26 August 2012

How To Hear God's Voice (Part 1)

Ok, if any of you have been reading my posts, you know that I'm a big advocate of the Advocate (John 14:15-31). I think the Holy Spirit is the center of every person's world and without him, none of this Jesus stuff would make any sense. We are lost without him. This is why I want to share something that's been on my heart for awhile. I want to help you hear God's voice (John 10:25-32).
Jesus is not in some far off galaxy. He's inside you.

Initially, most of you will feel very uncomfortable with what I'm about to say. Why is that? Well, it's not being taught in any church around the world or by any Christian leaders (that I know of). Why? Well, one of two things is happening. Either pastors are clueless and don't hear the Spirit for themselves, or they are purposefully keeping you in the dark for personal gain. It's important that you understand what has been kept from you for so long. However, you'll soon see that hearing from God is easier and more natural than even reading his Word.

Honestly, if all you know is what the Bible says, then you only know what Jesus said to someone else. It's time that changed. One of my many goals is that you learn to hear him for yourself (Mat 17:5).

Next, I want to share with you something that doesn't make any sense (1 Cor 3:18-20). You've actually been hearing the Spirit your whole life, but probably never knew it. The problem is you were taught to either ignore what you heard, or were made to believe that the voice was wrong or evil. However, these are both lies caused by religion and those who live and operate in fear. Actually, there are many names for the Spirit's voice. A few of those familiar names are your "heart," "conscience," "gut feeling," or "a woman's intuition." Have you ever just known something and didn't know why? You just knew it was the right thing to do/say? This is called the Holy Spirit. He's the one that gave you this knowledge.

19 August 2012

Do You Have A Relationship With Jesus Or A Book?

It's time you realize what a real relationship with Jesus is. 99% of the Christian population claims they have a real relationship with Jesus, when in fact they don't (and it shows).
Too many only hear what they read in the Bible.

I've been in church all my life. During this time I was told by many pastors that in order to have a real relationship with Jesus I had to do a few things. First, I had to confess I wanted Jesus in my life. Next, I needed to repeat a prayer and ask Jesus to forgive my sins. After the "sinner's prayer," there were more steps to follow. For one, I was told to have a daily "quiet time." During this quiet time, I would need to set aside at least 30 minutes dedicated to the Lord. This was done to help me focus on praying and meditating on God's Word. Also, it was important that I showed up to church as often as I could (it was frowned upon if I couldn't at least appear on Sunday's). You have to understand that if you didn't regularly come to church, you were "forsaking the assembly" (Heb 10:23-25). On top of that, everyone knew you needed to be in the House of God in order to worship Jesus with any real significance (it helps to have a band or traditional organ to set the mood). Of course, every church is different and many have their own set of guidelines that save you from Hell.

12 August 2012

There Is No Sin, But One

Unquestionably, it's all about perspective. It's God's perspective that matters, not yours or mine (2 Cor 5:16). Know this.
Jesus made us white as snow.

When Jesus died for all sin, he wasn't joking or playing around. He was about his Father's business and on a mission to save the world. He didn't have time for people who didn't believe and most assuredly told them where they could go if they got in his way (Mat 16:23). He came to bring a sword (not peace) to set his people free from bondage and captivity (Mat 10:34-36). He was tired of so few not wanting a real relationship with his Father. Finally, he came to retire the old promise in order to put a New Testament in place. Ultimately, he purchased us as slaves to sin, then flipped the Universe upside down and made us rightful heirs to God's throne (Rom 8:15-17). Beautiful!

When Jesus took on all sin on the cross, he reached his goal of completely washing God's people by his shed blood (1 Pet 2:22-25). As my friend Beth puts it, water doesn't wash sin, blood does (Rev 1:4-6). You were not cleansed when you were baptized with water or when you decided to "receive" forgiveness (Heb 10:19-23). You were washed on the cross, period. You received forgiveness once for all time and you've ALWAYS had forgiveness (1 Pet 3:18). His sacrifice made us all white as snow.

05 August 2012

What If Jesus Actually Meant What He Said?

What I'm about to tell you will change how you view Jesus and what he did for you and me. Hopefully, we'll start viewing God's people from his perspective rather than our own.
Jesus died for all sin.

Not too long ago, I was chatting with a couple of friends about my favorite subject, Jesus. Thank God this wasn't like one of my Facebook rants! Those can get pretty ugly. After a few minutes, we started talking about each other's religious backgrounds. Then, I dropped the bomb on one of the guys that seemed to be a little more opinionated about his Christian faith than the rest of us. I asked, "What if Jesus forgave your sins on the cross?" He looked at me puzzled because everyone knows that Jesus died for all sin. I had to explain, "Everyone always tells you that you're not actually forgiven unless you receive God's forgiveness or ask for forgiveness. But, what if Jesus meant what he said? What if he, already, forgave everyone all their sins on the cross whether they accept it, or not?" He replied with eyes wide open and said, "Well, if I actually believed that, then that would be a fundamental difference...a HUGE difference. And, if I told anyone in my church what you said, they'd throw me out!"

All our lives, ministers have been instructing us that we must accept his gift of forgiveness in order to be forgiven. In other words, they say we are all scumbag sinners unless we believe Jesus died for us and accept his unfathomable gift. This "receiving" theology has been around for centuries, however, it's not what I read in the Bible or hear God saying.