24 March 2013

You Are A DemiGod

Just like mythology, you are a demigod. You are half immortal and half mortal. You are part God and part man. You have a shell of flesh, but the eternal Spirit of a God. You need to stop viewing yourself as a frail or sickly being. And, you should never be afraid of death or some terminal illness. Honestly, death or cancer should be afraid of you.
Hercules knew who his father was.

In the Christian faith we're always striving to get somewhere that seems impossible to reach. As if you don't already have the fullness of God.

I can easily destroy this theology from within (Mat 27:50-53). I'll do my best to rip the very firm foundation from which modern-day Christianity stands on.

You have to understand that while Jesus was roaming the earth, things were very different. Mythology ruled the day and the Romans ruled the world. The Romans successfully pushed their faith and belief system on every nation they captured. Even the state of Israel, the Temple, and the whole Law was destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70 (just 40 years after Jesus died). The Jews hated the fact that someone else ruled over them and they were desperate for a Savior.

12 March 2013

Believing In Jesus (Video)

See the previous video before watching this one: The Truth About Forgiveness. What we've learned in church for centuries and by all Christian leaders everywhere is that we have to believe in Jesus in order to be saved. I explain whether this is true or not. Unlearn everything!

03 March 2013

Why Is Dathan So Mean?

You have no idea how many people tell me that I'm too mean. They say I need to lighten up, be sweet, and show the love of God. I'm writing this post for them. Instead of trying to explain to each person why I'm so harsh at times, I thought I'd explain myself a little more.
Wanna-be mean-mugging Dathan.

Most of you don't know me, but I used to be this passive, introvert, little sissy boy. I was full of fear and too scared to stand up for myself. I had no real confidence. Actually, I had no confidence at all. I tried faking it like all the other guys, but I couldn't even do that right.

Growing up, I was never encouraged. Sure my mom would sit in the bleachers screaming for me every time I did something good on the baseball field, but every kid knows that's just mom going crazy for her son. I never really had anyone invest in me. Teachers never seemed to care either. I was a good kid in school, but didn't excel in grades or have any special talent. If you're not one of these, and you're not the bad kid screaming for attention, then you're lost in the system.

Plus, church provided no help.

What they teach in church is doom and gloom that leads to a long spiritual death. We will all be judged for anything we do wrong and there is no real hope unless we believe in Jesus. But, I couldn't even believe right. I would be confused or doubt something I didn't understand, but a real Christian would never doubt Jesus (Mat 21:21). And, the author of confusion is Satan, right (1 Cor 14:33)? I was in for a world of hurt.