26 January 2013

The Knowledge Of Good And Evil (Part 1)

My posts are about to change. I'll start sharing more of what God has shown me in detail. It will get crazy and you'll read some stuff that you've never heard before. But, that's ok. I've never heard anything like it either.
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

A couple of posts back, I wrote about what really went down in the Garden of Eden. How the sin of Adam and Eve was not the problem. Honestly, it wasn't ever an issue for God. God's main concern was that Adam and Eve gained something he didn't want them to have - the knowledge of good and evil.

Everyone focuses on the fact that Adam and Eve disobeyed God and the consequences that came of it. Therefore, what is taught or presumed in all Christiandom is that God will curse you if you do something against his will (Rom 6:23). Basically, since Adam and Eve directly disobeyed the one thing they were told not to do, God saw fit to make them pay. What you're told in church is that since they disobeyed God, they had to be punished and the punishment is death. However, this type of theology and religious thinking is the biggest FAIL of all Christian teaching.

Yes, they did sin and directly disobey God (Rom 3:23-24). However, he was only trying to protect them from the one thing he didn't want them to have (Gen 2:17).

13 January 2013

Take It From A Pharisee

I'm like a modern-day Pharisee. Since the Bible teaches us to judge a person by their fruit, I'd be considered the golden apple; the solid example of how a good Christian should walk and talk (Mat 7:17-20).
Leading people into the "presence" of God.

However, I had an extremely unfair advantage over most. I grew up in a protective bubble.

Actually, both of my parents are better examples of how a Christian should look than I am. Just to give you an idea, I've never heard either of them say a cuss word in my life. I mean, not even the c-word (crap). And, I'm pretty sure the state has no clue who my mom is because she's never gotten a traffic ticket and never done anything wrong. She's always been the good one and wanted to set the example so her kids wouldn't have any excuses.

Knowing this, you could only imagine the pressure that was on me to do the right thing.

Thankfully, God blessed me with a very special gift. I had the uncanny ability to do exactly as I'm told. Plus, trouble couldn't find me if it wanted to. The hardest problem I had was just trying to remember what my mom told me to do (and it's still that way). But, what man doesn't have memory problems? This is why God made women - to remember EVERYTHING.

Anyway, growing up I didn't have many friends. And, the friends I did have didn't influence me to drink or do drugs, so that was never a problem. Peer pressure wasn't an issue either. I laughed at it.

06 January 2013

The Real Problem

I'm convinced that the entire Bible can be summed up in the first 3 chapters. I also believe if all we had was Genesis 1-3, then that would be enough. Why do I say crazy stuff like this? Well, give me a chance to explain.

In the beginning...
It's imperative that we understand what happened in the beginning. It allows us to get a glimpse of the big picture. If we don't see life from God's perspective, then nothing he did will ever make much sense.

Honestly, so much of what we've been taught about Adam and Eve is the wrong perspective (what I call bottom-up theology). Whenever you hear about the story, most only mention the "bad" things. We all know about their disobedience. We all know how God cursed them after they ate the fruit, but what really happened? What's really going on here that we tend to skip over?

The story of Adam and Eve is often referenced as "the fall." It's "the fall" of man. Or, the "the fall" from grace. Which are both horribly wrong labels. No one falls from unfailing love. How do you fall from something there's too much of? Isn't his love so deep and wide that you'll never find the edge (Eph 3:16-19)? On top of that, Adam and Eve didn't fall from anything. It's actually quite the opposite. They gained something they never had before (Gen 3:7).

Not too long ago, in a comment from one of my previous posts, I had someone quiz me on Facebook about why I blatantly chose to "skip" the sin (disobedience) aspect of the story. This person made it clear that sin was the most important issue. However, sin is NOT the most important issue.