25 February 2013

The Truth About Forgiveness (Video)

I reveal what Jesus really did on the cross and share who has forgiveness. What we've learned in church for centuries and by all Christian leaders everywhere is not the Truth. So much of what we've been taught is wrong. Unlearn everything!

10 February 2013

The Tree Of Life

This post is a continuation of The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil (Part 1), and The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil (Part 2).

I used to have this Jesus thing figured out. I was a real man of God and on fire for Jesus. I was passionate about serving my King and his people. I felt I was making a real difference in the lives around me and I was the best example of how a good Christian should look and act. Of course I had my flaws, but everyone knew I was the real deal. But, then something tragic happened. I met Jesus.
I used to only see things in black and white.

If you ever meet the guy, he'll wreck your life. In a good way.

You see, ever since I came into this world I've been eating the fruit that was laid out before me. The fruit was so pretty to look at and delicious to the taste (Gen 3:6). I knew the truth about Jesus and I'd share with friends and anyone who cared to listen. However, I was never one of those shove-it-down-your-throat sidewalk preachers. I was more of an action man. I let my walk do the talking.

After I became friends with Jesus, he started showing me things I'd never seen before. He started teaching me things that were shocking and made little sense, but when has God ever made sense (Isaiah 55:8-13)? It didn't matter, I believed him and I ran with it.

He would tell me things that were so close to what I'd been taught all my life, but yet so very different (Pro 25:2-3). Then he revealed that I'd only been eating a fruit that would never satisfy me. I just knew this was true because I never felt like I had ever "arrived." There was just always something missing in my Christian walk.

03 February 2013

The Knowledge Of Good And Evil (Part 2)

What do we know so far? Well, we know that having the knowledge of good and evil sucks. We also know that God never told Adam and Eve they were "naked." Actually, no one cared about their appearance except Adam and Eve. We also know that their new awareness caused them to judge one another and made them believe there was something wrong with each of them. It made them believe that they weren't good enough. Lastly, we see how they desperately tried to separate good from evil. However, this isn't possible. Honestly, nothing has changed and we all deal with the same issues, today.
Picking fruit from a tree in a garden.

So, what else can we learn about the story?

Well, let's stretch our muscles. As you know by now, I like to take risks and venture out from the norm.

For one, we know the serpent never lied. What?! I know, I know. This is heresy, but hear me out. We've been taught all our lives to believe that the serpent (who many believe is Satan) straight up lied to Eve about what would happen if she ate the fruit. But, it just isn't true. The serpent told the truth. And, I'll show you how.

The first thing the serpent said was that Eve surely wouldn't die if she ate the fruit (Gen 3:4-5).  He wasn't lying when he said this. How? Because the bodily state that Adam and Eve were in did not allow them to die. At that point in time, they could live forever. It wasn't until God kicked them out of the garden that dying became possible (Gen 3:22).