a blue sky. How stupid is that?! People who don't believe they have something have to ask for it. Then, they preach and force others to keep asking for it. Therefore, I don't think you believe you have forgiveness. And, you've made it clear that you don't think anyone else has forgiveness either. I didn't have to judge you. You proudly proclaim it. But, you say one thing, then say another. Honestly you're faith sucks. Don't you know it takes faith like a child to actually believe in what Jesus did? To actually believe you're forgiven. Maybe when you believe in what Jesus did, then you can believe it for others too.

Repenting means to turn back in the opposite direction you are going - turn back home. It is NOT synonymous with asking for forgiveness. You made that up because it's what you're used to believing. I think you should take your own advice. Since you don't believe anyone is forgiven, including yourself, you are condemning others of their sin. You are judging them as too sinful and unfit for the Kingdom. You need to repent of your wicked ways. Only an unbeliever would condemn others of their sins and judge them to a eternal lake of fire. Only a person who doesn't know Jesus would say someone is unforgiven. This view is no different than a Pharisee.

We were all chosen by God before the foundation of the world. Jesus died for us all and showed the Love of God for all the world.

You quote scripture, but you don't understand what it means. Even Moses specifically asked God to remove him from the book of life.

We don't read the same Bible. I can find many verses where it states all sin is forgiven. Even Jesus says so in Mark 3. Here are a couple more just to get you started: 1 John 2:1-2, 2 Cor 5:13-19, 1 Cor 6:8-11. And since you know scripture so well, I'm sure you can find more all on your own.

Also in the same chapter in John 3 you'll find verses 16-17. Those who believe in Jesus believe that Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to save it. Only those that condemn others of their sin don't believe in Jesus. Yet, Jesus forgave these people who condemn others too - forgive them for they know not what they do.

Isn't it amazing how I can read scripture and get something completely different from what you believe it says? One of us is terribly wrong. It's all about perspective really - God's perspective. I hope you find Jesus and one day believe in what he did for you and everyone around you.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't mentioning your family as a poke at you. I mentioned it merely as as example of my point. Another point, in my opinion, people whose lives scream a certain thing, not need to keep reminding people that their lives scream a certain thing. They let their lives do it for them.

Dathan Ellis said...

You've made your point. Clearly, it's all about me.

Anonymous said...

Dathan,Dathan,or should I say misinformed one...do not lie to one another.. and you have been doing just that, people believing you how gullible they must be. Sheep's clothing is what your wearing? Why
did Paul(Saul) get baptized if he did not believe, it was what Jesus said to do, "Go ye forth unto the nations baptizing them in the name of the father,son and holy spirit.
It is being a new person washed clean from the way you were before I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins, but also you can stumble and fall...If people listened to what you say then its okay if you sin because Jesus loves
you and you can never do anything wrong....WRONG..the disciples were given inspired words from GOD..Not
DATHANS. Looks like you want to rewrite the BIBLE because you say the churches are wrong Wow they have been around 2000 years, by God inspired word but hey DAthan knows best. I pray the people who "follow you", will read GOD'S word and are not deceived by you. For you have
everyone being to be saved, I wish it were that simple. I guess we are already in heaven according to you. Jesus did die for all, but
by HIS grace, and our faith in HIM, believing and not letting the devil lead us away...because he is always tempting us. Are you perfect Dathan?
But hey Dathan you are writing this book....oh and HELL is real just read about it it is in the real
I know your going to judge
me and say I don't believe well guess what I am going to do my best
at living a sin free life and go to
CHURCH, read my bible, pray,& bow before him and show respect for my God and his son JESUS. Because guess what we are not all going to heaven! Oh and when Jesus said,
for give them they know not what they do...is not a get in ticket in for everyone.
I happened upon your blog, guess it was to be. Wow I can't wait to see what you are going to twist around
to make you right.
All we can do is to live in faith the way GOD tells us to, and that should include going to church, believing in HIS word. And yes some
miss interpret the BIBLE big time...but when the Judgement call is made I pray I am going through those gates of heaven.

Research the BIBLE PEOPLE do not take this "MAN" at his interpretation of it. You all can think and read for yourself's can't you! Praying God will open the eyes
of the people on this site.
We all will be judged on that great day.....yes even you DATHAN

Praise be to our GOD in Heaven and HIS SON.

Dathan Ellis said...

Mark my words.

You are forgiven. Period. This is a very firm foundation - Jesus paid the price for you.

Any other belief system that causes you to believe that you have to do one more thing or believe a specific way is hell.

I see that you are squirming in your seat. You're warning all my readers that they will be judged to hell if they don't believe, be baptized, and ask forgiveness. You operate in fear. You fear people into the Kingdom. You use an eternal lake of fire to scare people into believing in Jesus. There are only 2 people that use fear to get people to believe something. Satan and Christians. We see which father is truly yours.

There is nothing to fear. Perfect love drives out fear. Not even hell, demons, angels, or any created thing can separate you from the Father's love.

