26 January 2013

The Knowledge Of Good And Evil (Part 1)

My posts are about to change. I'll start sharing more of what God has shown me in detail. It will get crazy and you'll read some stuff that you've never heard before. But, that's ok. I've never heard anything like it either.
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

A couple of posts back, I wrote about what really went down in the Garden of Eden. How the sin of Adam and Eve was not the problem. Honestly, it wasn't ever an issue for God. God's main concern was that Adam and Eve gained something he didn't want them to have - the knowledge of good and evil.

Everyone focuses on the fact that Adam and Eve disobeyed God and the consequences that came of it. Therefore, what is taught or presumed in all Christiandom is that God will curse you if you do something against his will (Rom 6:23). Basically, since Adam and Eve directly disobeyed the one thing they were told not to do, God saw fit to make them pay. What you're told in church is that since they disobeyed God, they had to be punished and the punishment is death. However, this type of theology and religious thinking is the biggest FAIL of all Christian teaching.

Yes, they did sin and directly disobey God (Rom 3:23-24). However, he was only trying to protect them from the one thing he didn't want them to have (Gen 2:17).

For one reason or another, God didn't want Adam and Eve to eat of this "bad" tree. Well, it really wasn't bad, it was God's creation and he doesn't make anything bad. Actually, everything God creates is good in his sight (Gen 1:12-13). He simply didn't want Adam to eat the fruit. Well, at least not quite yet. It was too soon. Even though God went ahead and made the tree, he wanted to personally sit down with Adam and discuss what having this knowledge would be like and how to cope with it.

Before they took a bite, they lived in a completely blissful and ignorant state in the most beautiful paradise on earth. There was no stress, no hard work, not sweat, no death, no concept of being naked, and certainly no right and wrong. There was only good, peace, ease, love, joy, delicious fruit, lions laying with lambs, and God himself. As a matter of fact, God did all the hard work before they came along so they wouldn't have to (Gen 2:2-3). They had it all and they were simply being exactly who God created them to be (Rev 4:11). Nothing more.

Before we go on, I want you to understand that before they ate the fruit, they were both "naked" (Gen 2:25). This is a vital peace of the puzzle that so many Christians tend to miss.

It wasn't until they ate the fruit, that they saw they were naked. Actually, both their eyes were opened and they were more like God for it (Gen 3:5). It's often taught that they were like God already. Which is true. However, what most don't know is that they were less like God prior to the fruit (Gen 3:22). The wisdom they gained opened their eyes and they became aware of things that they never saw before. This didn't mean they were blind. It just meant they didn't have wisdom that could decipher what was good and evil.

So, what did this new conscience do for them?

Well, the first thing we discover is that they began to judge one another. After seeing their lack of covering they actually judged themselves as not being good. Wait. What? So, now that Adam and Eve were even more like God they still thought they weren't good enough?? This is crazy. This is the kind of affect the knowledge of good and evil has on us. And to be honest, we all still believe this today. We still think we're not good enough in one way or another.

This awareness caused them to view the world and themselves very differently from how they did just moments prior. Yet, God had no problem with them being naked (Gen 2:25).

God already had the knowledge of good and evil (Gen 3:22). He thought Adam and Eve were perfect just the way they were. You see, he had the knowledge, but was able to handle processing it (Gen 2:18). And, at no time did God mention anything about them being evil, naked, or not being good enough. Actually, God said quite the opposite (Gen 1:31). He saw them as perfect in his sight (Eph 1:3-4).

Not only did Adam and Eve start judging themselves and everything around them, they were almost at war with this new awareness. It's as if it made them so uncomfortable with the way things were and it wasn't healthy for them to see things in such a negative light.

Another example of what the knowledge of good and evil did was change our perception.

In a programming job like mine, I'm daily tasked with the responsibility of being logical. And, I'm pretty good at it. It's not like horse shoes and hand grenades where you can still get points for coming close. It's either garbage or it's not. Well, when Adam and Eve received their new awareness, they had the knowledge of good and evil; not good or evil (Gen 2:17). There is a major difference between the words "and" and "or."

