22 April 2012

You Are A Superhero!

Not too long ago, I was listening to some music while working out. The artist said something that stopped me in my tracks. I've played the song many times, but it was different this time. The verse said, "...transform yo mind like David Banner." I knew immediately he was referring to the Hulk. Then, as clear-as-day God said, "I want you to start viewing yourself as a superhero." I was like, "You want me to do what?!!"

The Hulk
Yeah, I thought it was crazy. But the more I absorbed it, he started making more sense. God reminded me who the mightiest superhero is of all time - Jesus (Rom 14:11). He's stronger and more powerful than any other heroes we read and watch movies about. He saved and transformed the entire world from sin in one fail swoop. He defeated the enemy and any hold the world had on us. And, the grave couldn't stop him (Matt 28:1-10).

After Jesus was seated on his throne, he sent us another savior. We call this guy the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God lives inside you and me. Jesus' blood is literally flowing through our veins (2 Tim 1:6-7). This has to mean that you have the ultimate Superhero living inside your body. Also, this means that we are capable of achieving much greater things than we perceive. If you have the Spirit of the Living God inside you, then anything is possible (Phi 4:12-13).

15 April 2012

There Are Two Types Of Christians

There are 2 types of believers in the world. The first type is a servant of God. These Christians genuinely have a desire to serve God in any capacity. It could be as a volunteer at their local church, on staff at a church or faith-based organization, on the mission field, writing a book or blog, or just setting a good example wherever they go. These people are genuine about their faith and really want to make a difference.

It's important that his people follow his commands and live a Christ-like lifestyle. By doing this, it proves that you truly love him and care about what he says (John 14:15-21). It shows that you walk in the Light and want to do the things that please him.

Being obedient and following his Word is the best thing you can do as a true Christian servant. Otherwise, if we fail at following his Word we can seriously end up hurting people and disappointing God. After all, we are very weak people that suffer trying to do everything right day after day, but we must keep persevering. If you really love him, you follow his commands.

Unfortunately, I believe most Christians are servants of God. In other words, if you are following the kind of Christian lifestyle I just explained (from this paragraph up), you're doing it wrong.

08 April 2012

How Is A Man The Bride of Christ?

Obviously, women understand what it means to be the bride of Christ much easier then men. So, until Jesus comes to get his spotless bride, how are we supposed to relate (2 Cor 11:1-4)?
Cool Aztec guy

You see, the more I study the Bible the more I realize how much of a love story it is (Matt 22:36-40). He's constantly showing and proving how much he loves his people. The more time I spend with him, the more I keep hearing him say mushy stuff like, "I love you. And, I will take care of you." Everything he does and says proves this over and over again in my life.

At first, all this love talk was weird. It was so uncomfortable to hear or even articulate back to him. However, at the time, I didn't have much love in me. Honestly, it wasn't until I had a revelation of God's love that I began to truly hear and see him. After awhile, I decided to Google God (ask him) what he thought about all this bride talk. I told him that it made little sense and it was impossible for me to relate since I wasn't a girl. However, it's starting to make more sense.

Men, deep down inside, we are much like a woman. We all were made in God's image (Gen 1:27). There's really not that much separation as the world (or church) makes it out to be; something I'm realizing more everyday.

01 April 2012

What Is It About A Woman...

Women, your purpose and worth are much more valuable than you probably know.

I'm a firm believer that a person's confidence and success in life is determined by how much they know about themselves and how much they know their worth. God's decision to create a woman was genius. I'd like to do my best at expressing a woman's value from where it all started - Adam and Eve.

There's a reason God does everything. Nothing is coincidence. God simply amazes me all the time. His ability to know what's going on and to make all things work for good is beyond me (Rom 8:28-30). The story of Adam and Eve is a perfect example and explains much of who we are (as men and women) and what we were created for (Gen 2). This one is for the ladies.

One of the main reasons God decided to create a woman was for her abilities. You see, God is able to create on a whim. He is powerful enough that he could just twitch his nose and out pop 14 living creatures of the sea. When he created Adam, he made him in his image. He looked much like Jesus. He also gave Adam similar roles as Jesus. Man was given a kingdom to reign over and land to call his own. He was given animals and livestock to fill his domain. But, there was one problem. He never gave Adam the ability to create.

Before God made Eve, he kept bringing man different wild animals and livestock to name. As Adam carefully named each one (because you name the things you love), God determined something wasn’t quite right. Adam did a good job naming the animals, but no names had much value. The names of the animals didn't seem to have as much meaning or depth.  However, as soon as Adam laid eyes on Eve, he knew what she was capable of. As God proudly surprised Adam with what he'd been missing, Adam leaped with excitement and called her "Life" (Eve). After seeing Eve, Adam knew his life was complete. He knew right away that she would help him create life much like he saw his Father doing. She had much more value than anything else. You bring life to a man's world. Adam wasn't given this gift; you were. However, man and woman, together, produce life - creations of our own.