09 December 2012

Yes, Gays Are Forgiven Too

Yeah, you heard me. Jesus said he took all sin and nailed it to the cross (Col 2:13-15).

But, the Bible also says that all gays, sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, greedy, drunkards, slanderers, swindlers will not inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Cor 6:9-10). Hmmm. We have a problem. So which one is it? Are homosexuals forgiven? Did he forgive all sin or not (1 Cor 6:11)?
This is how it's done.

1 Corinthians isn't the only place that specifically mentions who goes to hell. Let's use another popular verse that Law-abiding Christians like to quote. From Revelations we learn that all cowardly, unbelieving, vile, murderers, sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, idol worshipers, and liars will go to hell (Rev 21:8). Well, that just sucks! He pretty much said that the whole world is doomed.

So, what do we have here? Is this a contradiction? Paul says all sin is forgiven, but John says quite the opposite. Who's right?

But wait, that's not all. There's one more sin that Jesus says is unforgivable - blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Mat 12:31-32). Very interesting. The same guy that took on "all" sin on the cross is somehow making an exception. So which one is it, Jesus? Did you die for all sin or not?

The confusion doesn't stop there. You better get the interpretation of the verses right too. And, if you don't go to the Greek and Hebrew, then you'll never truly understand what God's saying, right? So apparently you need to be a Biblical scholar to make any sense of the Bible. This is ridiculous and it's exactly what religious believers push.

Well, I say try something different for a change. How about instead of listening to Paul, John, or your pastor fight over what Jesus is really saying, just ask Jesus yourself. Whoa! What a concept (John 10:25-30).

Ok, I already know what you're going to say next. "Dathan, yes Jesus has forgiven all your sins, but you have to receive it. And, if you truly have received God's grace, then your life will surely show it. And, you'll start doing the right things."

So now you're putting stipulations on a free and priceless gift that God gave us and put into motion long before you got here. Then, you're telling me I should act a certain way because I'm finally a believer. How is this any different from what the Pharisees preached? They taught that you do it right or be condemned and stoned.

Why is it that the only people throwing stones of condemnation are Christians?

Christians are typically clueless to the fact that they're throwing the first stone because they're so bedazzled with their own right-doing (self-righteousness) (John 8:7). These people somehow think they're better than others. Are you kidding me?! You somehow believe that since you don't deal with "big" temptations like homosexuality or substance abuse that you're holier than those that do struggle with it? Well, guess what. If you've ever committed one sin, you've done them all (Jam 2:10-11).

And to all you accusers, I wish I could quickly whip the back of my hand against your face. I'm tired of these lies. I'm tired of you placing more rules and regulations on forgiveness you had absolutely nothing to do with. How dare you say anyone hasn't received forgiveness when Jesus did it all for all mankind without any help from you (2 Cor 5:13-21).

Reality is, you're the one who hasn't "received" forgiveness because you're withholding it from others. You can't freely give something away that you don't freely have. People who haven't realized they're completely forgiven, can't truly forgive others (Mat 6:14-15).

Now, I want to change gears and help you understand something. What I'm about to tell you is a lie and a serious foundational mistruth of the Christian faith.

One of the major flaws in Christian circles is the belief that you can go 5 minutes without sinning. I've actually heard pastors say you could go a day or two without sinning if you're walking closely with God. You're kidding, right? I really don't know how people can believe this. God laid out all these laws about what you can and can't do, knowing full well no one could ever accomplish them. He made sure you would never succeed. Yes, he made a plan for you to utterly fail. Why? Because he hoped that you'd finally wake up and realize you have to completely rely on him. He did this so you'd quit trying to do it right and bend to his love; trust that he already cleansed you (Isa 1:18).

On top of that, Jesus comes into town and says, "You know what? The Law says this and that, but even if you have the slightest thought about doing something wrong, you lose" (Mat 5:21-32). Jesus added even more constraints to the Law hoping you'd get the picture, but we still don't see it.

Let me follow his lead for a minute.

I say you can't go any period of time without sinning. Just because you're not openly gay or not an alcoholic doesn't mean you're not constantly "living in sin." You could simply not hear God, not think with the greatest intentions, not obey the Spirit to heal someone, misinterpret God's Word, not live up to your potential, day dream for one second at work, not sit up straight in your chair, eat non-healthy foods, etc. All these are sins. Just because your sins aren't "bigger" than someone else's, doesn't mean you're any less a sinner (Rom 3:23-24). So, when are you going to stop living in sin? And, as Christian, you should know better.