I am perfect. I am perfect in my Father's eyes and I can do no wrong. You are also perfect. You are perfect in God's sight. Jesus made us perfect. Not your belief. Not your church. Not your baptism. We are a holy nation, a royal priesthood, spotless, white as snow, and apart of the body of Christ. You are beautifully and wonderfully made and he will never leave you nor forsake you. Don't listen to any false prophet that tells you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Wow...you really are out there, LOST If you believe that way.
Maybe you need to READ the BIBLE to
understand it better. You really do take things and twist them around.
And yes our God is to be feared out of respect which I see you have NONE, I bow before HIM, he is KING.
And your are NOT PERFECT there is only one who is, we all fall short of perfection. Your are stuck in your own little world Dathan.

I guess what you are saying is that if you go out and molest a child, kill a person, steal, are sexually immoral,and are a terriost,
its okay Jesus died for them also so they have nothing to fear because they are going to be saved
just by Jesus dying on the cross.

Maybe you should read the WHOLE Bible not just one verse.
Did you ever go to church Dathan, well I guess you did since you know so much about Christians! Did you have a bad experience? Did someone hurt your feelings...so sorry.
The only ones who are white as snow are the ones that had their sins washed away by BAPTISM and belief! Yes, I am wonderfully made because I have accepted all the rules not just some, and yes he is with me always and will never forsake me.
It really amazes me that you place yourself above the apostles, the church, and even GOD buy the comments you have made.

Do you have a conscience, if so how do you know when something is right/wrong? FREEWILL, we all have that.
Love is not fear, but wanting to do what is right...People who believe in Jesus and what he did for us on the cross, want to live right, and not sin.
Do you have a wife and children Dathan? If so what would happen if you caught her with another man, or your child was murdered by someone.
Yes, you could forgive them if they said they were sorry for what they did....right(repentance). But what if they just kept on doing that to someone else's wife and child....
would you tell them, it's okay Jesus forgives you even though you keep right on doing the same thing.....NOT ! How about Hitler,
Manson, Bin Laden, Jim Jones he lead his followers to death. They are saved too????

Wow...you did not acknowledge that Paul realized he was WRONG and was
baptized and became a new man!

You have been lead down the wrong road my friend...and yes, I pray for the people who think your right...Because only one
is perfect and it is not YOU Dathan.

It is not me or my belief I want people to follow it is GOD's word! That's why I don't agree with you!
Scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts. But the heavens and the earth which are now perserved by the same work, are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men...
Not willing that any SHOULD perish
but that all should come to repentance. 2Peter3 read it....better yet read ACTS - REV.
Praying for everyone who reads THIS!

Dathan Ellis said...

I don't even think you know Jesus. If you did you would retract almost everything you said.

Only Satan would tell people that they weren't forgiven.

I believe that if Hitler, Bin Laden, the child molester, murderer, etc. ever heard about the Jesus that forgave them and died for them they would change. If a Christian would introduce them to the real God and not the God of their religious traditions, church, and rituals, their world would flip upside down.

Your God sucks. You believe in a false-God. A God that only reserves his love for those that get baptized and believe in him. This is an elitist point of view (just like the Pharisees). My God loves all people and died for all people. Love keeps no records of wrongs and forgave us all. The only ones saying otherwise are religious Christians who don't even know God's voice.

If you knew Jesus you would tell people they're forgiven. You wouldn't judge Hitler, Bin Laden, or other people to hell. However, the measure you judge will be returned to you.

Stop condemning people of their sins and judging God's people to hell or you are my enemy. And, you don't want to be on my bad side. Repent of your wicked ways and come to Jesus! Get to know him personally and not just read what God said to Peter, Paul, or even Jesus. Otherwise, he never knew you. You read Jesus' biography (Bible), but you do not know him.

We are perfect in God's sight. We are Jesus himself. We are his ambassadors and represent him only. We are no longer ourselves, but men and women of the body of Christ. We are God in flesh form. You even call yourself God. You call yourself Jesus - Christian - little Christ.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Repent of your wicked ways...
you got it I am so proud of you....

Buy the way I am not worried about YOUR bad side, your side is not the side I care about. MY GOD REINS!

I know you mean well, and I am sure
you think your right..but maybe you need to reread what I wrote because,I didn't judge anyone, I ask you what you thought.....
You did!

I now wash my hands of you....but I am glad you understand you have to repent to be forgiven.

Dathan Ellis said...

No, you don't have to repent to be forgiven. Why? Because you sin all the time. You purposely sin all the time and still believe you're forgiven. You call yourself a Christian yet you cease to pray, don't seek all the spiritual gifts, don't profess Jesus' name among all men, don't use your gifts to the best of your abilities, don't stop thinking bad thoughts, don't eat only healthy foods for the temple, don't memorize enough scripture etc. You say your a Christian, but your life certainly doesn't show it.

When you start living your life blamelessly, then you can tell people to repent of their ways. Until then, get the tree trunk out of your own eye.