03 December 2011

Zombie (Part 1)

Lately, there's been a huge increase in the fascination of zombies. It seems like everywhere I turn there's a new movie about some sort of zombie apocalypse. They're mentioned in the media, have roles in movies, video games are dedicated to them, and they're one of the most popular Halloween costume choices. They're everywhere! But, what is a zombie? The short answer - the living dead.

Even though zombie's are dead, they're actually still alive and roaming the earth. All they do is look for living human flesh to feed on. Once bitten, (much like vampires) you're now infected with the same deadly virus. Zombies are human beings, but since they've been infected, they lack many typical human traits and mental capacities.

Typical zombie characteristics:
  1. Carry a zombie virus
  2. Always walking around
  3. Only eat humans
  4. Stomachs are never satisfied
  5. Have very little brain function other than looking for more food
  6. Look disgusting (lots of blood stains and appear death-like)
  7. To kill one you have to go to extreme measures
  8. Are everywhere
From a distance they appear to be life-like, but as you get closer they're notably different. In almost every zombie situation, there's few humans left as they desperately defend themselves from zombie attacks.

Not to worry, zombies are fiction. So they say. However, the more I look around the more I see them. Of course, my eyes are different now and I'm starting to view things in a peculiar light ('I was blind but now I see...'). It seems that most people only care about the things of this world like money, power, fame, sex, drugs, music, art, food, and knowledge. These are all good in one way or another. But, when this is your only focus in life, it becomes flesh. Once you take a bite, all you want is more, more, more. It's a drive that comes naturally. There's little brain function involved and you'll never be satisfied. What the world has to offer you is hollow (like eating the air in the center of a doughnut - you never get to taste the good stuff). It's all empty promises. But, don't take my word for it.

From a distance you look healthy and alive, but as we get closer and pier inside, you actually look the opposite. You look worried, stressed, and exhausted.

God mentions that we're not truly alive without his Spirit (1 Cor 3:16). If you don't have a relationship with Jesus, you're just walking dead (Eph 2:5). You may appear to be living, but you lack true life. Sure you eat, sleep, breathe and poop ~:-) just like anyone else, but we all live eternally in one place or another. Eternal life means you've been bought with a high price. Eternal death is simply not being cool with that purchase.

There are so many living dead all around, and so few who are trying to share the love and life they received from Christ (Eph 2:1-10). You see, it's not ours to keep. It's too good to hold on to or be selfish with. This is why we try to share it everywhere we go. Once you realize you're really alive, you want others to so desperately see the Truth too. Don't listen to the lies of this world (1 John 5:19). The bling, fame and power is not worth it (1 John 2:15-17). The world wants you to think the only way to get it is by following its rules and eating more of what it has to offer. But, these are all lies! Honestly, once you receive God's gift, you get all these things anyway...forever!

It's clear that the world only wants you infected with what it has to offer. We've all bitten into the apple of this world's temptation just like Adam and Eve (Gen 3:6-7). However, Jesus wants to show you so much more. He has bigger plans and more in mind for you than you can comprehend. Ask him to show you.

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