01 May 2012

He Hung The Moon

Have you ever payed much attention to the moon? I mean, really looked at it. Its purpose and function is pretty amazing. You see, I'm a huge fan of Space. Anything to do with the Cosmos impresses me. It just blows my mind that there's more out there than we could possibly imagine (1 Cor 2:8-9). There's so much more to be discovered. However, we limit ourselves to only seeing what's directly in front of our face. The fact is, what we can't see is more real than what we can see (John 3:10-17). God's perfect example has been staring at us for centuries, but we never saw it. Recently, God has shed a whole new light on the moon's meaning.

For one, the whole purpose of the moon is to govern the night-time sky (Gen 1:14-19). God gave it the role of lighting up the night so we wouldn't remain in complete darkness when the sun goes down. Why is this important? We would be completely without hope that the Sun would return the next day if it wasn't for the moon. The moonlight assures us that the sun is still there. We are also assured that the Son will come back soon (1 Cor 1:4-9).

The moon also provides an accurate picture of how we view ourselves. If you were the moon, all you'd see is boring gray dust and a bunch of holes and craters covering your surface. Isn't this how we see our outward appearance? We simply think we're not that attractive. We only see our flaws. Don't we all look in the mirror and go, "Man, I'm fat," "Another zit?!" or, "Where is all this back hair coming from??" If the moon had a personality, it would probably be one depressed person. It jealously, stares at the Earth and all its majesty.

Contrary to what the moon would say, we view it so differently. We see the moon as so much more than dust and craters. For one, it's a symbol of love and romance. The moon allows us to cuddle close to our special someone and enjoy its gentle light. Isn't God always romancing us (1 John 4:7-21)?

Secondly, have you noticed what a big a deal we've made it to visit our only natural satellite? We prepared for years to finally visit the moon back in 1969.  And, the 2 guys that were first to walk on its surface will forever be icons in American history. Just getting to travel about 238,000 miles to see the thing and take pictures has been a pivotal point in human history. Now, we're trying to make plans to inhabit the moon. How far has Jesus come to inhabit us?

Next, the moon has great power. If it wasn't for the moon and it's gravitational pull, we wouldn't have high or low tides. The distance and location of the moon is what determines whether water rises or falls. This doesn't just take place on the surface, either. It affects the rise and fall of water under the ground (what we can't see). Much like the tides, the Spirit is causing things around us to rise and fall wherever we go. Just because you can't see the changes doesn't mean you're not making an impact. Know that the Spirit is always prepared to change everything. And, he chooses to use you (1 Thes 1:4-5).

One other aspect of the moon I find interesting is that only one side faces the Earth. There's the side we always see, and there's the "dark side" of the moon (the side we landed on). What an obvious picture this paints. Every human being on the planet (especially "leaders" unfortunately) only show one side of ourselves for all to see. However, there's the dark side that we don't want anyone to know about. It's too bad we handle our past like this when there's so much freedom in sharing our darkest moments (Jam 5:16). Anything we have to keep secret is a yoke we force ourselves to bear.

Let me add one more point about the moon facing the Earth. We've all heard the saying, "You're so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good?" What does this mean? It means we're too focused on trying to be set apart from the world. We keep thinking that we have to do something or act a certain way to be more Christ-like. Um, the last time I checked, you can't get anymore Christ-like than him living in you. Our daily lives should always be praising God no matter what we do. Honestly, we've been staring at the Son too long. The moon faces the Earth because it wants to share the sunlight with the world. The moon faces us because it's confident its energy source will always be there. It desires the sun's warmth and energy. It can't be very effective without it and neither can you. Go where God leads you without staring into the Light too long (Job 37:19-24). Keep the Son in your view, but face the people around you (John 8:12-20).

Finally, there's one more essential quality of the moon that I want you to grasp. What does the moon do that's so amazing? Honestly, nothing. It simply reflects sunlight. The moon hangs out in the sky as it circles the Earth reflecting the sun's rays. It acts like a mirror. The moon shines because the sun does all the work. It's not that it did anything good to earn it. It just does what it was created to do (Psa 139:13-18).

Much like the moon, all we do is simply receive the Son Light and be a mirror for all to see. The Spirit is constantly using the moon to remind his people of our role; to reflect the Son's glory. The moon does nothing special, but just be. When it gets hard or lonely, it means you're in the way. Your shadow is blocking his Light (John 9:5).

Lastly, the moon shines wherever God hangs it. Wherever God has placed you, shine for him. Know that he's hung you in the perfect spot he wants you to be. There's a reason you're there. Your circumstances may not be the best, but true freedom comes within. True Peace and Love actually lives inside you. So, if you're not at peace, it's not Him that's the problem.

Now, every time you see the moon, hopefully, it will remind you of the Son. It's God's way of saying, "I'm always there for you no matter how dark it gets." He is the source of our shine. He places you, not under a bushel, but on a lamp stand for the whole world to see (Mat 5:13-16)! He chose you to build his reputation and reflect his Son's glory (1 Cor 10:31). Jesus chose you to light up the world!

The moon has so much more meaning, now. What are some other ways the moon reminds you of him?

PS - Christians with no real friendship with Jesus are called stars. There are countless stars in the sky, but only one moon. Stars are pretty to look at, but they give off little light. They really don't make that much of an impact. Are you a moon or a star?

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