10 July 2012

What Does The Lamb's Book Of Life Look Like?

One night, I was laying in bed thinking about heavenly things (literally). Just before I was about to fall asleep, God put something on my heart that blindsided me. He reminded me of the Lamb's Book of Life and all the other books he uses to record everything we say and do (Rev 21:22-27). I said to myself "Oookay...where is this going, bro?"
God has a library.

You see, I've always wondered why God needed books. Or, why he felt the need to record everything I did or said (Rev 20:11-15). I hated this fact, honestly. I don't want anyone reading everything I've done. I also thought it was strange for God (who knows everything) to keep such a library of detail on me. Actually, I find it quite judgmental and uncomfortable. Why would my Father want to record this stuff? Does he just like big libraries? He must like to read, right? But, can't he just remember what I did, keep it to himself, and judge me according to what he knows (Ecc 12:13-14)? Why does everyone else in Heaven get to read what I've done? I've always wondered these things and it never sat well with me. I, especially, didn't like the fact that he kept records of all my wrong-doings.

Finally, he revealed it to me. Everything became so clear and it was right under my nose the whole time. I couldn't go to sleep. I was so excited!

This is how it went down. As I was about to fall asleep he said, "You remember all those 'begats' in the Old Testament?" I was like, "Yeah..." Then, like a bomb dropped, he replied, "That's what the Lamb's Book of Life looks like (I could see him smiling while he said this)." Like a switch, I sat straight up in my bed and said, "OH MY GOD!!" Of course, this is the proper use of OMG. ~;-) It was weird, though. Somehow, it was like I knew all along. All this information was awaken within me. He was downloading knowledge in my head that I never discovered before, and it all made perfect sense.

On the nightstand, right next to my bed, was my Bible. It had lots of dust on it (I usually read my Bible app on my phone, but I couldn't waste time with that). Plus, my Bible is fittingly a book. Anyway, I threw it open and frantically looked for the pages in 1 Chronicles where it lists the genealogy of God's people (1 Chr 1).

All the descendants listed in 1 Chronicles belong to his family tree. These people were chosen by God as his special possession (Mal 3:16-17). Also, Jesus came from this famous Jewish lineage and Tribe of Judah (Mat 1:1-17). Frankly, if you weren't a Jew, then you were nobody of any special value. And, if you were a Gentile (like me), you were considered scum of the earth. Only God's people were treasured and treated with great favor and blessings. Only God's people retained the rights of his unfailing love (Neh 9:16-21).

Ok, so that's great for the Jews and all, but what about us scumbag Gentiles? Here's where Jesus flips the Universe upside down. Once Jesus died for all the world's sin, this allowed Gentiles to be grafted to his family tree (Rom 11:13-24). Now, for those that actually accept their rightful place in the Kingdom, they get to be apart of the family of God and become an adopted Jew (Rom 8:14-17). He has no more favorites because, now, everyone is God's favorite (1 Pet 1:17-22)! Once you accept the fact that Jesus loves you and you choose to be apart of his family, then your name gets added to the Lamb's Book of Life (Rev 21:27). And, it's listed much like it's shown in the Old Testament.

Eleazar was the father of Phinehas.
Phinehas was the father of Abishua.
Abishua was the father of Bukki.
Bukki was the father of Uzzi.
Uzzi was the father of Zerahiah.
Zerahiah was the father of Meraioth (1 Chr 6:4-6).
Yahweh is the father of Dathan.
Yahweh is the father of (insert your name here).

Yeah, I know! All those boring names listed in the Bible aren't so boring anymore, are they?! I think Chronicles may just be one of your fave books, now. ~;-)

Here's something else no one's telling you. Scholars believe Ezra (a Levite priest) wrote Chronicles and the list of descendants was very important to priestly genealogy. If there were archives that showed you belonged to Levi's (one of Jacob's sons) blood line, then you could officially be a Temple priest. No one could become a priest in the Temple of God without proving you were a son of Levi (Ezra 2:61-63).

This adds to my next point. After the first 9 chapters in 1 Chronicles, the rest of the book is about King David's life and reign. However, what Chronicles doesn't mention are the major things David did wrong - his adultery and murder (2 Sam 11:1-12:25). His less glorious personal moments were only written in the books of Samuel and Kings. Chronicles was written from a completely spiritual perspective by focusing on God's grace and forgiveness. So, according to the Temple priests, these unbecoming events in David's life never happened. As far as the priests saw it, David was purely awesome. And, guess who is, now, the High Priest? That's right, Jesus (Heb 4:14-16). Also, who does Jesus say you are in his Kingdom? He says you're a royal priesthood and Holy nation (1 Pet 2:9-10). Jesus, the High Priest, thinks you're purely awesome.

Now, do you remember the other books I griped about earlier? The ones the Bible mentions about recording the good and bad things we do (Exo 32:30-33)? You see, Chronicles is a story of someone's life - this is why it's fittingly called "Chronicles." The priests of the time didn't want to tarnish the story of such great kings in these books. They only wanted to tell of the wonderful things they did from a positive perspective.
The Book Of Life.

In the same way, do you remember one of the key features of Love? God is Love and he keeps no record of wrongs (1 Cor 13:4-7). Like Chronicles, God's journals also don't keep tabs of the dumb things we've done. God doesn't record sins he's thrown in the "sea of forgetfulness" (Mic 7:18-20). The only thing he documents are the beautiful things you do. Just like a family photo scrapbook, he wants to show you off to all those who read about his sons and daughters.

When no one else cares about your life, he does. When no one cares enough to write your biography, your Father writes one that lasts forever. And, he's so very proud of you! Yes, because of Jesus, he loves you this much (John 3:16)!!

The Lamb's Book of Life was always sitting right under my nose the whole time. I wonder why Christian scholars, theologians, and historians never picked up on this? Anyway, there's much more that he's shown me about these eternal books, but this info will be reserved for those closest to me.

He will judge his children, not by their faults, but by the good things they do (Rev 20:11-12). This is the kind of good news that makes me want to do great things all the time!

I've found a brand new love for these "boring" names in the Bible.

Oh, how he loves you and me (1 John 4:9-19)!


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