Honestly, if you've turned your back or withdrawn love from anyone because they didn't meet your standards, then you've judged that person. You see them as lesser than you and accused them of their sin. I know someone else who accuses people of their sins - Satan (Rev 12:10-12).

Also, do you remember that verse about the speck in your eye (Mat 7:1-5)? How in the world are you going to call someone else out on their sin when you have this massive log in your own eye?? How can you ever say anyone's wrong when you can't get it right yourself? But, Christians do this all the time. And, even if you think you're doing it half-right, you probably didn't go to the Greek...(Mat 7:6)
If you condemn anyone of their sin, you're throwing stones.

I'm so tired of so-called Christians condemning gays for their lifestyle. I had a gay friend tell me some of his experiences recently. He's never felt comfortable in church because Christians are always trying to fix him, yet he still goes. Dude has more guts than I do. Honestly, I hope he stops going. I hope he hangs out with me and my friends so we can show him what real love looks like and accept him no matter what. Now I know why Jesus couldn't stand hanging out with godly people (Mat 12:34-37). They're vipers - they bite with a vengeance, pump you full of poison, and leave you for dead.

Yep, pretty much nailed it.

Honestly, you need to sit down and figure out who you're going to believe. Are you going to believe Moses, Jesus, Paul, James, or John?

I know my point of view is a little crazy and goes against the norm, but I actually believe what Jesus said. He proved to us that he died for all sin once and for all. I know that's not normally taught in church and it's a little out in left field, but that's ok. I'm an extreme guy.

Finally, the Law is what tells us what's right and wrong and God said there's only one Law left to judge by. It simply states, "Love others as yourself" (Rom 13:8-10Gal 5:14Jam 2:8, Mat 7:12, John 13:34-35, Mat 22:37-40).

Now, do you see anything in that Law about gays?

I didn't think so.


Psych You Out said...

Ooooh, this is a good one. I really like that you slid "eating unhealthy foods" in there. The same person that will throw out a snide remark about someone having a tattoo because they "aren't taking care of the temple" will then go shove a Big Mac down their throat. Which is worse for the temple?

I like what you had to say as a whole about homosexuality. I've been thinking about this subject lately and trying to figure out God's opinion on it. My views have definitely changed recently. Ultimately, that sin is no different from any other sin and it has all been forgiven. There is really no reason to split hairs. I think as always, love is the most important thing.

I might skip all of the comments on facebook. Most of them are probably useless, anyway. :)

Dathan Ellis said...

My views have obviously changed quite a bit too. We can't go on judging people when we don't have a clue. Like you said, it's only our job to love others no matter what. This is what makes real change.

Daniel Botwin said...

I really liked this one,I was at one time one of those on the outside. Then I came inside and now I'm sure I was better before I came into the church and learned to judge people.

I struggled with doing that for the longest time. I slowly have started opening my eyes when I'm out listening for God to tell me who needs a little love and I've done a few things that I may not have done before. The biggest change is still happening within me regarding how I look at people and love them as they are not how I or you want them to be.

Dathan Ellis said...

I like how you opened your comment. I've been judging people my whole life...because I've been in church my whole life. Not a coincidence. They taught me it was ok to eat their fruit of right and wrong, just like the serpent.

Anonymous said...

WTF?? I have left 2 comments...

Anonymous said...

OK...this is a test. Apparently I am challenged.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. One more trial...I typed out 2 VERY LONG responses... LET ME make sure I got it right.

Anonymous said...

Jesus died for EVERY sin. I will never forget what I witnessed when I went to East Memorial Baptist Church. After being greeted by a couple of white haired faithfuls...after I took my seat they proceeded to dispel to each other what they had HEARD that other members had DONE...gossip, gossip, gossip. I did not go back. Yes, they did this right in front of me. That should tell you how comfortable they were.

My battle with lesbianism did not begin until AFTER I was Biblically married. I have poured out my testimony twice now. They were both erased due to my lack of intelligence with this web site. If you have any questions I will respond. I'm done. But let me tell you this FOR CERTAIN... NO ONE is born gay. However, many questions that are very pivotal to the quest can happen at any time.

I DO understand the questions/path.

Dathan Ellis said...

Yeah, most Christians like to talk about other's struggles and look down upon them for their sin. But, if people actually believe Jesus nailed sin to the cross, then what is left for anyone to talk about?? The real problem is no one seems to believe that Jesus forgave everyone. I guess it's just too hard to accept this fact.

There's only 2 people that condemn and accuse others of wrong-doing. Satan and Christians. Avoid them both.

I see you had a hard time posting a comment. I really wish your other comments came through. Any chance you want to try again? If so, type it out in some other tab or program, then cut, paste, and submit it here.