09 March 2012

Stop Telling People How Bad They Are

Example of how not to do it.

Why is it that people generally feel they're going to heaven even if they don't know Jesus? These people feel this way because they actually believe they're a good person in spite of all they've done wrong. Everyone makes mistakes all the time. Everyone sins. Everyone knows this already.

So, again, why do people feel they're good enough to make it to heaven even if they don't know how to get there? Because the Holy Spirit tells them so. He is constantly telling all of us how good we are in Jesus.

Jesus paid a high price for sin once and for all (Rom 3:19-31). Then, that must mean that he died for all people, everywhere. You're not forgiven just because you've accepted Christ. You were forgiven a long time ago and all your sins were washed away; even your present and future sins. He paid the price for your sin whether you accept this fact or not. He did this for all mankind and it's part of what Paul calls, the "Good News (Col 1:21-23)."

If this is all true, then why is the church going around telling people how bad they are and that they're sinners? The church keeps pointing out the faults of Christians and non-Christians. This is wrong. You know, it's funny how Jesus tells us that we're his spotless bride and that we're perfect in his sight because of what he did for us, but we're bent on trying to remind everyone how bad they should feel for all the sin in their life. The reason people do this is because all they see is sin. People who don't see with the eyes of God see only faults. So many Christians and churches are determined to make people feel they are so bad that they need a savior to rescue them. But, hasn't he already come and rescued us?? This "you're a sinner" mentality is clearly untrue and not what God intended us to believe.

Jesus is constantly reminding us of how great we are and that we're wonderfully and fearfully made (Psa 139:14). Jesus tells us that we can do anything through him and that we should fear nothing nor anyone because of what he already did (Phil 4:13, Heb 13:6) . He also tells us that we're more than conquerors and we should be proud and confident of what he did for us (Rom 8:35-39). It's nothing you do. It's everything he did. If this is true, then, why is the church using language that is opposite of what Jesus teaches?

The law says that we're sinners. The law tells us what we're doing right and wrong. And, it's the knowledge of what's good and evil that causes us to sin even more. The law is a trap and it was the wrong decision to begin with. It looks good, but it only leads to death. Adam already proved this. Therefore, it's probably not a good idea to shove the law in someone's face when Jesus already came and fulfilled it. He came to obey the law and complete it so we wouldn't have to (because we never can get it right).

Instead, we should be telling people what Jesus really thinks of them. We should be telling people how perfect they are and how special they must be to be alive. We should be sharing with them how much he loves them and how there's nothing that can separate us from our Father (Rom 8:35-39); that he's always with us and he'll catch us when we fall. All we have to do is trust him. Then, why aren't we telling them his love and grace covers all sin and that they're forgiven (1 Pet 4:4-9)?

It's ridiculous that the church won't tell people this because they're too scared that people will go and sin their little heads off. Churchy people are afraid that "sinners" will catch wind of what God really thinks of them, then they'll go buck wild. Again, this is ridiculous thinking. As if the Holy Spirit can't convict us of something, when the Holy Spirit is the only one who can convict and transform a person (John 16:5-15).

Now, what separates a believer from a non-believer? What separates a Christian from a non-Christian is that the Christian simply believes Jesus and accepts his sacrifice. Essentially, the believer says, "Yes!" when Jesus proposes to them. A non-Christian does not believe what Jesus did. Just because a person doesn't believe doesn't mean Jesus didn't die for their sins too (1 Pet 3:18). He chose everyone to be his special prize. However, the non-believer chooses not to believe or accept Jesus as their Savior. They don't want to be married to him. And, many times why they refuse is because the church is cramming the law down their throats; using something that's been done and was finished long ago. Even if God's people did spread the gospel the way Jesus intended, and they still didn't want to be engaged to Him, then that's OK. That's their choice. All we should do is keep sharing the love of Jesus - as freely as he gives it to us. 

That's it. It's a gift from Jesus. You can either choose to believe him and accept his easy gift, or you can turn him down. Those that choose to believe get to reap all the rewards, while the others, not so much.

Christians, start preaching to all God's people through his eyes; not yours (Col 1:21-23). All we see is sin and imperfection, but what God sees is such the opposite. Start treating and telling them that they're perfect and beautiful in his sight because of what Jesus did. We are righteous because we believe Him! We are not sinners; we are forgiven. Once people get wind of what God did for them and what he really thinks of them, you'll have a much easier and much more fun time bringing them into a real friendship with Christ. Honestly, if someone told me that a guy paid off my mortgage just because he thought I was awesome, I think I might want to get to know him a little better.

You know, it's funny how non-Christians that don't know much about Jesus can hear the Spirit's voice tell them how good they are, and they believe it. They just don't know who's telling them this. What's really sad is the very people that are supposed to know Jesus the best, don't even believe or know what they hear (John 10:14-16).

God doesn't care about your sin. All he wants to know is are you apart of his family.


Heather said...

It reminds me of a child. People lecture and lecture their kids about the dangers of doing ________ because they fear if they don't give them the dangers the child will do ______. They want to scare their children out of doing something that may be dangerous. Same thing with non-Christians and Christians, many are scared into not doing certain things because they are scared of the consequence, but we aren't children, we don't need the consequences thrown at us; we need love shown to us. So instead of having a relationship with Christ the outcome is not stealing, not killing, etc. But if these "law preachers" only realized that once we have a relationship with Christ and experience his love that we don't ever want to steal, lie, cheat, kill, etc.

Hannah said...

I love this!

I believe God is one that inspires us to live now the way we think we will live in the future. He speaks to us as we are, not as we should be. Meaning, instead of saying, "I wish you would straighten up." He says, "Because you are already perfect, now you can do great things".

It's such a paradigm shift!

I've heard millionares, and experts in relationship marketing speak on this. They say that if you have a lazy employee or child, instead of speaking down to them, you treat them as if they are responsible and mature. For example, instead of saying, "I am so tired of your inmaturity! I am going to leave you alone to work, but if I come back and it's not done, you're finished!" you say, "I trust you and know that you are going to do this job with incredible excellence."

That inspires the person. It gives them confidence, and now they feel capable.

That, I think, is how God works in us. :)It really is beautiful.

Dathan Ellis said...

I couldn't agree more. The closer you get to God, the more you realize what he likes and doesn't like. Then, you just stop doing stuff you shouldn't be doing. No because some preacher or church told you to stop. That never works.

Dathan Ellis said...

Very true. God elevates us to a much higher standard, not through doing anything, but helping us realize who we are in him. And, what we're capable of because he lives in us. Not because we read our Bible today...