01 April 2012

What Is It About A Woman...

Women, your purpose and worth are much more valuable than you probably know.

I'm a firm believer that a person's confidence and success in life is determined by how much they know about themselves and how much they know their worth. God's decision to create a woman was genius. I'd like to do my best at expressing a woman's value from where it all started - Adam and Eve.

There's a reason God does everything. Nothing is coincidence. God simply amazes me all the time. His ability to know what's going on and to make all things work for good is beyond me (Rom 8:28-30). The story of Adam and Eve is a perfect example and explains much of who we are (as men and women) and what we were created for (Gen 2). This one is for the ladies.

One of the main reasons God decided to create a woman was for her abilities. You see, God is able to create on a whim. He is powerful enough that he could just twitch his nose and out pop 14 living creatures of the sea. When he created Adam, he made him in his image. He looked much like Jesus. He also gave Adam similar roles as Jesus. Man was given a kingdom to reign over and land to call his own. He was given animals and livestock to fill his domain. But, there was one problem. He never gave Adam the ability to create.

Before God made Eve, he kept bringing man different wild animals and livestock to name. As Adam carefully named each one (because you name the things you love), God determined something wasn’t quite right. Adam did a good job naming the animals, but no names had much value. The names of the animals didn't seem to have as much meaning or depth.  However, as soon as Adam laid eyes on Eve, he knew what she was capable of. As God proudly surprised Adam with what he'd been missing, Adam leaped with excitement and called her "Life" (Eve). After seeing Eve, Adam knew his life was complete. He knew right away that she would help him create life much like he saw his Father doing. She had much more value than anything else. You bring life to a man's world. Adam wasn't given this gift; you were. However, man and woman, together, produce life - creations of our own.

Additionally, everything God created was made from dust, except Eve. She was the special one. She wasn't made from boring dead dirt. She was made from a living body that already had God's breath (the Spirit) abiding in it. A woman was made especially rare from Adam's own grace-soaked flesh. How God can turn a little rib into a beautiful woman is beyond me, but that's what I like about Him (and we definitely see eye-to-eye ~;-). God took next to nothing and made something truly significant that we could never live without.

When Adam woke up from his deep sleep, God presented him with the perfect surprise. She was his flesh and bone. Because she was apart of him, he knew immediately he had a special connection with her. This is the connection we have with you - we are drawn to you because we see ourselves in you. You have our rib; you're the missing piece. We literally aren't complete without you. We are one.

Now, let's focus on the rib for a second. Even the bone and its location has meaning. Why did God take Adam's rib to create you? God didn't take a finger or a kidney. No, he used the strongest structure that was closest to our heart. The rib has an important job of protecting the most precious internal organs and providing stability for the chest. You see, men are capable of keeping you safe from outside dangers, but only you are tasked with the strength to help protect our hearts. This is a critical job for you. Our hearts are very fragile and sensitive. Stay close to your Father. Get to know him intimately so you can share that love with us. You are closest to our hearts and you can influence us in ways no one else can. Nothing is allowed to penetrate our chest, except your love and the love of God.

Speaking of influence, can you not tell how much you impact us? As Eve was talking to the serpent she decided to eat the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She, then, turned to Adam and gave it to him to take a bite. Adam ate the fruit knowing full well what it meant. He didn't choose to follow God. He chose to follow you. Did you just see that? How is that you, the physically weaker person, has more control over the stronger? But, isn't this a picture of how God works? He uses the weak to lead the strong (1 Cor 1:27).

There’s one more thing I want to touch on. When men are proud, what do we do? We stick out our chest and hold our heads high. When we have confidence and want to brag, we place you (our rib) out in front for all to see. This is also why men show off their woman as if she's a trophy. If you were given a gift that was greater than you deserved or worth more than anything you'd ever received, wouldn't you show it off too?! Adam was so proud of Eve. He was shocked that God could give such an amazing gift. Adam already had everything a man could want. He had land, livestock, a good job, and a Father that daily spent time with him, but his world had something missing; it was without you. Don't be offended that we want to show you off to everyone. We are proud of you!

Finally, man wasn't satisfied with just animals and getting to hang out with Jesus in the middle of utter paradise every day. No, it took a woman to help satisfy him. God created a desire in man to want you to spend his most precious and careful time with. For whatever reason, Jesus wasn't quite enough.

Each woman is a gift of life. Everything about you brings life and strength to man-kind. You were a surprise from the very beginning and you continue to be our most prized possession. It's not our kids. It's not our work. It's you. No matter what men tell you, women complete us. You're our missing piece. It's been that way since day one.

Ladies, get to know your Father's heart and fall more in love with him. You're worth more than you know. Everything about you is almost too good to be true.

Theory 2: God created a woman because He got fed up with Adam taking so long. Adam could only name one animal at a time. God needed someone who could multi-task and speed things up. ~:-)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!!

Dathan Ellis said...

Thanks! Btw I submitted this post to a popular women's blog, but I guess it wasn't what they were looking for.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly correct. It isnt what we women look for. Is there such a breed of men out here in the real world? What I mean is..there are no comments written by women because unfortunately there is a loss of words, I'm sure. As a woman that has been married, divorced, & now dating, I like to believe what you have written is true in the real world, but I haven't experienced that kind of treatment from a man yet. I am still hopeful. I mean Gods word is truth, right. This is very rare, but I think you may have us women speechless. That's a miracle in itself.
LOL..Your not from around here, huh? Loved the article. Its an awesome reminder.

Dathan Ellis said...

There are some of us out there, just not many. I think if you want to find the best guy, then you've got to have a real friendship with Jesus, first. Fall in love with him and pray he sends the right one along. And, since when are women speechless?? ~;-)