16 December 2012

Not Comfortable In Your Own Skin

One Saturday, I was over at a friend's house watching Alabama play football (bear with me Auburn fans). This was just like any other college game-day Saturday, except something crazy happened.
Adam and Eve "naked" in the garden.

I brought my laptop with me so I could work on my latest post. I know it's blasphemy to work instead of watching Bama, but I already knew the outcome. Why bother paying much attention when you already know who's gonna win?

I got to a point in my post that I had to think about some Old Testament stuff. I was trying to recall when the first animal sacrifice took place. However, I couldn't think clearly. Even though I knew my team was gonna win, I was back and forth between the TV and my laptop. So, the first sacrifice that came to mind was the ram that appeared in the bush with Abraham and Isaac. However, anyone who knows the Bible well enough would laugh because that's not even close to being right.

Finally, as I often do, I Google'd it. I saw something about Cain and Abel and I was like, "Duh" (Gen 4:1-8)! But, of course, that's not early enough, either. Again, I should have known better. After Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they realized they were naked (Gen 3:7). Later, we learn that God made garments of skin for them to wear.

So, I determined that the first ever animal sacrifice was in the beginning in the story of Adam and Eve.

But, there was a problem. God didn't like my discovery.

What the he said next blindsided me. Actually, it blew me away. Here I was trying to do too many things at once and with all kinds of distractions, and he says, "I didn't give them animal skins. I gave them skin." I looked down at my arm and was like, "What?!"

When I heard this I was stunned. I just sat there for a few seconds. I blocked everything out at this point. Then, I started doubting what he told me, but I hate when I do this. Who's got time for doubt?! Not to mention, after all the things God's shown me lately, I knew better. Not long ago, in one of our conversations he straight up told me, "Never doubt me again." And, when your Father tells you to do something, you do it. He's been working on me about trusting him ever since.

After I was done freaking out, I quickly searched for the first few chapters in Genesis (Gen 3). I had to read it for myself. Sure enough, there it was. "The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them" (Gen 3:21).

Yeah, it's crazy.

Of course, every single pastor, priest, or teacher of the Word told us that God gave Adam and Eve garments of animal skin to cover their private parts. And, like you, I believed them. I've even referenced it in some of my older posts (like a dummy). Well, this isn't what God said at all. He simply mentioned that he gave them "garments of skin" or clothed them with skin.

We always want to add or take away from what God says. I don't mean just what he says in the Bible, but every Word out of his mouth (Mat 4:1-4). If there's any wisdom I can pass on to you, it's to simply take whatever God says at face value. Don't assume, add, or subtract anything. Everything he tells me is so simple and easy to understand. The problem is when my mind or other preconceived ideas get in the way.

Ok, so what's the big deal about giving us skin? Well, it changes everything really. It also helps us better understand what naked means and better comprehend who we really are.

Let's take a closer look.

After researching the Hebrew text, I found that Judaism doesn't find this truth about skin to be unfamiliar. There are some Hebrew scholars who believe Adam and Eve had different body types when they ate the fruit. This was reassuring.

If God made skin for Adam and Eve, then this means they originally had a different covering. They had to be in a state where they could literally handle the presence of God. How do we know they could handle walking with God face to face? Well, he came looking for them in the garden (Gen 3:8-9). God also gave Adam the breath of life through his nostrils (Gen 2:7). No person in their current worldly form can handle seeing God's face for one second or they'd die (Exo 33:20-23). Our current flesh can't handle his glory.

If Adam and Eve didn't have skin originally covering their bodies, then what did they have? They had to have bodies of light (or coverings of light).

For awhile now, and before I looked anything up, God was having me focus on the fact that we're all beings of light. We also know that God is Light and we're made in his image (1 John 1:1-7,Gen 1:26-27). We're all made from light to be light (John 8:12).

In Genesis 1, it talks about how God made man in their image (Gen 1:26-31). Then, for some reason, he repeats himself in the same sentence (Gen 1:27). The Bible doesn't repeat itself like this too often. It's like if I said, "I'm going to the store, the store is where I'm going." This seems kind of silly. It could be that the translation's weird or there's a point Hebrew is trying to make. I think it's there to alleviate any doubt that he originally made us look like him in a glorious condition (Phi 3:20-21).

If God's being radiates light, then Adam and Eve did too. Even thought they were made from dust, they had the glory of God shining from their bodies.

Also, all throughout the Bible, it references heavenly beings having light characteristics. This is true for Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, angels appearing, and in Revelations to mention a few places (Mat 17:1-12, Luke 2:8-14, Rev 12:1-18). Just know the Bible mentions a lot about light.
Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai.

On top of that, I wonder if the breath (Holy Spirit) that God gave Adam is what made him start glowing (Gen 2:7).

Here's another example. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai his face was bright because his true self was shining through (Exo 34:29-35). It wasn't that God's presence somehow attached itself to Moses' body. His face was glowing because he was hanging out with his Maker. This caused him to show his true identity.

Stephen is also another example of a person who glowed with light (Acts 6:15). When Stephen was captured and dragged to court, the religious people (as they often do) were falsely accusing him of preaching against God. However, he was full of the Spirit. While he was defending himself, his face started to look like an angel. He was glowing because of the presence of God. This gives a whole new meaning of being a light to the world (Mat 5:14-16).

By the way, you have to read what Stephen said about the godly people accusing him of wrong-doing (Acts 6:8-7:60). It's epic.

I'd love to give you more detail about the beginning, but I'd like more time and posts to explain.

For now, just know you were created in God's image to show his glory; and he wasn't just saying that figuratively.


Psych You Out said...

We've talked about this one before so Ive had some time to wrap my mind around it. I really like how you added to it by talking about those who were full of the Spirit "glowing". Honestly, the more I think about this, the more sense it makes. This is one of the cooler things God has showed you, I think. :)

Dathan Ellis said...

Thanks Psych! Honestly, because of this revelation, the rest of the Bible is starting to make more sense...believe it or not.

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No matter..

lifewithin said...

I love this one! !!!

Dathan Ellis said...

Thank you life!