08 April 2012

How Is A Man The Bride of Christ?

Obviously, women understand what it means to be the bride of Christ much easier then men. So, until Jesus comes to get his spotless bride, how are we supposed to relate (2 Cor 11:1-4)?
Cool Aztec guy

You see, the more I study the Bible the more I realize how much of a love story it is (Matt 22:36-40). He's constantly showing and proving how much he loves his people. The more time I spend with him, the more I keep hearing him say mushy stuff like, "I love you. And, I will take care of you." Everything he does and says proves this over and over again in my life.

At first, all this love talk was weird. It was so uncomfortable to hear or even articulate back to him. However, at the time, I didn't have much love in me. Honestly, it wasn't until I had a revelation of God's love that I began to truly hear and see him. After awhile, I decided to Google God (ask him) what he thought about all this bride talk. I told him that it made little sense and it was impossible for me to relate since I wasn't a girl. However, it's starting to make more sense.

Men, deep down inside, we are much like a woman. We all were made in God's image (Gen 1:27). There's really not that much separation as the world (or church) makes it out to be; something I'm realizing more everyday.

A woman who is well taken care of is able to go freely and do whatever she pleases throughout the day. She can go shop, get her hair did, work out, get facials/nails/massages, and wear anything cute her heart desires. She can throw parties, hang out with the ladies, organize field trips, or just spend time with the kids. A woman wants to be taken care of. She wants a real man to provide for her so she can provide everything the family needs; any way she sees fit. She doesn't want to think about the taxes or whether or not there's money in the bank. She just wants the money to be there. She doesn't want to think about who's going to fix the leaky pipes or car that's making weird noises either. They just want to know you're capable of providing. Your wife wants to leave all these stressful situations in your hands because you're the leader and it's your job. She is your bride. She is your gift.

Contrary to belief, if we were honest with ourselves, we actually want this same type of freedom. We are somewhat jealous of her free-to-be attitude. Why is it that they get their desires met, while we seem to stress and worry over the day-to-day money, work, or maintenance issues?

Jesus knows the weight he's put on men's shoulders. Whether you're a business owner or you work for the man, we want to know there's a check coming. We just want to be at peace. We want to know things are going to be ok; no matter what happens. Since Jesus calls us his bride, then we have to let him be the head of our household (Rev 19:6-9Psa 45:10-17). God wants men to know that everything is under his authority. If we lean on him, we're free-to-be and there's nothing to worry about. We must trust (have faith), no matter how bad it looks, that he's ultimately going to take care of us. Relinquishing control is the hardest thing for a man to do, but it's the most rewarding.

As women have the freedom to lean on us for their needs to be met, we should lean on him. It's never hard when someone else is in full control. It's so much easier when we submit and let the bigger guy do the real work. Honestly, if we were true to ourselves, we know we're clueless. To think we can handle everything on our own is stupid. We think we're these tough, macho guys, but when stuff hits the fan, we realize how vulnerable we truly are. There's nothing we've accomplished without God seeing to it. So, why not let him have full control of our circumstances, finances, families, and lives?

Birds nesting on my porch light. They don't even pay rent!
Let's look at a good example. Birds eat and move as freely as they want. Jesus sees to it that they have this freedom. Also, notice how beautiful the male birds are. The female birds are the ugly ones. ~:-) It's not this way by coincidence. Birds show us how beautiful we are when we let Jesus take control (it's not about color coordinating our clothes). Since God references birds constantly throughout the Bible, he obviously wants us to see this picture. Birds do only what they know to do...which is follow their natural instinct. That's it! That's all they do. Likewise, if you're God's child, you have a new Spirit and a new instinct (2 Cor 5:16-17). You don't do what you did before because you don't have that same program anymore. You're wired differently now and he does it through you.

He gives you everything you need and more (Psa 23). He makes sure you're well taken care of and manages the hard stuff so you don't have to worry. He carries the weight of the cross on his shoulders while you get to rest in his arms and his performance (Gal 2:19-21). You see, accepting Jesus as your husband and knowing him better will allow you the freedom to be the man God's calling you to be. Sure, you still have to work hard and believe, but he's the one that performs all the miracles through you. Because you trust him, you get to live in real peace. You're wife trusts you, and you're a complete wreck. How much more should you learn from her, and trust Jesus?

It's part of the reason why so many men act like women these days. Honestly, gay men struggle with this the most. Why? Because they accept the fact that they're a bride. However, they're just confused to which husband they belong to. I'm not saying it's right to be gay! I'm not saying act like a gay dude either. These men are conforming to this world because it's the only thing they know to do. They've been tragically hurt and there are scales covering their eyes; keeping them from knowing their true nature. However, I want you to learn from your real Husband what a real man does. Act like him and not the women of this world.

It all sounded too weird for me too. The fact is, we are his bride, and we are his special possession. The more power you let him have, the more he can operate through you and make you the man he's called you to be. Our God is filthy, stinking rich and he's all powerful. He can handle it better than you can. Just follow his lead, trust him, and do what you see him doing and you can never go wrong (John 5:19). This life is truly a breeze (under our wings) when we let him have control.

When we start acting like the bride of Christ, we'll be able to show our women how to act toward us. Our brides keep looking to each other for guidance, but their best example is standing right in front of them.


Jenny Girl said...

Interesting take (other than the Google God and Cool Aztec Guy - what is that?) on something I've always wondered about. How do men feel about the whole bride of Christ thing. Scary, how well you know the female mind ;) You so stole my bird analogy! We have a birds nest out front and I'm waiting until they're finally gone to write about it.

Dathan Ellis said...

Google God: If the Holy Spirit is in you, then that means you have all wisdom and knowledge, right? Ok, so the internet has all this information about anything and if you want to know something you just Google it (search it). Everywhere we go we can find a connection to the internet. Is that not a perfect example of us always being connected to him?! He's in us. He's everywhere we go. We have all this wisdom and knowledge and we're always connected, but we don't Google him (ask him) what he thinks. We can ask anything and he will give us the wisdom.

Aztec guy: The dude is a bird. I thought it was a perfect picture for my bird example and other bird pics. Apparently not. ~:-(

Stealing your bird analogy: Your blog post will probably be much more original and better than mine. Hurry up and write it so I can read it.