22 April 2012

You Are A Superhero!

Not too long ago, I was listening to some music while working out. The artist said something that stopped me in my tracks. I've played the song many times, but it was different this time. The verse said, "...transform yo mind like David Banner." I knew immediately he was referring to the Hulk. Then, as clear-as-day God said, "I want you to start viewing yourself as a superhero." I was like, "You want me to do what?!!"

The Hulk
Yeah, I thought it was crazy. But the more I absorbed it, he started making more sense. God reminded me who the mightiest superhero is of all time - Jesus (Rom 14:11). He's stronger and more powerful than any other heroes we read and watch movies about. He saved and transformed the entire world from sin in one fail swoop. He defeated the enemy and any hold the world had on us. And, the grave couldn't stop him (Matt 28:1-10).

After Jesus was seated on his throne, he sent us another savior. We call this guy the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God lives inside you and me. Jesus' blood is literally flowing through our veins (2 Tim 1:6-7). This has to mean that you have the ultimate Superhero living inside your body. Also, this means that we are capable of achieving much greater things than we perceive. If you have the Spirit of the Living God inside you, then anything is possible (Phi 4:12-13).

However, there's one problem. We don't believe it. We don't view ourselves this way (Eph 1:21-23). God is unlimited and there's nothing he can't do. Correct? So, this must mean we have the same power and authority he does. Yet, we aren't healing, raising the dead, translating, prophesying, moving mountains, or flying (Mat 17:20). Sadly, we're barely able to show his love. If God is invincible, then we must be, also (Rom 8:31-34). We are capable of magical things that only God could do through us, but we keep walking around in weakness and defeat.

Let's take a look at Paul and Barnabas for example. As they were going around preaching boldly about God's grace, they came to a town named Lystra. God gave them great power to perform miracles through his Spirit. As Paul was preaching, he saw a guy with crippled feet staring at him in the crowd. Paul could see that he had faith. Paul looked at this crippled man and shouted, "Stand up!" Immediately, the dude stood up and he was healed! He probably ran around like a lunatic shouting all kinds of crazy good stuff. I would be too!

When the people saw the miracle, they were shocked. They actually started to believe that Paul was the mythical god Hermes (since he did all the speaking) and Barnabas was Zeus. Then, the town's people started sacrificing animals to Paul and Barnabas. When Paul and Barnabas found out why they were sacrificing animals, they tore their clothes and reminded them, "We are merely human beings - just like you! (Acts 14:8-18)"

As a side note, the last time I checked, no one's ever mistaken me for a god.

The Bible mentions we're supposed to do greater things than Jesus (John 14:12-14). Also, Jesus said there is proof that we are his followers; we will have miracle working power (Mark 16:15-20). So, why don't we have this authority? Honestly, we do have it. It's been there the whole time. Yet, we don't believe. We think it's too crazy and weird. We think it's for someone else; not us.

A couple of years ago I decided I wasn't going to sit around and "act" like a Christian anymore. I wanted to be the real thing. I was tired of being a bump-on-a-log in my church. I was either going to believe this Jesus stuff, or not.

Johnny Storm
After hearing the Hulk reference in the song I mentioned earlier, I posed a question to God. I asked, "God, if  you say I'm a superhero, then what are my super powers...because I certainly don't see em?" He replied, "Of the super heroes you know of, which one do you relate to the most?" I thought about it a few minutes (still working out) and said, "that dude in the Fantastic 4 movie that flies around on fire." Honestly, I didn't even know his name at the time. He's called The Human Torch (or Johnny Storm). There's several reasons why I chose him.

To add to that, there's a ton of new movies about super heroes (X-Men, Hulk, Superman, Spider Man, Batman, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Transformers, The Green Lantern, Captain America, GI Joe etc...even Harry Potter [yes, I just said blasphemies]). ~:-) These are some of the most anticipated and best-selling movies out. Why are they so popular? The reason people identify so well with the characters is because, deep-down, we aspire to be like them. Yet, we don't realize we have the greatest Super Hero in the Universe living inside of us. And, we all have our unique gifts and talents. Actually, through these movies, God is reminding us who we are in him.

Why did the people follow Christ when he was on the earth? They followed him for one thing - to see what he did next. Every time he walked into a new village, he didn't have to say much at all. He would just find the lame and heal them. He would cast demons out of them too. And, he wouldn't stop until each one was relieved of their pain. Finally, he had their attention. It wasn't until then, He would begin to tell them about his Father. He would share his love and ask them to believe. These people didn't come just to hear Jesus speak. They came to watch him perform miracles. It's time we start acting like the sons and daughters of God we are and recognize the authority that's in us.

I don't know about you, but I'm here to make a real difference in this world. I'm on a mission. I'm determined to show the world a real loving and powerful God. I'm turning my back on that sissy, vulnerable weakling Christian I once was. I know who my Father is, now, and I know what he's capable of through me. And, I hope you decide on making the same decision too.

I'm not saying go crazy-nuts and jump tall buildings. However, I do encourage you to start praying for people. All you have to do is trust him. He's the one responsible for doing the healing, not you. Even if nothing happens, keep trying. Most of the time when I pray, nothing happens. But, I keep believing. I don't feel defeated because it's not my responsibility to heal. It's His job to perform the miracle work. It's simply my job to believe.

God is all powerful (Luke 1:35-37). He is Almighty. Nothing is too hard for him (Gen 18:13-14). That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives inside you. So, where's the bottleneck? We are the ones that limit God. We limit the unlimited.

You are a super hero and God wants you to know who you are in him. So, which super hero best describes you?


Robert said...

Another good scripture reference for this is "Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the World" We as Christians know that scripture so well, but we rarely use it in the way we should. I am completely guilty of that. When we start walking and believing that we can overcome anything because Jesus is in us we are going to see miracles that we never thought were possible.

Dathan Ellis said...

Yes, I probably should have added that one. I didn't even know what that verse meant until last year. Haha! And, I completely agree. I can't wait to see what God does next...through us.

Phil Bevilacqua said...

good stuff, read my post from this morning about noah praying for my wife.. i taught along these lines on a Tuesday night a few months back..... you and i are the same super hero...lol!!! GLORY!!

Dathan Ellis said...

Are you serious bro?! I just read it. Your son (and Johnna) believes!! Johnny Flame is yours too?!! How cool is that?!!! ~;-D

Buffey Bobbitt said...

I was going to post something along these lines today on FB (much shorter of course & not nearly as profound I'm sure) but ran out of time before work. Thank you for blogging on the subject God put in my heart as well, so I can just post the link ;-)

Dathan Ellis said...

I love it! See, it just means that we're tuned into the same love frequency that Jesus speaks in. I guess that's why great minds think alike. ~;-)

Anonymous said...

You should be a pastor!!

Anonymous said...

You should be a pastor!!!

Anonymous said...

I accedentally put that twice. Sorry.

Dathan Ellis said...

Thank you, but I think there are too many pastors. We just need people to live this Jesus stuff. ~;-)

Anonymous said...

You're totally right!!

Anonymous said...

I've dreamed for years of being a superhero. Good read!!

-Tim M.

Dathan Ellis said...

Which one?