The word "and" means you have both (i.e. We have both good and evil). The word "or" means you have one or the other. When you have an "or" both are not necessary. Having an awareness of good and evil created a mess in their heads.
Example of Adam and Eve hiding in trees (but wearing fig leaves)

Since we have the same knowledge that was passed down from Adam and Eve, we humans like to divide things in groups of good or bad. Like that murderer is bad because he killed someone. But, that pastor is good because he leads a church. However, this is not exactly accurate. Every single one of us has good and bad traits. Yet, we tend to focus more on the bad. It was the same for Adam and Eve. After they received their new wisdom, the evil is what stood out most. And, not much has changed. We all try to separate the good from the evil, but it's not possible.

But, remember Adam and Eve weren't evil at all. They were good. They were good because God said so. Actually, he said everything was good so many times that you'd think we'd pick up on it by now (Gen 1:4, Gen 1:10, Gen 1:12, Gen 1:18, Gen 1:21, Gen 1:25, Gen 1:31). There was actually nothing wrong with their nakedness (Gen 2:25). They were just convinced they weren't good enough. They somehow believed an illusion. However, God didn't think there was anything wrong with them and he never said anything about it (Gen 3:11). He saw that Adam and Eve were both glorious. He loved his children and he was completely pleased with them.

The only real problem was Adam and Eve gained an understanding that God didn't want them to have. He was trying to protect them from being "burned." This knowledge caused them to see themselves very differently from the way God intended. And the worst part about it, they tried to hide themselves from their Father. Here is a God who wants to take pleasure in intimately getting to know his children, then all of a sudden his son and daughter try to hide from him (Gen 3:8-11). This is the worst thing that could have ever happened.

Who told you that you weren't good enough? Who told you that you hadn't already arrived? It wasn't God. It was the knowledge of good and evil. And, if you keep eating of this tree, you'll surely die.

More to come...


Hope Brady said...

Well said Dathan!! I just absolutely love reading your posts!! They give me so much insight on things that I may not have picked up on!! Keep up the great work :)

Dathan Ellis said...

Thanks Hope! ~:-)

Quinton Smith said...

AWESOME! One of my favorite Blogs!

Dathan Ellis said...

Thanks Quinton!

Jason Davenport said...

Great post Dathan, your blogs have spoken to me in ways a conventional pastor never has and has really motivated me to pick up my bible more everyday!

Dathan Ellis said...

That means a lot to me that you say that, Jason. Thank you. I hope people like you are beginning to see the difference between a message that gives freedom verses one that doesn't. Typically a pastor's message looks good and sounds delicious to eat, but it only leads to death.

Robert said...

Very well put Dathan! I could not agree more

Dathan Ellis said...

Thanks Robert!

lifewithin said...

Dathan,  My question to you: what is it you really want to say? 
The beauty was that all of creation was already complete in itself. Nothing needed to be changed or altered to make it better. It was enough. Adam and Eve were confronted with what their minds were perceiving on information and what their hearts (their very being) was perceiving. One information which looked good and seemed to bring in benefits of wisdom was not the same as what the heart (their being) was. Obviously, the cunning serpent helped entice Eve to listen to 
what the mind registers as good information. The mind was never meant to make decisions for us. It was meant to work for us. Our being and the very heart of who we are is to lead. That is partaking of the tree of life. 

Dathan Ellis said...

What I really wanted to say was in the last sentence. However, I'm also trying to point out what the tree of knowledge of good and evil did for Adam and Eve (and for us). Some of the things it caused us to do was judge ourselves and others, alter our perspective, and tried to get us to separate good from evil. I also mentioned how the fruit made us believe something that wasn't true about ourselves when God found that we were only good. These are some of the things I list in this post that I really wanted to stick. My next post will talk more about this fruit. Much of what I want people to understand is what they're being taught in churches everywhere about the beginning is not the truth. Almost ALL Christian leaders simply focus on the sin which is the biggest FAIL in their teaching.

Also, like you said all of creation was good, except one final thing that needed to be changed. Adam was alone. But, God fixed that. You are onto something about their "being." However, this thinking of the heart you mention is simply a side affect of knowing the truth.