11 January 2012

I Believe In Santa Claus (True Life Story)

After I wrote my previous post I Believe In Santa Claus, my friend Lesley Langston sent me her Christmas story. I felt it was too good not to share. Here is what she wrote (unedited, as it should be):

"So, this Christmas I was really worried!! I mean, I quit my job to take care of a blood issue that Matthew had and shortly afterward, our financial life went straight to "hell in a handbasket." Then this Summer, I took my niece in because of my sister's drug addiction. In November, I started getting really scared that we wouldn't have a Christmas because we seriously had no extra money for anything. Then, as if that wasn't enough to worry about, my sister gave birth to another baby on Thanksgiving that they wouldn't let her take home, again because of her addiction issues. He couldn't go home so I took him too.
He was born drug dependant and had some serious withdrawal issues. So basically, by the second week of December, I had only a small fraction of the things that I needed to properly house a baby. A serious need for diapers, formula and other such daily things, medical bills that were skyrocketing and absolutely NO Christmas gifts for anyone. One day, I just sat up and said, "You know what. God will take care of it. Christmas will come from somewhere."

I took Matthew, my 5 year old and Anya, my 13 year old to see Santa. Mainly Anya went for show. LOL! Both kids asked for so much and I almost got worried again. I thought, "They want and they need so much. What are we going to do?" A week before Christmas, still no money for shopping.

One day, a man at Rob's work came to him and said, "I don't want to offend you, but I was telling my wife about your situation and we would like to give you this. This Christmas has to be hard this year." Rob thanked him, put the envelope in his pocket and kept on going. When he got back to his desk, he opened the envelope and inside was $350. Two days later, another person approached me and said, "I don't want to make you feel needy or anything. But, I need to give you this." I thanked him, hugged him and went on my way. When I got to the car and opened the envelope, I found $225. The next day, people at Rob's office held a meeting and the Chief Master Sergeant in the office stood up and said, "We're a close group here and everyone here is like family. Without the Langston's, the babies they have would be dead (which is true). Since we are a family and we appreciate what you're doing; we want to give you this and you can't refuse." Rob almost cried, went back to the car to come home and opened the envelope. $500 inside that was raised by the unit he works for. Then, that afternoon, some people that we are friends with took the initiative to "adopt" us without our knowing it. They came to our house with a bunch of new toys that they all chipped in and bought for my kids. The strangest part is that EVERYTHING Matthew asked Santa for was in the donations. EVERYTHING. Right down to the big Batcave and PaperJam Guitar. We cried.

We were able to take all the money and provide Christmas for all of our kids, 7 of them with the new babies included. We were also able to get some of the necessities for the baby that we hadn't been able to afford. We were able to buy groceries for a modest Christmas Dinner that had each of their favorite items in it.

Now, after it was all over with and we had all the Santa stuff set out in the living room and were getting ready for bed. (Because you know Matthew was planning on getting up with the roosters) I looked at the stuff and I thought about everything and how it had all been going so wrong, but turned out so wonderful in a flash. It was a supernatural Christmas at our house and I knew it. I also told Rob that I knew that Santa really does exist. He really can come into our homes and deposit things that we can't afford. He can provide us with a happiness that we can't get on our own. It was super clear to me that the real Santa is God. Now, how he went from being a little baby laying on hay in what had to be a cold night to a fat man in a red jacket is beyond me."

God does care about you and loves you so very much. Yes, you.

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Heather said...

Wow! Praise God! What a great example of the love God has for people. Lesley, you showed great faith; he showed great favor.