13 December 2011

Zombie (Part 2)

I wanted to touch on a couple more things from my previous post.

Some are making excuses for how zombies could actually come into being - meaning, people believe zombies could (one day) exist. How is that? Well, they say if we continue on the track we're on when it comes to food, products, and lifestyles, we can one day turn zombie-like. What do they mean by this? For one, the food we eat usually has tons of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and unnatural food coloring. They say if you ingest enough of this bad stuff, it could lead to more diseases that are harder to diagnose and cure. It's the same with the products we use. They say if we continue to use shampoos, soaps, lotions, make-up etc., that are more harmful we'll eventually start absorbing all these bad-for-us ingredients into our skin. Also, look at the pollution that's in the air, the ozone, and even cell phone radiation we can't see. They say all these could affect our bodies and harm us in ways we don't understand. In other words, it's just another worldly distraction to keep your focus off what's really healthy for you. I'm not discounting how important a good healthy lifestyle is, but I'm trying to show you how people get too focused on the wrong things (1 Tim 4:8).

The world is desperate to eat organic all-natural foods. We want make-up that is all natural. We want everyone to drive hybrids that keep all devil-bad chemicals from getting into the air. We want to recycle for more renewable resources. We also want safer and cheaper alternatives to fuel to cut back on our carbon footprint. This is all being done in the name of "saving the planet". It's so prevalent that people are starting to be condemned for using or eating anything bad. I guess since we don't know what's really good for us and don't have enough sense, we may need others to enforce these good things into our lives, right?

These things don't make you healthy in his eyes. Only his love can do that. Only his gift can transform you from the inside out. It's a transformation that takes place on the inside first, then manifests itself on the outside. The outside is a by-product of the changes your making on the inside. "Out of the heart the mouth speaks" (Luke 6:45).

Zombies only focus on one thing, the physical reality. They only see with their eyes and cannot relate to the spiritual whatsoever. Their minds are set on one thing and that's eating the flesh of this world. They only see their possessions (cars, houses, boats, toys) and achievements (master degrees, doctorates, government office, businesses, non-profit organizations) as what gives them value. They crave these things of status (1 John 2:15-17). However, everything God does is hidden and backwards from the world. Everything he does is secret and can't be seen. So, how in the world can you see what God's doing? To see what he's doing you have to receive his Spirit. There's no other way you'll understand anything God has to offer unless you see through the Spirit's eyes. You can read all the Bible you want, but it will mean nothing to you without his breath of life. I'm talking to Christians too, here.

The world thinks this is foolish to follow something you can't see (1 Cor 2). But, this is God's plan. To hide the truth from anyone who does not accept his gift.

The world wants you focused only on what it has to offer. The world wants you so wrapped up in it's problems that you lose sight of the real God who makes everything right. But, God wants you to see so much more. There's a mountain of ice underneath that iceberg that you see hovering over the water. What you see is only a glimpse of what's below. Search deeper. Ask God to show you what else you're missing. Ask God to give you his eyes and his heart.

Again, without the Spirit, you're just walking dead with no future and no real hope. Without him, you're just eating away at nothing. Striving for things that will all pass away and be handed to your sons or granddaughters. If you don't spend it, they'll spend it for you. Do you think they will care (or even remember) how much work and effort you've put into it? No. They'll simply waste all your achievement on the dumbest junk possible and ruin your good name. Everything you worked so hard for, gone. If not them, then the family after them. Meaningless.

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