18 November 2012

Hell Is Not What You Think It Is (Part 1)

All our lives we've been taught that hell is a horrible eternal punishment for sinners. It's full of pain, fire, darkness, demons, torture, and loneliness. It possesses every single unfathomable nightmare that a person can dream up. There's really nothing good about it and it's the last place anyone wants to end up. However, Christians are adamant about judging everyone to damnation if they don't choose Jesus and turn from their wicked ways. But, what is hell? What if I told you hell is not what you think it is? What if everything you've been taught about hell was only meant to scare you into choosing Jesus?
The road to hell is wide.

Fear tactics are prevalent in the Christian faith. Religious people who scare people to death have actually been around for quite a long time. I remember some of my required reading in school was a sermon by Jonathan Edward's called "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." This is probably the most popular sermon of all time and has been discussed by theologians and educators all over the world. It was written in the mid 1700's (yes, before there was a United States). And, believe it or not, many have committed suicide after reading his powerful "loving" message.

I still hear preaching like this in churches, today. However, I want you to understand something. These pastors who preach using fear tactics really have no clue who God is. I'm being dead serious. And, I'm pretty sure the only Jesus that Jonathan Edwards knew was Satan himself. Any minister who has used a scare tactic or hell, fire, and brimstone to convict people of their sins, clearly has no idea what hell is...or Jesus for that matter (2 Tim 1:7).

For months now I've been sitting down with God on this subject about hell, but what he's telling me goes against every fiber of my religious being. Nothing he's spoken of has ever been taught from the pulpit in any Christian denomination anywhere. I still keep asking him lots of questions. Sometimes the answers make sense and sometimes they don't. Regardless, I just keep trusting him (Pro 3:5-6). Since I've started unlearning everything I was taught all my life, my world has come alive. I'm still unsure about many things, but I want to share some of what I know with you to get your wheels turning. However, no matter what I say, ask the Spirit what he thinks. Not only am I confident that he'll confirm much of what I tell you, but you'll be shocked at what else he has to say.

03 November 2012

35 Year Old Virgin

Can I just admit something? Being a 35 year old virgin sucks!! Who made up these rules about pre-marital sex? Oh yeah, never mind (Mat 15:18-20).  Well, I still don't like it. Recently, I've thought about all the pros about not having sex before marriage, but it's hard to come up with anything. You would think after all these years I'd have it figured out, but whatever.
Still trying to keep this in my wallet.

Why am I talking to you about this? Because I want more people to make fun of me. Actually, I want to squash any myths about how special being a virgin is. And, maybe my experience and struggles will help some poor dude out there who's trying to do the same.

It's been really difficult being a guy and staying "pure." Frankly, girls just don't get it. From what little I know, y'all just don't have the drive that men do. And, don't give me this, "We want sex just as much as guys...blah blah blah." Anyone who needs that much time and attention just to get sexually aroused doesn't have anywhere near the passion men have. And, it's not what females think about for 23 hours and 59 seconds in a day either (or something close to that).

The only real reason I haven't gone all the way is because I feared what would happen (1 Cor 6:9-11). Honestly, fearing bad results are the only reason I did anything "right." If I didn't have the fear of God, I had the fear of Mom. I just couldn't bear letting either one down.