17 March 2012

Why Are You Here?

When I used to help with the girls and boys in Moldova they would always tell each other, "If you are born, God has a plan for you. You are not a mistake." They would tell each other this constantly. It was one of the first things they would tell the new girls and boys as they first stepped into their new safe home. And, they started to believe it. These kids literally had nothing and absolutely no one loved them, but now they know they are loved...by their real Father. They know they're no longer orphans. How is it that these orphan girls and boys from a third world country know better than we do that God has a real plan for us?

Do you know your purpose for being here? I know the answer and it's not what you think. So many churches tell you that your purpose is to spend your life praising God, doing good work for him, and/or doing your best to make a real difference. None of this is true. These are just by-products of your real purpose.

God designed you, just the way you are, because he was lonely. This God of yours is huge! He can do so many great things and we'll never see his full glory. It's limitless. If this is true, then why would someone so great want anything to do with little ole you or me? Honestly, he didn't want anyone else. He chose you. He has created you just the way you are and he thinks you're perfect. It's not what you or anyone else thinks. What he thinks is all that matters.

He's made you in his image (Gen 1:26-27). He made you to look like him. If God didn't love you, you wouldn't be the person you are today. You'd be a useless rock. Also, he didn't want you coming earlier or later, either. His plan was to create you for this very moment. He couldn't wait for you to get here! The way he sees it, he wouldn't be alone with you around. God is so big that he can be lonely even though there's 6 billion people on the earth. It's still not enough. He wants more of us. He wants more of you.

Also, you are not a mess up. God never messes up. You mess up, but he never does. He loves us for our mistakes just like a mom loves her child for the silly things they do. All those big mistakes that you caused and all the words you used to destroy other people is nothing he can't fix. The guy who created the heaven and earth thinks those mistakes are play toys. He even uses them to show how glorious he is by turning them into good (Rom 8:26-30). He's powerful enough to do that.

If you would just rest in the fact that he's in control, that you can't do anything to make it better, and that he's the one that draws you closer, then, you will begin to know his heart. The only thing you can "do" is trust him. Faith is trust. The more you trust him and let him be the God of your life, the more he can use you. The trick is not to work at it. Let it all go. Have the humbleness to accept who he is and who you are in him.

  • King David got to know his Father's heart, and God decided to make him the father of his Son. Forever, Jesus will be called the Son of David because of their relationship. It wasn't that he killed Goliath or was a king. All David could think of was spending time with his Father (Psa 89:3-4).
  • Look at Paul. He got to know his Father's heart and he wrote 2/3rds of the New Testament. He performed miracle after miracle, and the Pharisees couldn't kill him. Why? Because he got to know Jesus. Paul knew more about God's plans and secrets then the 12 men that followed Jesus everywhere. How did Paul do this when all he had was the Old Testament? He was aware of the Jesus in him. They were good friends. God revealed everything to him because they knew one another (Rom 1:1-7).
  • Enoch was God's good friend and they had great fellowship together. Enoch lived 365 years (cool number) on this earth and Enoch never died (Gen 5:18-24).
  • Noah was the only person in the world that had a relationship with God in his time. He found God's favor because of their friendship. And, God decided to use Noah's family to save the human race and all the animals from being wiped completely out (Gen 6:6-9).

No one gets to this level without knowing Jesus' heart. There's no amount of praying, fasting, reading, praising, serving or going to church that will change that. All these things are by-products of knowing your Father.

The greatest men and women of God are the ones that love him intimately. Once you begin to do this, it's like a snowball rolling down the mountain. It gets bigger and bigger until it creates an avalanche of God's love on every person around you. What did you do about it? Nothing. You just spent time with your Father. Hanging out with someone so great and wonderful will only make you great and wonderful. You'll start believing what he believes. You'll start talking and thinking like him. You'll walk by people and they're spirits will leap because you have the Spirit in you. People will follow you to the ends of the earth...all because you know your Father.

So, do you see your purpose yet? Your purpose is to get to know your Father. That's all. That's why he created you. I use to seriously fret over what God would have me do, and the whole time it was so easy and so clearly staring me in the face. He simply wants to spend time with me. He wants you to get to know his heart. He wants to be your best friend.

Jesus only did what he saw his Father doing (John 5:16-23). There was nothing like the intimacy Jesus had with his Dad. How much more should we do the same?! How can you do anything he does without seeing Jesus in action? How can you know what to say to anyone if you don't hear the words he speaks to you?

Enjoy getting to know the Lord and he'll give you the desires of your heart (Psa 37:1-7). Ask him to show you his heart, and the world will be supernaturally changed because of you.


Alex Stickler said...

Absolutely! God made man for His glory, and then made woman for man's glory.

God was lonely, made man. It was not good for man to be alone, so he made woman for us (so... women are God's gift to men).

Imagine being able to construct your own bride.

Dathan Ellis said...

Agreed. A woman was God's surprise gift to man. Also, she is here to help us be more like God. She gives birth to new life. Man desired to create like he saw his Father doing, then He gave us woman; the desire of our heart.